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Port Eynon Rhossili Day Hiking Gower Peninsula Wales UK

Day Hiking Port Eynon To Rhossili Gower Peninsula

Day Hiking Port Eynon To Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula was a 7 mile hike I did with my partner Anne during a Gower Peninsula walking holiday in South Wales.

You can discover the most stunning cliff scenery of the lovely Gower coastline along the stretch between Port Eynon and Rhossili.

All the land is owned by The National Trust with some reserves being leased and managed by the South and West Wales Wildlife Trust.

At the end of this section of limestone coastline is the most western tip of the Gower, that of the promontory called Worms Head.

As you continue around the coast to Rhossili, the view of Rhossili Bay is a classic image of the Gower.

Port Eynon/Rhossili, Gower Peninsula Video

Day Hiking Port Eynon To Rhossili, Gower Peninsula

This video slideshow shows the highlights of this Day Hiking Port Eynon To Rhossili, Gower Peninsula trip.

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Port Eynon/Rhossili, Gower Peninsula Route

Day Hiking Port Eynon To Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula was a pleasant trip and an easy to moderate hike as it had a few inclines along the way. If you decide to cross to the end of Worms Head then the hike would become moderate and add about 2 more miles to the journey. The day hiking was quite simple, leaving Port Eynon travelling west along the coast until reaching Rhossili.

Port Eynon/Rhossili, Gower Peninsula Local Info

Port Eynon

Port Eynon village and bay are on the Gower Peninsula in the secluded south west corner. It is believed to have been named after Eynon, a Welsh Prince from the eleventh century. The actual village is quite small and stretches up to the top of the hill from the beach. With the village there are: two fish and chip shops; a souvenir shop; Youth Hostel; pub and also a restaurant and coffee shop.

Overton Mere

Overton Mere is a bay with a rocky beach and a reserve which gets its name from the bay. There is nearly a complete spectrum of habitats in Overton Mere that are found on the coast in the south of the Gower Peninsula.

Mewslade Bay

Mewslade bay is considered by some to be one of the loveliest bays on Gower Peninsula. It is a brief walk down through wooded path and National Trust valley to the beach. When the tide is high the beach is covered and you can watch the sea waves smash onto the rocks. It’s a popular bay with surfers and you can walk over to Fall Bay when there is a very low tide.

Worms Head

Worms Head is an islet off Rhossili. The locals call it “The Worm”. It originally got its name from the Vikings who called it “The Wurme”, which has the meaning of Dragon/Serpent. The name obviously got a little corrupted over the years to the name we now use, “Worm’s Head.” The Worm stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean and for over 2 km. It is also the most western piece of land on the Gower Peninsula. It is actually a 1.61 km long islet connected to the peninsula by a 0.5 km rocky causeway. During a low tide, the causeway is uncovered for approximately 5.5 hours and you can walk across it. Unless you want to spend half a day isolated on Worms Head, make sure you pay attention to the tide and safe causeway crossing times before you venture onto it.


Rhossili is a village and bay positioned on the most south western tip of the Gower Peninsula. An excavation revealed the existence of a pre medieval settlement and church nearer to the ocean which was most likely abandoned due to the movement of sand over time. Rhossili Bay next to the village has 5 kilometres of sandy beach in an arc which curves northwards from the village. The beach is flat and occasionally disrupted by old shipwrecks such as the Helvetia. A little inland of the beach and north from Rhossilli village is Rhossili Down, the Gower’s highest vantage point and where Iron Age remains have been found. Rhossili is a popular tourist destination and has shops; a private car park; toilets; a number of places to eat and drink, including Rhossili Hotel; and the National Trust visitor centre.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Gower Peninsula hiking holiday in South Wales during October 2010. We drove from our holiday accommodation in the village of Llangennith on the West coast of the Gower to a private car park at the start location in Port Eynon (grid ref SS469852) and we planned to get public transport back to the car park from Rhossili (we checked the bus timetable the day before and I suggest you do the same).

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