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Help Locating Products In Amazon US Store

This help information is dedicated to finding products in this Amazon aStore:

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The Best Strategy Is To Browse-And-Search For Products

  • 1. First Browse By “Category” on the US Amazon Store to get a feeling for the product type, and their descriptions, that you are searching for.
  • 2. Then Search By “Keyword Phrase” on the US Amazon Store Category to reduce the number of products shown to a shorter list.

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Browse For Products By “Category”

Just click any item in the “Browse By Category Menu” and a list of products will be displayed. A list of sub-categories may also appear under the category you selected. You can also click any sub-category to further refine what you are looking for.

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Search For Hiking Equipment By “Keyword Phrase”

By entering a set of words known as a “Keyword Phrase” you can find specific products you are looking for, if they exist in the Amazon US store.

The keyword phrase you enter could be:

  • A brand name or manufacturer such as “Kodak”;
  • Type of product such as “camera”;
  • Or a combination of the above such as “Kodak camera”.

Others words you may wish to add to further refine your search are:

  • Gender, either “men” or “women”;
  • Adjectives such as colour such as “black”.

How To Search The Amazon US Store

  • 1. First click on “Category” from the “Browse By Category Menu” to display the full list of sub-categories available.
  • 2. Next enter the “keyord phrase” (e.g. “Kodak camera”) for the products you want to find and click “Go” with the mouse or press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
  • 3. Then, if you can’t see what you are looking for or there are no products displayed, click on another category or sub-category and repeat step 2.

The product type you are trying to find will determine the search phrase. Whilst searching with keyword phrases you don’t have to click on sub-categories to find the products you want as the search engine should search all sub-categories.

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Notes On Finding Products

Incorrect Category Items

Take note that Amazon can at times place products in categories incorrectly which means that sometimes items will appear in the list of products that you may not expect.

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