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Hackness, Walks In North Yorkshire, England, UK

Hackness - Walks In North Yorkshire

Hackness, Walks In North Yorkshire was about 8.5 miles in distance. The terrain of this route is undulating along a mixture of field and woodland paths, tracks and road sections. There are some gradients and 17 stiles to negotiate which made it a fairly strenuous albeit rewarding walk!

Starting from Hackness Village car park, leg one zigzagging northwards on lanes and roads, through woodland on paths and along farmland paths to Silpho. Leg two went to the south west on a track and down a wooded hillside to Lowdales; then turned northwards by lane to Newgate.

Leg three went south on a footpath across fields and through a wood uphill; then south west via Broxa to Langdale End using a track, fields, a bridleway and short road section.

Leg four went south-south east on field paths, through bracken, on woodland tracks and a road to woods by Mount Misery Farm. To complete the walk the fifth and final leg wound its way to the east via Wrench Green on field and woodland paths, along tracks and by road back to Hackness.

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Hackness, Walks In North Yorkshire Route

The Hackness, Walks In North Yorkshire route was circular in an anti-clockwise direction with five legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we started from Hackness Village car park, zigzagging northwards along lanes and roads plus woodland and farmland paths to reach Silpho.

  1. We exited the Hackness Village Hall Car Park, turning right to head northwards along Storr Lane.
  2. After following the lane around to the right we took the first left turning signed for Silpho.
  3. After an initial straight section, the road zig-zagged up the steep wooded hillside.
  4. We ignored a path on the left at the first right hand bend and continued on the Tarmac surface around two further hairpin bends.
  5. On the next left hand bend we turned right on a footpath, crossing a broken stile next to a gate into Hilda Wood.
  6. Ascending gradually through the wood we emerged through a kissing-gate to open farmland.
  7. After passing through a gate, we bore left across a field with a low stone wall on the left.
  8. We continued to follow the left boundary until we reached a kissing-gate on the left on to a road (Kirk Gate) opposite cottages.
  9. Here we turned right towards Silpho until we reached a stone-built tower.

Leg 2

Having walked about 2 miles to this point, the second leg headed south west along a track and down a wooded hillside to Lowdales; then turned north along a lane to Newgate.

  1. In Silpho, just before the tower on the left, we followed a bridle track down past fields to Haggland Wood.
  2. Keeping to the main track, after a short distance along the edge of the wood, the track descended down wooded hillside through two gates into Lowdales.
  3. At the bottom we turned left along a track and crossed two streams on footbridges near Lowdales Farm.
  4. We then turned right at Highdales to follow a narrow lane leading to Newgate.
  5. After about 1 km we passed through a gate and soon after crossed a stile next to gate to reach buildings at Newgate Gills

Leg 3

At around the 3.5 miles mark, the third leg headed south along a footpath over pastures and uphill through a wood; then headed south west via Broxa to Langdale End via a track, fields, a bridleway and short road section.

  1. After crossing the stile we turned left, down through a gap in the hedges, crossing a bridge over a stream.
  2. We then went left again to pick up a footpath coming down from Highdales.
  3. After about l00 metres we passed through an open gate next to a stile and entered a pasture.
  4. We followed the left boundary through two gaps in the hedges ahead of us then bore right up the hillside to a concrete marker post and crossed a stile into a wood.
  5. Here we went left and ascended through trees to emerge next to a stile on to a bend of a track.
  6. We went right on the track uphill to the top to cross a stile on the right into a crop field where we were within sight of Broxa.
  7. We followed the left boundary of the field until we reached and crossed a stile on the left on to a lane by Broxa Farm.
  8. Here we turned right then left through the village.
  9. We continued ahead until reaching a bend, with a bridleway branching off to the right
  10. We went right through a gate down Broxa Bank.
  11. The footpath headed straight down the hillside to Langdale Bridge with the final part of the descent being quite steep across a pasture and through bracken.
  12. We crossed another stile on to a road and turned right to cross a bridge and walked a short way to some small outbuildings of Bridge Farm.
  13. If you go a little further on there is Saint Peters Church on the left and a pub at Langdale End.

Leg 4

Having walked about 5 miles to this point, the fourth leg headed south-south east over field paths, through bracken, along woodland tracks and a road to reach woods near Mount Misery Farm.

  1. At Bridge Farm we followed the footpath on the left by a red post box.
  2. After passing through a gate we walked ahead with a boundary on our right and crossed over a river on a stone bridge.
  3. We then veered left to head across grassland to reach a gate and wire fence.
  4. Veering right with the wire fence on our left we contoured the hillside.
  5. We soon passed through a gate under a tree and continued ahead through bracken.
  6. After three fields the path turned right up the hillside towards corner of a wood.
  7. At the top we kept along a field edge and joined a track where we went to the right to follow the track down to pass through a gate to reach Troutsdale Road.
  8. We went right along the road and crossed over to turn left through a gate along a track leading to Mount Misery.
  9. After dipping to bridge at beck and going through a gate the track headed uphill.
  10. Where the gradient began to ease look out for a sturdy post on the left with no sign under trees!
  11. Here we forked left along an indistinct path up through bracken and bramble to cross a stile into a field at the back of Mount Misery Farm.
  12. We headed across the field towards the farm, staying in the field and walking around the outside of farm yard on the right.
  13. We then left to the corner of a wood and crossed a stile into the wood.

Leg 5

Having walking about 7 miles to this point the fifth and final leg snaked eastwards via Wrench Green on field paths, through woodland and along tracks and a road back to Hackness Village Hall Car Park.

  1. After picking our way along the right edge of the wood for about 200 metres we crossed a stile on the right back onto farmland.
  2. Here we followed a footpath devoid of markers to the left, following a series of fields round hillside between upper and lower belts of woodland.
  3. The path entered woodland across a small boardwalk and over a stile.
  4. Following the path beside a fence on our left through the wood we crossed a stile ahead of us.
  5. The path then led us through another wooded stretch is encountered above Wood House to the left.
  6. The path kept more or less to the contour, so with the end in sight we found ourselves swinging away from Hackness to the right!
  7. On reaching a fence, we turned left downhill with the fence on our right.
  8. On reaching a metal gate on the right we climbed over to the next field.
  9. We headed across the field diagonally downhill towards two metal gates on approach to Comb Slack Farm.
  10. Here we crossed a stile to the left of the left hand gate and turned let down an overgrown enclosed path which diverted us past a horse paddock.
  11. At the end we crossed another stile onto a farm track where we turned right.
  12. We continued on the track until we reached a junction where we went left along Lang Gate down to Wrench Green.
  13. We went past a house with a tennis court and high-level sun lounge to Wrench Farm at the end of the lane where there were two footpaths.
  14. Passing to the right of the main building we crossed a stile on the right and followed a short enclosed path along the edge of a wood next to a field.
  15. At the end we crossed another stile into the field on the right.
  16. Following the left boundary we reached and crossed a wooden footbridge over the River Derwent and continued ahead a short distance to go through a gate onto a road.
  17. Turning left along the road we soon returned to the starting point at Hackness Village Hall Car Park.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a North Yorkshire hiking holiday during September 2013. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Harwood Dale, North Yorkshire to the starting location of Hackness, North Yorkshire and parked in the Hackness Village Hall Car park at grid reference SE967899 which was also the start location of the hike.

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