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Shipley Glen Saltaire Circular Day Hiking Yorkshire England UK

Shipley Glen Saltaire Circular Day Hiking Yorkshire England UK

Shipley Glen Saltaire Circular Day Hiking Yorkshire was a 7 mile long trip and was part of a New Year Yorkshire Weekend Hiking Break.

The day hiking trip was actually done on New Year’s Day.

After leaving our hotel, we had a short walk along the local river and canal before going north through Shipley Glen on the western side and then south on the eastern side of the Glen.

Then we went through Saltaire, where we had our lunch before returning to out hotel along the canal and roads.

Shipley Glen & Saltaire Day Hiking Video

Shipley Glen & Saltaire – Day Hiking Yorkshire

This video slideshow shows the highlights of this Shipley Glen & Saltaire – Day Hiking Yorkshire trip.

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Shipley Glen & Saltaire Day Hiking Route

Shipley Glen Saltaire Circular Day Hiking Yorkshire was an easy to moderate hike as there was a long gentle incline to cope with. The hike was varied and quite interesting. We hiked along roads, a back alley, along a river and a canal. We also went through woods along a ridge, up hill and down hill but nothing too strenuous. We also hiked over heathland and through a Victorian park.

Shipley Glen & Saltaire – Day Hiking Yorkshire Local Info

Shipley Glen

Shipley Glen is a long narrow area of heathland just beneath Baildon Moor. It is studded with boulders that have been there since the ice age. Many generations have gone to Shipley Glen since it became popular for walks around the late 1800s and early 20th century. From Saltaire people would hike up the wooded hillside. The Shipley Glen Tramway was constructed in 1895 by a local businessman in order to assist visitors to ascend up the hill. Recently, the Tramway has been run by volunteers but when we visited the Tramway it was not functioning and its survival was in question.


Saltaire is quite an interesting place. It is actually an entire Victorian village constructed all in one shot. This was undertaken by Sir Titus Salt who was a wool baron and wanted accommodation for his textile workforce. The complex was 25 acres next to his mill and also the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, with the River Aire close by. In 2001 the area was awarded World Heritage status.

In 1876 Salt died. However, his accomplishment remains with 22 streets, 850 houses, 45 almshouses, 2 churches, Sunday school, a workers institute, a hospital and school. However, there were no pubs, as was the case with most “model” villages crafted for workers in the Victorian era.

Attractions in Saltaire village are: Salt’s Mill, which today houses the 1853 Gallery which is open to the public daily – containing Europe’s biggest compilation of works by David Hockney – a artist born in Bradford; a nice range of customary village shops; United Reform Church; Wesleyan Chapel; the Victoria Hall working men’s institute; and the Museum of Reed Organs & Harmoniums.

For those of you who like a drink the good news is a pub now exists on the site. Sir Titus Salt’s boathouse on the banks of the River Aire was converted into a public house and is called “The Boathouse Inn”.

River Aire

The River Aire is a main Yorkshire river 71 miles in length. A section of the river has been canalised and has been named the “Aire & Calder Navigation”. The river starts in Malham Tarn, going under the ground to Malham Cove which is close to Malham in the Northern region of Yorkshire. The river passed through Gargrave, Skipton and Cononley. Then the river crosses into the West of Yorkshire. It then runs through Keighley, Bingley, Saltaire, Shipley, Leeds and Castleford. The river re-enters North Yorkshire near Knottingley and finally ends at the River Ouse at Airmyn.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Connecting Leeds and Liverpool and with a total length of 127 miles, the Leeds & Liverpool Canal crosses the Pennines and is the longest canal in the north of England. There are 91 locks on the canal’s main line and there are a number of smaller offshoots. A new connection was built to Liverpool docks in the early 21st century. At Leeds the canal links with the Aire-Calder Navigation. The Branch at Rufford connects to the Ribble estuary close to Preston, providing entry to the Ribble Link plus the Lancaster Canal. You can also link to the Bridgewater Canal via Leigh Branch which starts from Wigan.

Roberts Park

Roberts Park was built in Victorian times and has a formal promenade terrace with a bandstand to one side and the statue of Sir Titus Salt’ the other side. In the early days of the park, in the 1870s, Victorian ladies walked up and down and took in the air. Roberts Park has been renovated with Lottery Money and involved the rebuilding of the bandstand and renovation of the Half Moon Pavilion. Flowerbeds were also being replanted and there are benches and wind shelters at both ends of the promenade.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a New Year Yorkshire Weekend Hiking Break in England, UK during December 2010 with SPICE West Midlands. Steve Dell of Fizz Leisure organized the weekend on behalf of SPICE. We walked directly from our holiday accommodation, the Ramada Jarvis Hotel on the Bingley Road.

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