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Snape Maltings & Tunstall Forest Walks, Suffolk Walks In England, UK

Snape Maltings & Tunstall Forest Walks - Suffolk Walks In England, UK

Snape Maltings & Tunstall Forest Walks was about 6 miles in distance. The terrain of this route was flat with a combination of field and forest, paths and tracks; plus some quite road sections and some marshland boardwalks. Route finding was quite easy with good waymarking. Some of the tracks were a little muddy in places and there was just 1 very low stile to step over.

At the start of the walk from the Iken picnic site, you get wonderful views across the River Alde. There are mud flats and salt marshes that are internationally important feeding grounds and migration sites for waders and wildfowl.

During the walk you experience Tunstall Forest which is a part of the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The forest is popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders and has coniferous plantations, broadleaved belts and heathland areas.

Later on the walk, if you take time for a detour, at the internationally renowned Snape Maltings, you will discover it’s a place of energy and inspiration. Being a leading centre of music and an outstanding visitor attraction for natural beauty. Set against a magnificent stretch of reeds, water and sky, it combines outstanding concerts and events, distinctive independent shops, cafes, galleries, walks and river trips.

Starting from the Iken picnic site and car park, leg one headed south east on field paths and tracks, plus a short road section to a field track. Leg two turned west on a field path, a short road section plus a forestry road and track to a fork in Tunstall Forest.

Leg three headed north west through Tunstall Forest on forest paths and tracks plus a short road section to reach a road. To complete the walk the fourth and final leg headed east on roads to Snape Maltings; then turned south east on field paths and marshland boardwalks back to the picnic site.

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Snape Maltings & Tunstall Forest Walks Route

The Snape Maltings & Tunstall Forest Walks route was circular in a clockwise direction with four legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we started from Iken picnic site and car park, winding our way south east along field paths and tracks, plus a short road section to a field track.

  1. We left the picnic site field in the right hand corner at the bottom of the hill to follow a track.
  2. Where we met crossing tracks, we continued diagonally left along an enclosed path uphill which turned into a wide track.
  3. After about 400 metres along the track we came to a road where we turned right.
  4. After about 50 metres along the road we turned left along a signed path.
  5. With a fence on our left we followed the path to reach a sandy track which we followed to the left with farm buildings to our right.
  6. We soon turned turn right on a wide track through a gap into a field.
  7. We then turned immediately right again, with a reservoir behind the trees to our right.
  8. We then followed the field edge to the top corner and turned left inside the field around the corner.
  9. Continuing around the field edge with trees to our right we return to the wide track again.
  10. Here we turned right along the track for about 300 metres to reach a gap on the right.

Leg 2

Having walked about 1 mile to this point, the second leg turned westward along a field path, a short road section plus a forestry road and track to reach a fork.

  1. At the gap we followed a track right, then left, then turned right onto a long, wide grassy track.
  2. We then walked along the straight track, with a tree belt on our right for about 500 metres to cross a low stile and reach a road.
  3. Going right along the road a short way, we turned left into Tunstall Forest along a wide forestry road.
  4. After passing a house on the left in about 800 metres, we reached a crossing forest track.
  5. Turned right along the forest track we went around a barrier and in about 100 metres, we reached a fork.

Leg 3

Having walked about 2 miles to this point, the third leg headed north west through Tunstall Forest along forest paths and tracks plus a short road section to reach a road.

  1. Here we took the grassy fork on the left and kept straight ahead.
  2. In about 400 metres and after crossing a small path, we reached a crossing track.
  3. Here we continued straight ahead over the track for about 150 metres to reach a fork.
  4. Here we went left to follow the Sandlings Walk sign and black arrow.
  5. After about 500 metre we crossed a road and continued ahead along another forest track.
  6. In about 300 metres we reached another fork where we went half left along a narrow path signed by a black arrow.
  7. We continued on this path for about 400 metres to reach the B1069 road between Tunstall and Snape Maltings.
  8. We turned right along the road for about 50 metres, then turned left onto another forest track, still following the black arrows.
  9. After going round a barrier we continued straight ahead for about 1 kilometre to go round another barrier to reach the road between Snape and Blaxhall.

Leg 4

Having walked about 4 miles to this point, the fourth and final leg turned east along roads to Snape Maltings before turning south east along field paths and marshland boardwalks to return to the picnic site.

  1. Here we went right along the road, turning left along the B1069 road to reach Snape Maltings in about 1.5 kilometres.
  2. Just before buildings on the right in Snape Maltings, we turn righted right near the end of a triangular grassed area onto a signed footpath.
  3. Following a grassy path, initially enclosed with a wall on the left and bushes to the right, we crossed a track.
  4. Continuing ahead with trees to the left we reached a gap where we followed the path diagonally right across an open field towards marshland.
  5. Keeping straight on we crossed a boardwalk and bridge across a marshy area.
  6. Continuing ahead we crossed another field, initially with trees to the left then open on both sides.
  7. We then went ahead along a long boardwalk and across a bridge over another marshy area to reach a gravelled path.
  8. Continuing on the path, curving right then left beside marshy land, we entered a field.
  9. Following the path along the left field edge we passed through a gap back into the bottom of the field of the picnic site and car park.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Suffolk hiking holiday during March 2017. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Aldeburgh, Suffolk to the starting location of Snape Maltings, Suffolk. We parked in the field of the Iken picnic site and car park, just south east of Snape Maltings, next to the River Alde at grid reference GR400563. This was also the start location of the hike.

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