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Fleet Lagoon, Jurassic Coast Walks In Dorset, England, UK

Fleet Lagoon - Jurassic Coast Walks

Fleet Lagoon, Jurassic Coast Walks was about 7 miles in distance. The terrain on this route was a combination of footpaths through fields and around the Coast Path; together with some tracks and lanes. Some of the paths can get waterlogged after heavy rain. The walking is quite easy although there are 6 stiles to negotiate.

Fleet Lagoon is the body of water behind Chesil Beach, a 28 kilometre, 100 mlllion tonne bank of shingle attaching the Island of Portland to mainland of Dorset. The bank is estimated to have around 180 billion pebbles, varying in size from a pea to an orange.

Fleet Lagoon is sheltered from the sea by Chesil Bank and is great for walking, unlike Chesil beach where the pebbles make it hard to walk. The South West Coast Path goes through the area along the shores of the lagoon, passing Moonfleet Manor.

Fleet Lagoon is also heaven for keen birdwatchers with flocks of geese, swans and innumerable other waterfowl species. It is also made famous by the novel Moonfleet by J Meade Faulkner, a gripping story about smuggling with the village of Moonfleet being based on East Fleet.

Starting west of Langton Herring, leg one went south along a lane; west on a footpath over fields, turning south to Rodden Hive on the Coast Path in West Fleet. Leg two headed south east on the Coast Path through Gore Cove and passing Moonfleet Manor to Butterstreet Cove in East Fleet.

Leg three turned inland, north west along a path and road before heading north east by road and north along a track to the B3157 road. To complete the walk the fourth and final leg zigzagged north west through woodland, across fields and on lanes via Langton Herring back to the start.

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Fleet Lagoon, Jurassic Coast Walks Route

The Fleet Lagoon, Jurassic Coast Walks route was circular in an anti-clockwise direction with four legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we went south along a lane to the west of Langton Herring; headed west on a footpath over fields, curving south to the Coast Path and Rodden Hive in West Fleet.

  1. From the barn on the corner of the road junction, we took the lane south with the barn on our right and followed it round to the end.
  2. We crossed a stile into a field and followed the footpath west which then curved to the south towards hedges and trees.
  3. Next we crossed a stile and followed the path through the hedges and trees to cross another stile into a field.
  4. Continuing straight ahead along the path across the field with a fence on our right we crossed another stile into another field.
  5. We continued in the same direction across the field to pass through a kissing-gate.
  6. We then turned right along the edge of a field to reach the Coast Path at Rodden Hive in West Fleet of Fleet Lagoon.

Leg 2

Having walked about half a mile to this point, the second leg followed the Coast Path south eastwards via Gore Cove and Moonfleet Manor to Butterstreet Cove in East Fleet.

  1. Here, we went left, following the Coast Path to and the contours of Fleet Lagoon until we passed through a kissing-gate.
  2. After crossing a track at a hut we went through another kissing-gate and continued on the path with the shore of Fleet Lagoon on our right, passing some upturned boats on the shore.
  3. After crossing a small wooden bridge we turned right at a junction of footpaths and followed the footpath with the lagoon on our right.
  4. We then came to another junction of footpaths at Gore Cove where we turned right with the lagoon on our right.
  5. Continuing on the path we went through a gate and then the path became grassy.
  6. We soon arrived at another boating area near to Moonfleet Manor.
  7. Passing the manor on our left we continued beside the lagoon.
  8. We arrived at a boggy area where we crossed a small wooden bridge; then crossed a boardwalk; then ascended a few steps to go through a gate.
  9. Now on a grassy path we continued beside the lagoon heading towards East Fleet.
  10. We passed through a kissing-gate, passing two bunkers, crossing a small wooden bridge and going through another kissing-gate in Butterstreet Cove.
  11. Now in a field we followed the path beside the lagoon to go through another kissing-gate.

Leg 3

After about the 4.25 miles mark the third leg headed north west on a path and road inland; then turned north east by road; then headed north on a track to the B3157 road.

  1. Here we went left, north east, inland towards buildings at the original site of the village of Fleet, which was destroyed by Gales in 1824.
  2. Going right over a footbridge before the buildings, we passed the Old Fleet Church on our left.
  3. We then followed the wall on our left to go through a kissing gate and along a narrow gravel road, called Butter Street, to the right of houses.
  4. We emerged on Fleet Road where we turned left to go north west.
  5. We ascended gradually until we reached a three-way junction, passing the New Fleet Church on our right, called Church of Holy Trinity.
  6. We took the right hand turn, then turned right again soon after.
  7. Now going up a long straight track we passed a campsite on the left and emerging onto the B3157 main road.

Leg 4

Having travelled about 6 miles, the fourth and final leg zigzagged its way north west through woodland, over fields and along lanes through Langton Herring back to the start.

  1. We turned left along a grass verge beside the road and followed a footpath into woodland after a few metres.
  2. Emerging from the woodland with a hedge on our right we soon entered more woodland where the path turned westward beside a stream.
  3. The path then turned right to the north, uphill through Tan Acre Plantation.
  4. Next the route went left to the west along a track and we followed it through a farmyard and on to Shop Lane beyond in Langton Herring.
  5. We went right here towards the village and turned left along Church Hill which curved right and we passed the church on our right.
  6. We took the next road left called The Square.
  7. As the road bent to the right we turned left up the Coastguard Road and soon crossed a stile on the right into a field.
  8. We followed the footpath through the field along the right edge and crossed a broken stile on the right onto a lane.
  9. Here we went right to follow the lane back to the start.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Dorset hiking holiday during May 2012. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Puddletown, Dorset to the starting location near Langton Herring, Dorset, west of the B3157.

We parked at the side of the road to the west of Langton Herring and the start location near Lower Farm at grid reference SY612827. We then walked eastwards back towards Langton Herring to the start location of the hike, a road junction with a barn on the corner of the lane to the south (this lane is the next lane west past Angel Lane).

Note: You should be very careful how you park as this road is also a bus route.

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