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A Walking Holiday Italy Based Around Albiano In Tuscany!

Walking Holiday Italy Based Around Albiano Tuscany

The time spent on this Walking Holiday Italy Based Around Albiano Tuscany in the region of Northern Italy was superb.

Tuscany was a delightful experience with stunning landscapes and ancient cities.

Virtually every village had art treasures to stir the imagination of times gone by.

We stayed in Albiano, close to Barga in the area of Garfagna, meaning enchanted wood, in Northern Tuscany, located between the Appennine mountains and the Alpi Apuane mountains.

Barga was small and overflowing with shops full of antiques, artist studios, displays and demonstrations. There was also an Opera House, cathedral and a school of music. The narrow streets inside the town walls were lined with attractive cafes.

Our hotel was in Albiano, a little town on the side of a hill, just a few kilometres from Barga with vistas across the valley beneath to the mountains beyond.

Walking Holiday Italy – Albiano Tuscany Video

Walking Holiday Italy Near Albiano In Tuscany!

This video slideshow shows some highlights from Walking Holiday Italy Near Albiano In Tuscany.

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Walking Holiday Italy – Albiano Tuscany Details

Some aspects of life in Barga had not changed for centuries. Life still went on as it did before with agriculture being on a small scale and labour-intensive. Every evening we met local people as they poured out into the village squares to gossip.

Our 2-star hotel was privately run and also served as the local bar and shop. It had a great pool for swimming with a bar on the terrace and dramatic mountain views.

This rural region provided the chance to undertake outstanding short day hikes directly from our accommodation and also more strenuous hikes in the encompassing hills and mountains.

The countryside presented us with a wealth of riches, such as very old villages, quarries of marble and stunning vistas of the lush landscape encircling us. There was an abundance of plants and animals and ancient woodland continued to thrive.

We travelled in July, a time of year which was still warm and comfortable, but not overly hot for our hiking holiday activities. Tuscany in July had and typical upper daily temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. However, at altitude in the hills and mountains it was slightly cooler.

It was usually bright and sunny and we had about 8 hours of sunshine each day. We were never exposed to the heat of the sun for too long on any of the hikes we undertook as there was sufficient tree protection on all of them.

The hikes we did were on good tracks, which were usually mule tracks or forest trails. There were 5 days of hikes and the hiking time was around 5 to 7 hours each day. On one of the days we were hiking in the Orecchiella Natural Park.

All of the hiking involved some up-hill climbs with the greatest ascent for the week being 2,800 ft, which was the equivalent of climbing Snowdon in the UK. That was the hardest day but we had the option of going to see the famous “Grotto del Vento” or do a shorter hike instead if we so wished.

There was an option to visit Florence (Firenze) on our day off but we preferred to visit Lucca, a gorgeous walled medieval city just over an hour away. We could have taken an additional day away from the walking holiday Italy schedule if we had wanted to visit Florence or just take it easy by the swimming pool, or stroll around the local area.

This Walking Holiday Italy Based Around Albiano Tuscany was an exclusive SPICE holiday organised and led by TRACKS N TRIPS.

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