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All About Weekend Hiking! Find Adventure And Excitement!

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Introduction To Weekend Hiking

Weekend Hiking! Find Adventure And Excitement! - Traversing a hill on a Yorkshire weekend hiking event.

What is Weekend Hiking – Find Adventure And Excitement all about? Well, Weekend hiking events are end of the week getaways that enable you to enjoy yourself in the open air. In the same way as with other kinds of weekend getaways, weekend hiking also facilitates you experiencing wonderful occasions as well as escaping your regular schedule.

Weekend hiking can be considered an intermediate step between day hiking and a hiking holiday. A hiking weekend usually means hiking pursuits, whether they be easygoing or perhaps intense, that are undertaken over either a:

  • Short 1 night – weekend from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, or
  • Medium 2 night – weekend from Friday night to Sunday evening, or
  • Long 3 night – weekend from Friday night to Monday (often a Bank Holiday) evening.

Whether you call it a hiking weekend, weekend walking, a weekend adventure, a weekend getaway or another term, in lots of ways it happens to be similar to other kinds of weekends away. On the other hand, the key distinctive characteristic of any weekend hiking trip is always that it affords you the chance for you to take pleasure in wonderful out of doors surroundings.

If you have a job and can’t get the time off to go on a hiking holiday then a weekend hiking event can be the next best thing. A weekend hiking trip won’t enable you to experience the same kind of hiking adventures that the longer hiking holidays provide, however they can still be very pleasurable and worthwhile. Read the following sections to find out more:

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Contents On Weekend Hiking

Use the following guide to find out more about weekend hiking:

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Example Hiking Weekend Based In Whitby

Whitby Weekend Hiking North Yorkshire England UK

This video slideshow shows an example of wekend hiking in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, UK.

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Benefits Of Weekend Hiking

Weekend hiking is frequently undertaken along reasonably accessible trails and paths, usually travelling by car or train to the start location within your own country or across nearby borders. Consequently you’re able to experience some of nature’s magical destinations not too far from home. On the other hand some people may like to travel much further afield by either train or by air to see more wonders of the natural world. Benefits include:

  • A short break taken over a weekend,
  • Get natural healthy exercise,
  • Take in some natural fresh air,
  • See lovely natural environments.

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What Type Of Weekend Hiking?

Uphill on a Brecon Beacons weekend hiking event.

Your hiking weekend could be taken in one of the following ways:

  • Backpacking – Day hiking with overnight camping, or in other words, a short backpacking trip.
  • Day Hiking – You may be returning each night to the comforts of your own hotel room, or another form of accommodation, such as a lodge or a hostel.

Either way, you can consider your trip as a series of day hikes. Factors to think about include: the types of day hiking routes you want to have a go at; your day hiking distance and time; your day hiking equipment and safety needs; and navigation methods for your day hiking. For a more detailed discussion on these factors take a look at my article on day hiking.

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Planning For Your Weekend Hiking

Plan your hiking weekend with care, asking questions about your destination and the type of hiking you plan to do. Try not to extend yourself beyond your hiking ability. Taking on a hike you cannot cope with could be hazardous to your well being.

Weekend hiking may be easier to plan for than hiking holidays but it is still not recommended as last minute adventures. Planning ahead and making a decision on a timetable is important. Check out which are the busiest times for your choice of hiking destination to make sure you get a reservation and avoid disappointment. Mishaps and even accidents are more likely to occur during your hiking weekend if you wait until the last minute and are poorly prepared.

You can either plan your own hiking weekend or you could use the services of a specialist company offering weekend breaks or a specialist hiking group:

  • Plan Yourself – Unless you are going to camp out on your trip, you will need to book a hotel, bed and breakfast or hostel in advance. Finding accommodation in popular locations can be difficult, especially in the busy peak periods. You will also need to organize your own transport to and from the hike location, together with maps and guides.
  • Go With A Specialist Company/Group – If you go with a specialist hiking company or group, depending on the package you choose, your accommodation, some of your meals and an experienced guide may be provided. Before booking your weekend hiking trip, find out the level of experience needed for the walking.

You could find information about weekend hiking from companies that offer weekend breaks or from special interest hiking companies and groups. You can also search the Internet for information about hiking weekends. Whether you choose to do it yourself or go with a specialist company or group, factors to consider are similar to those for hiking holiday factors. A thorough list of hiking gear you need can be see in my detailed hiking equipment checklist guide.

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Summary On Weekend Hiking

 Coastal section of a Minehead weekend hiking event.

Probably the most common activity people do on weekends away is walking. Walking, or hiking throughout the countryside provides a particular independence which simply can not be obtained elsewhere.

Weekend hiking can be a fantastic way to experience our “local planet”. Regardless of whether you are on a trip within your own nation or venturing further afield in another country, you are highly likely to encounter like minded people.

Hiking in the fresh air affords excellent benefits to your health, it can be done on your own, with friends and family, or with a hiking group.

However you choose to do weekend hiking, you should pay careful attention to planning for your adventure as well as what you would like to achieve. You should not merely begin hiking without a plan of where you want to go! Prepare yourself!

For your hiking getaway, determine exactly where you wish to visit as well as the type of hiking you want to do. Should your first preference not have the kind of hiking you desire, you might have to alter the location of your stay. When you experience the pleasures of weekend hiking, you are going to look and feel healthier every single day of your existence.

Perhaps you have considered getting away from the same old getaway locations such as cities and places to shop! If you want to escape your usual every day activities, either on your own or perhaps as a member of a group for a weekend; or explore more healthy, more distinctive places; why not give weekend hiking a try! Is weekend hiking to find adventure and excitement for you?

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