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Llyn Padarn Walk, Llanberis Walks, Snowdonia Walks In Gwynedd, Wales, UK

Llyn Padarn Walk - Snowdonia Walks

This Llyn Padarn Walk was about 5 miles in distance. The terrain of the route included a variety of woodland paths, tracks and lanes around Llyn Padarn with some great viewpoints along the way. There was some uphill walking near the start, otherwise the route was downhill and level walking. There were no stiles to climb over, just one squeeze-stile.

Llyn Padarn is close to Llanberis which lies at the foot of Snowdon. On a clear day, you can enjoy superb views of this grand mountain from the walk route. Most of Llyn Padarn lies within the Padarn Country Park which is located on the site of the Dinorwig quarry which operated from 1787 to 1969.

At the start of the walk in the Slate Museum, you can learn about the slate mining industry and see typical quarrymens cottages and the largest waterwheel in Wales. The walk passes the Quarry Hospital, now a museum, where injured workers were treated. The route passes through woodlands and here are a number of viewpoints of the lake and Snowdon. On the other side of Llyn Padarn, the route uses the trackbed of the former Llanberis to Caernarfon railway line which operated a passenger service from 1869 to 1930. The line closed completely in 1964 and is now a cycleway and walking route.

Starting from Padarn Country Park car park, leg one headed north west beside Llyn Padarn on paths, tracks and a lane through woodland to bridge viewpoint. Leg two turned south west across the lake and curved south east on roads and pavements to Lon Peris Walking and Cycling Trail. To complete the walk the third and final leg south east on a track, paths and roadside pavements, through woodland and over fields back to the car park.

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Llyn Padarn Walk Route

The Llyn Padarn Walk route was circular in an anti-clockwise direction with three legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we started from Padarn Country Park car park, heading north west beside Llyn Padarn on paths, tracks and a lane through woodland to bridge viewpoint.

  1. From the car park, with the lake railway on our right we walked towards corner of the car park and followed a sign for the Quarry Hospital.
  2. We soon left the car park to follow a wide path.
  3. At a fork we took the middle path which rose gently to the left of a railway shed and a low slate wall.
  4. We soon went right at another fork on the path between two low slate walls, which was also marked with different colours.
  5. We followed this path up to a viewpoint of the lake and mountains.
  6. Curving right on the path we crossed a bridge over the railway and climbed a series of steps to the front of the Quarry Hospital.
  7. We passed the hospital on our right and followed a low slate wall behind a small slate building to go into the wood through a gap in the wall.
  8. Following this path, initially with a wall on our right, we ascended gradually, ignoring any paths off to the left or right.
  9. After reaching a viewpoint at the highest point, the path levelled off then descended until we left the Country Park through a gate.
  10. Turning right after the gate we crossed a bridge and walk uphill along a track.
  11. We followed the track until we passed under a bridge at a disused quarry.
  12. Continuing on the track we went uphill until we reached a sharp right bend.
  13. Here we continued straight ahead, leaving the track through trees to go uphill along a path.
  14. At the top of the path we went up steps and through a gate onto a lane.
  15. Turning left along the lane we walked downhill, passing houses at Fachwen.
  16. As we walked along the lane the lake became closer on our left.
  17. After a sharp left then immediate right bends we continued ahead to the end of the lake by a bridge where there was a great viewpoint along the lake.

Leg 2

Having walked about 2.5 of a mile to this point, the second leg turned south west over the lake and curved south east on roads and pavements to Lon Peris Walking and Cycling Trail.

  1. We turned left to cross the end of the lake on a road bridge with a pavement.
  2. Turning left on the other side of the lake we went along a road to go through a gate next to a broad gate.
  3. We continued along the Road, curving right then left with the lake on our left.
  4. At the end of the road we passed through two gates onto a pavement beside the A4086 main road.
  5. Here we turned left along the pavement for about 200 metres.
  6. After a right bend, we went through a squeeze-stile in a gap in the wall on our left.
  7. We then descended a short path and steps onto a wide track, the Lon Peris Walking and Cycling Trail.

Leg 3

Having walked about 3 miles to this point, the third and final leg headed south east on a track, paths and roadside pavements, through woodland and across fields back to the car park.

  1. Turning right here with the lake nearby on our left, we walked along the wide track through trees.
  2. After passing a pool on our right and going under a bridge we went through a gap to the right of a barrier onto an access road.
  3. At toilets on our right, we went left then immediately right before entering a car park, along a path between trees and bushes.
  4. At the end of this path we reached another car park which we passed on our left, cross an access road to another stretch of path.
  5. Follow the path we went up a slope with a fence on the left onto the a pavement beside the A4086 main road again.
  6. We turned left along the pavement until we reached the village car park.
  7. Here we went left on a path beside the lake, passing the car park on our right.
  8. Continuing on the path beside the lake we passed a children’s playground.
  9. We then crossed a small footbridge beside the lake and passed picnic tables.
  10. We crossed a second small footbridge onto a boardwalk.
  11. At a fork in the boardwalk we went left onto a path into Padarn Country Park.
  12. We crossed a field and passed through a kissing-gate.
  13. Continuing ahead along the path we crossed another field and passed between some trees.
  14. Going straight on across the field we crossed a small footbridge under a tree.
  15. Further on we passed a small slate building on our left and then came to a broad footbridge.
  16. We passed through a gate and crossed the bridge over water to reach a road.
  17. Finally, we turned left along a pavement then left again back to the car park.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Snowdonia hiking holiday during May 2016. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Caernarfon, Gwynedd to the starting location of Padarn Country Park car park near the Slate Museum, which was also the start location of the hike.

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