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Malvern Hills, Walks In Worcestershire, England, UK

Triangulation Pillar And Toposcope On Malvern Hills Walks

Malvern Hills, Walks In Worcestershire was about 8.5 miles in distance.

The Malvern Hills is a range of hills which look like mini-mountains with pointy summits which offer great walking with wonderful views. There are an endless range of walk options in the Malvern Hills and the navigation is usually relatively easy.

For the more energetic walker, this walk offers the opportunity to walk over several summits of the Malvern Hills. For those walkers wanting an easier walk then you can choose to walk along the lower paths which go around the tops of the hills.

This walk was circular in an clockwise direction. It began by heading west from Great Malvern up to the Malvern Hills ridge. It then turned south along a trail which crossed a number of peaks including Worcestershire Beacon and Summer Hill to Upper Wyche . At Upper Wyche it ascended back up to the top of the ridge again, continuing south along the ridge over several more hills.

The route then curved a little west before heading back up north and a little more west to Colwall Station. It then continued north and slightly east with the Malvern Hills visible above on the right before curving eastwards over a col on the hills and via St Ann’s Well back to Great Malvern.

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Malvern Hills, Walks In Worcestershire Route

The Malvern Hills, Walks In Worcestershire route was circular in an clockwise direction with five legs.

Leg 1

This first leg headed off in a westerly direction.

  1. We started the route by walking up Church Street, turning right on to the A449, Worcester Road, and shortly after, left up St Ann’s Road.
  2. We went straight on at a junction where St Ann’s Road turned left, and went up Happy Valley, a narrow lane with trees on both sides.
  3. We continued up Happy Valley until the second left turning and continued upwards going off the lane onto a trail, climbing to the top of the ridge.

Leg 2

We began the second leg at the top of the ridge by turning left on to a footpath and heading southward to cross Worcestershire Beacon and Summer Hill.

  1. Here we had the option of either walking over the summits of the hills or walking along the lower paths which go around the tops of the hills. We chose the more energetic option over the peaks.
  2. We veered right along a narrow track which headed a little higher to reach the very top of the ridge and continued south along it.
  3. After descending a little to a round stone route indicating pillar we climbed higher again to reach the top of Worcestershire Beacon which had a triangulation pillar and a metal toposcope.
  4. We descended again and rose to another small hill top. We avoided the easier, wider gravel or tarmac paths which wound between the peaks a little lower.
  5. We descended a third time until we reached another round stone route indicating pillar then climbed again up a small hill before descending a final time to reach Upper Wyche.
  6. At Upper Wyche, we crossed the B4218 to climb the steps next to a bus shelter which led us back up to the top of the ridge again.
  7. We continued to head south along ridge, passing over several more hills.
  8. After passing Blackhill car park we kept to the hills, descending until forced to descend to our right, and on to the B4232 close to the Malvern Hills Hotel, beneath British Camp (Herefordshire Beacon).
  9. We turned left on to the B4232 passing the hotel on our left.

Leg 3

This leg began to curve to the west before heading back up north and a little to the west.

  1. On reaching a path shortly after the hotel, on our right, which descended past toilets, we followed the path through to scrub, over a stile and through woodland.
  2. On emerging from the woodland, we went straight on, descending across a field to another stile.
  3. After climbing the stile we headed for the far right corner of next field to cross a footbridge and stile.
  4. Continuing straight on, we followed a clear path through scrub, across fields and stiles until we reached a lane at Evendine.
  5. Here we turned left along the lane and then first right, slightly uphill along the Geopark Way.
  6. We followed the Geopark Way track, passing fields, stiles and a kissing gate before going through woodland and veering sharp left within the woods.
  7. On emerging from the woods we descended some steps to a gate, crossed a filed and passed through a kissing gate to reach and cross Colwall Station footbridge
  8. We left the station along a road and reached the B4218 where we crossed straight over in to Stone Drive.

Leg 4

This leg of the route headed north and slightly east with the Malvern Hills visible above us on our right.

  1. After a few metres we turned right on to a footpath, through housing and going straight on at two junctions, along Meadow Walk and Cowl Barn Lane (byway).
  2. After passing Cowl Barn, we went through a green barrier, turned right through a small gate and then left until we reached Brockhill Road.
  3. 6 Miles
  4. By Downs School we turned left along Brockhill Road, which is a byway, for 2 kilometres until reaching the B4232. Along Brockhill Road we had views of the tops of the Malvern Hills to our right.

Leg 5

This final leg initially continues along the same north north-west direction before curving eastwards over The Malvern Hills back to Great Malvern.

  1. We crossed over the B4232 and climbed on to the open hillside
  2. You can choose any path up to the ridge at the top of the hill if you want a more energetic route but generally bear left.
  3. We took a left bearing towards trees for a gentle ascent up the hill.
  4. The trail eventually reached a col, where we encountered the first round stone route indicator pillar earlier on the walk.
  5. From here we descended eastwards towards St Ann’s Well as indicated on the round stone route indicating pillar along a track which wound around the side of the hill through bracken.
  6. On reached a junction with another path we turned left downhill along a winding path to St Ann’s Well.
  7. After St Ann’s Well, which has a popular cafe, we continued downhill along a winding tarmac path.
  8. On reaching St Ann’s Road we turned left downhill, taking a sharp right hand bend to the bottom.
  9. We then turned right along the A449 then left back to the start location in Church Street in Great Malvern.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Tewkesbury hiking holiday during August 2011. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Tewkesbury in Worcestershire to the starting location of Great Malvern in Worcestershire and parked in the town before walking to the start of the walk which was Church Street, the main shopping street.

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