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Worbarrow Bay, Jurassic Coast Walks In Dorset, England, UK

Worbarrow Bay - Jurassic Coast Walks

Worbarrow Bay, Jurassic Coast Walks was about 4.25 miles in distance. The terrain of this route was paths and tracks with one steep descent and ascent plus 8 stiles to negotiate.

This route is on Ministry of Defence land and is only usually open at weekends, so you should check in advance. There was a need to take care near cliff edges and to make sure we did not stray from the yellow-marked MOD routes due to the possibility of unexploded shells. Consequently, dogs should be kept on a lead.

Even though this route is easy to navigate, it involves one steep descent and ascent which makes it a moderate grade walk. Along this coastal route there were fabulous sea views and the chance to paddle our feet in the stunning Worbarrow Bay. We also had the opportunity to explore the abandoned village of Tyneham at the start location of the route.

Starting at Tyneham car park leg one went north along the lane before going along a track through Tyneham village; then heading north west on a track before curving north east and ascending to the east end of Whiteway Hill. Leg two turned south west along Whiteway Hill ridge track; then along a grassy path to Flowers Barrow Hill Fort.

Leg three turned south east along the Coast Path, descending steeply to Worbarrow Tout and Worbarrow Bay beach; then turned east to steeply ascend to the cliff top before levelling out to reach a stile. To complete the walk the fourth and final leg headed north inland to zigzag downhill on paths and tracks back to Tyhenam car park.

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Worbarrow Bay, Jurassic Coast Walks Route

The Worbarrow Bay, Jurassic Coast Walks route was circular in an anti-clockwise direction with four legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we started at Tyneham car park and headed north along the lane; then on a track through Tyneham village before heading north west and then curving north east to ascend the eastern end of Whiteway Hill.

  1. We started the walk by exiting the car park and walking along the lane towards the abandoned village of Tyneham.
  2. As the lane curved right we forked left along a track, passing the village ruins on our left.
  3. We look a look around the village and returned to the walk route.
  4. After going through the village we reached a T-junction of tracks where we turned left.
  5. After walking past the church on our left we passed through a kissing-gate.
  6. Following track beyond to the north west, we curved right to the north east to climb up the eastern end of Whiteway Hill with the track and a fence on our right.
  7. We continued past two benches to curve left on a track to a gap in the ridge line before reaching the road ahead.

Leg 2

Having walked about three quarters of a mile to this point, the second leg turned south west; first along the ridge track over Whiteway Hill; then along a grassy path to Flowers Barrow Hill Fort.

  1. Here we crossed a stile next to a gate and followed a good track up the ridge along Whiteway Hill.
  2. We followed the track to a bench at the trig point at the top of the hill.
  3. After taking in the view we continued on the track to descend towards the sea and Worbarrow Bay.
  4. As the track descended to the right we continued straight ahead along a grassy path with a fence to our left.
  5. After crossing a stile next to a gate we continued ahead on the path, keeping the fence to our left.
  6. Eventually we passed through a gap in the ramparts of Flowers Barrow Hill Fort.
  7. We walked through the picnic area to pass a marker post for Worbarrow Bay and curved to the right to climb to the information board on grassy bump.
  8. Here we spent some time taking in the splendid views.

Leg 3

At about the 2 miles mark the third leg turned south east on the Coast Path to descend steeply towards Worbarrow Tout and the beach in Worbarrow Bay; then turned east to climb steeply the cliff top before levelling out to reach a stile.

  1. After returning to the marker post signposted Worbarrow Bay we passed through another gap in the ramparts.
  2. We then descended on the Coast Path through a gate with a view of Worbarrow Tout pointing out to sea.
  3. Here we went half right to carefully make the long descent to join a fence on the right.
  4. Continuing past a picnic table we cross a nearby stile.
  5. We continued ahead keeping the fence on our right to cross a stile in a narrow field corner.
  6. Continuing on we cut to the left at a sign, following the Coast Path to curve right past ruins.
  7. At the next Coast Path sign we turned right to visit the beach.
  8. We returned to the Coast Path, turning right and crossing a footbridge to continue on an obvious path.
  9. After curving slightly left and climbing steeply, shortly after we turned right at a Coast Path signpost to go up steps.
  10. After passing through a picnic area we passed through a kissing-gate.
  11. We then climbed very steeply up the Coast Path with a fence on our left.
  12. After the path veered half left it levelled out to follow the top of the cliff.
  13. Be very carefully here as there is an unfenced cliffs to the right.
  14. We continued on the Coast Path until reaching a stile.

Leg 4

Having travelled about 3.6 miles, the fourth and final leg turned north inland to zigzag downhill on paths and tracks back to Tyhenam car park.

  1. After crossing the stile we descended inland, left beside the fence on the left to reach another stile next to a gate.
  2. We turned left over the stile following a grassy path towards the sea.
  3. The path became a stone track as we curved back to the right.
  4. After curving left on the stone track we continued on a grassy path between yellow markers.
  5. We descend to cross a stile next to a gate to a junction of paths.
  6. We went straight ahead, signposted Tyneham Village past toilets on the right to go through woods to return to the car park via a gap next to a gate.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Dorset hiking holiday during May 2012. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Puddletown, Dorset to Tyneham in Dorset. We parked in a fee paying car park in Tyneham which was also the start location of the walk.

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