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Sizewell & Thorpeness Walks, Suffolk Walks In England, UK

Sizewell & Thorpeness Walks, Suffolk Walks In England, UK

Sizewell & Thorpeness Walks was about 7.5 miles in distance. The terrain of this route was a complex network of paths and tracks so map-reading skills would be advisable. The route included fields, woodland, gorse, golf courses, Thorpeness village, plus a beach and cliff path. The walking was easy on level ground and there were no stiles to negotiate.

At the start and end of the walk you will see the dome shaped gas-cooled reactor at Sizewell. A little later on you will have the pleasure of seeing hundreds of pigs roaming freely outside their shelters. Along the way, depending on the season, there are strips of woodland displaying rather bluebells, snowdrops or primroses. You can also sit on a bench beside “The Fens” and listen to the birds and foul in peace.

In the eccentric coastal village of Thorpeness you will see the famous “House In The Clouds”, a windmill, Westgate Water Tower disguised as Tudor gateway and lots of splendid properties. If you take a short detour you can enjoy more splendid buildings and sit beside the water of “The Meare”. Returning to Sizewell along the North Sea coast you experience the sand and shingle beach and eroding cliffs.

Starting from Sizewell Beach car park, leg one headed south and west on roads; before heading north west on paths and tracks to “Lover’s Lane”. Leg two headed south along a lane, tracks and a path to reach a metal gate. Leg three headed for a track junction to the south west via a zigzag anti-clockwise curve on paths and tracks, through gorse and woodland plus across a golf course and fields.

Leg four zigzagged east along paths and tracks through woodland and beside wetland and a golf course; plus roads and driveways through Thorpeness to reach the beach. To complete the walk the fifth and final leg headed north on a sand and shingle beach then on a cliff path back to “Sizewell Beach” car park.

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Sizewell & Thorpeness Walks Route

The Sizewell & Thorpeness Walks route was circular in an anti-clockwise direction with five legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we started from “Sizewell Beach” car park, heading south and west on roads; then north west on paths and tracks to “Lover’s Lane”.

  1. Leaving the car park, we followed the “Sizewell Gap” road on which we arrived, passing the “Vulcan Arms”.
  2. About thirty metres after passing a left turning, we turned right along a bridleway track.
  3. Before reaching a property ahead on the right, we turned left at a fingerpost along a track.
  4. We continued ahead, passing the new wind farm sub-station on the left, going between trees and crossing a meadow.
  5. On reaching a fingerpost at a junction we turned left along a track called “Sandy Lane” until we reached a junction.
  6. Here we went left, then immediately left again along a path between trees which curved left to a pavement beside “Lover’s Lane”.

Leg 2

Having walked about 1.5 miles to this point, the second leg turned south by road, tracks and a path to a metal gate.

  1. After walking about 600 metres along the lane we crossed to the right hand side of the road at a junction.
  2. Where the lane curved left, we continued straight ahead along a bridleway track and after a while we passed a field of pigs on the left.
  3. At a track junction we continued ahead a short way, then forked right to join a track bed.
  4. At next crossing track, we curved left a few metres, then went immediately right on elevated grassy path, so that we were still going south.
  5. With another field of pigs on the left, we continued ahead on the path until we reached a metal gate.

Leg 3

Having walked about 3 miles to this point, the third leg headed towards a south west destination at a track junction, via a zigzag anti-clockwise curve on paths and tracks, through gorse and woodland plus across a golf course and fields.

  1. Here we turned on right on the path before the gate and kept going straight forward at a junction to go through gorse.
  2. On reaching a golf course fairway we continued straight across to a waymarker in a gap.
  3. Here we veered half left across another golf fairway to the right of a bunker and through gorse into woodland.
  4. At a fork in woodland we veered left to emerge and cross another fairway into gorse to reach a major track junction.
  5. Here we went straight across on a waymarked track which was swinging to the right.
  6. Just after a disused chapel on the right, the track swung to the left and led us to a road.
  7. Crossing straight over the road we continued ahead along a path into woodland, which then turned right along the edge of the woodland.
  8. On reaching a road we continue ahead on the road, passing “alms houses” on the left, before reaching “St Andrew’s Church” ahead.
  9. We went through a gate into the grounds of the church and went left on a gravel path then immediately left across grass along a path under trees.
  10. We continued ahead between hedges on the left and a fence on the right, and the path widened to a track.
  11. After the fence ended, we kept straight ahead on the track, ascending a little with a fence on our left.
  12. On reaching a corner, we turned right before a metal gate.
  13. Now following a field edge with a fence on the left we turned left in the next field corner.
  14. We followed the field edge and passed a farmhouse onto a track to a fingerpost at a track junction.

Leg 4

Having walked about 4.25 miles to this point, the fourth leg zigzagged eastward; on paths and tracks through woodland and beside wetland and a golf course; plus roads and driveways through Thorpeness to the beach.

  1. Here we turned left a short way on a track then forked right along another track downhill.
  2. Immediately after a left bend we veered right along a narrow path into woodland.
  3. We continued ahead on the path, follow waymarkers until we came to a fingerpost at a T-junction.
  4. Here we turned right, keeping straight ahead to the left of a house where the track became a path.
  5. After crossing a muddy section we crossed boardwalks either side of a footbridge and entered woodland.
  6. Emerging from the woodland we continued ahead on the path with a fence and views of “The Fens” wetland on our right, until we reached a cross-track with old station buildings on the left.
  7. Here we went straight across the track, keeping forward along a narrow footpath into woodland.
  8. The path became wider through the woodland and we had the “Hundred River” on our right.
  9. We emerged onto a golf course and followed the path along its right hand edge.
  10. Following the path we emerged onto an access road with views of the “House In The Clouds” and a windmill ahead.
  11. We turned left and passed diagonally through the car park, almost to the golf fairway on the other side.
  12. Here we veered right by a waymarker to follow a path through bshes and trees which passed to the left of the “House In The Clouds”.
  13. Continuing ahead, following waymarkers along the path we emerged onto a driveway called “Stony Lane” and followed it to a road called “The Whinlands” in Thorpeness.
  14. Here we turned right along the road, then turned left along “Westgate”, a driveway between houses.
  15. After going through an arch we turned left along a driveway called “The Sanctuary”.
  16. Emerging on the “Old Homes Road” we turned right along it.
  17. Where the road swung to the left, we kept straight on along “Old Homes Road” which became a gravel driveway and then swung to the right.
  18. Now the driveway became “Admirals Way” and ascended slightly between houses.
  19. The driveway then became “The Coast Guards” and we turned left after houses, along a grassy path behind gardens and down steps onto the beach.

Leg 5

Having walked about 5.75 miles to this point, the fifth and final leg turned north along a sand and shingle beach plus a cliff path back to “Sizewell Beach” car park.

  1. We turned left along the beach, walking along sand and shingle for a while.
  2. After we passed the remains of two sinking pill boxes and the cliffs became lower and covered in vegetation, we moved away from the beach.
  3. We followed a grassy and sandy path, initially at the bottom of the low cliffs, parallel to the sea.
  4. Gradually the path ascended up the side of the cliffs, becoming well-defined.
  5. We continued straight ahead on the path, through vegetation and trees, eventually going through a tunnel.
  6. Continuing on the path we return to “Sizewell Beach” car park on our left.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Suffolk hiking holiday during March 2017. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Aldeburgh, Suffolk to the starting location of Sizewell, Suffolk. We parked in the Sizewell Beach pay and display car park at grid reference TM474629. This was also the start location of the hike.

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