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SPICE Birmingham Day Hiking – Get Fit In Nature The Social Way!

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Day Hiking with SPICE Birmingham Intro

SPICE Birmingham Day Hiking - Get Fit In Nature The Social Way - A Group Leader Guiding A Group Of SPICE Members.

So what is SPICE Birmingham Day Hiking – Get Fit In Nature The Social Way all about?

Well, SPICE Birmingham (Special Programme of Initiative, Challenge and Excitement) usually use the English term “ramble” for their walking events.

However, here at Hiking Equipment Site we prefer to use the more international term day hiking. SPICE Birmingham have day hiking events for a range of experience levels, from beginner to more experienced. The vast majority of the day hiking with SPICE is either a circular hike or a figure of eight and are a great way to get fit in nature the social way.

Spice Birmingham UK – Adventure, Sports and Social Group

Walking and hiking is just one type of activity undertaken by SPICE Birmingham members. Take a look this video to get a taste of SPICE!

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Contents On Day Hiking

Use the following guide to find out more about SPICE Birmingham day hiking:

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Day Hiking Navigation with SPICE

The great thing about day hiking with SPICE is that all the organisation is done for you. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy the event. Your hike leader does all the route planning and navigation whilst you take pleasure in the scenery and benefit from the company of fellow hikers. Just turning up for a hiking event is really great for:

  • Busy people who don’t have time to plan their routes,
  • People that lack the confidence to plan and navigate,
  • Those that simply prefer not to route plan and navigate, but just relax.

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Day Hiking Distance and Hiking Times with SPICE

The time to complete a day hike with SPICE will depend on the distance to be travelled and how demanding the environment is. An additional factor is that the hike leader can only take the group as fast as the weakest, which means nobody gets left behind. There are a range of day hiking events with SPICE:

  • Social circular hikes of 4 to 6 miles,
  • Figure of eight hikes comprising of two 4 to 5 mile circular hikes,
  • All day circular hikes of around 8 to 14 miles.

As an estimate of how long a hike takes, allowing for inclines and descents, use a conservative walking speed of 2 miles per hour.

Add a 10 minute morning break for snacks, a generous 40 minute lunch break, and another 10 minute snack breaks in the afternoon.

If on a full day hike of 10 miles then the journey would take roughly 6 hours to complete.

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SPICE Birmingham Day Hiking Is A Social Activity.

Circular Day Hiking with SPICE

A short day hiking event of around 4-6 miles usually starts about 1pm and finishes around 3-4pm. Followed by a drink and for some, an early evening meal at the local pub. On occasions, there will be an 11am start with a finish around lunchtime, just in time to take lunch in the pub. On longer trips the start time is around 10.30am with a stop for a packed lunch and a finish time around 3-5pm. Again, this is usually follows by a visit to the local pub for a well earned drink and an evening meal for those who want to eat.

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Figure Of Eight Day Hiking with SPICE

Those hikers that prefer an early start, around 10.30am, can choose the morning hike and finish at about 12.30pm, especially if the weather isn’t too good or if they have had enough. They can also go for a leisurely pub meal or go shopping if they have the time. Alternatively, they can continue on with the afternoon hike. Those hikers that prefer a later starting time can just turn up for the afternoon hiking around 1.30pm and finish around 3.30pm. A drink and a meal, is usually on the menu for those that want to take part. Whatever people want, they can just decide “on the day”, which hike(s) they want to do.

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Summary on Day Hiking with SPICE

Day hiking with SPICE Birmingham is a fantastic way for people to get fit through exercise in a social and relaxing way whilst experiencing the local natural environment, or places further afield.

You have the opportunity to meet new people, or see friends if you’ve been in SPICE some time.

Take a look at Birmingham SPICE now and see what they have to offer.

Don’t forget to search their site using the term “ramble”, or see what other activities they have for you to try.

What do you think of doing some SPICE Birmingham Day Hiking to Get Fit In Nature The Social Way?

Is it for you?

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