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Flasby Fell, Yorkshire Dales Walks In North Yorkshire, England, UK

Flasby Fell - Yorkshire Dales Walks

Flasby Fell, Yorkshire Dales Walks was about 6.5 miles in distance. The terrain of this route comprised of paths, tracks and trackless sections; with some rough walking. There were also about 6 stiles to cross.

Flasby is a small hamlet which is worth visit just to see the lovely gardens of Flasby Hall. Flasby Fell is access land in its upper reaches so you don’t need to worry about trespassing if you paid a visit to the two summits of Rough Haw and Sharp Haw. These twin summits are worth visiting for their wide reaching views and peaceful outlook. There is a reasonable web of paths that make an exploration of this charming fell country possible.

The first leg headed south east from a bridge in Flasby over Flasby beck on tracks and paths through woodland, and across Flasby Fell to a col; then north up to Rough Haw summit cairn. Leg two descended south back to the col then ascended south west to Sharp Haw summit trig point.

Leg three went south east over moorland then along a track to a lane. Leg four first zigzagged south on a lane then went north west over fields and stiles to a woodland. The fifth leg completed the walk continuing north west along a forest edge; along tracks and paths through woodland; then over a field and a lane back to Flasby.

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Flasby Fell, Yorkshire Dales Walks Route

The Flasby Fell, Yorkshire Dales Walks route was circular in an clockwise direction with five legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg we went south east from a bridge in Flasby over Flasby beck, on tracks and paths through woodland and over Flasby Fell to a col; then north up to the summit cairn on Rough Haw.

  1. We began by heading south east down a lane and crossing a bridge over Flasby Beck to enter a farmyard.
  2. As we passed through buildings and where the lane turned to the right we continue straight ahead.
  3. Then as the track turned to the left we remained ahead again to pass through a kissing-gate next to gate signposted “Grassington Road 2.5 miles”.
  4. Here we rose through woodland on a track, passing through two gates with a track in between them.
  5. We continue on a track to pass through gate at the end of the track to enter a field.
  6. Walking across the field on the right side with a wall on the right we then passed through a gate in the right corner.
  7. Continuing ahead we descended to cross a brook, then ascended the other side, climbing steadily onto Flasby Fell with a wall on our right.
  8. At a second blue-topped marker post where a path joined from the left we continue ahead, climbing to a col.
  9. After continuing on more level ground we reached a gate in the wall on the right near a blue-topped marker post.
  10. Here we went left on a path just before the gate towards the summit of Rough Haw.
  11. Following this path we stayed left at a split almost immediately.
  12. We followed the path uphill and curved to the right higher up, passing through rocky ground to the summit cairn on Rough Haw.

Leg 2

Having walked about 1.25 mile to this point, the second leg descended southwards back to the col before ascending south west to the summit trig point of Sharp Haw.

  1. Retracing our steps back down to the col, we joined the main path and went through the gate by the blue-topped marker post .
  2. We followed the path uphill, going right when the path forked.
  3. We climbed to pass through a gap in a wall.
  4. Continuing on the path we reached the trig point on the summit of Sharp Haw. It was extremely windy on the summit.

Leg 3

Now at about the 1.75 miles mark the third leg headed south east over moorland and along a track to a lane.

  1. Leaving the summit in a south easterly direction we crossed an iron ladder-stile and continued on raised path and then over moorland on a reasonably good path.
  2. We joined with another path, continuing on the same line to cross four small wooden bridges.
  3. Continuing in the same direction we descended the moor, passing through a gate, dropping to reach a track.
  4. We went left along the track to pass through two gates next to cattle grids and pass through a gate onto Bog Lane.

Leg 4

Having travelled about 3 miles, the fourth leg initially zigzagged south along a lane before turning north west over fields and stiles to the edge of woodland.

  1. We went right along the lane which immediately curved left.
  2. The lane turned right, left, then right again before we went right over a gated stone step-stile, sign posted “Flasby 2.5 miles”, into a field.
  3. After crossing the field we passed through an open gate next to a stone step-stile.
  4. Keeping to the left of the next field and curving to the right, we crossed a stile, on the left before reaching a wall.
  5. Going away from the stile we came to a gate and went right over a stone step-stile next to it.
  6. Ascending the next field with a wall on our right we crossed a gated stone step-stile next to a gate and continued on a raised path.
  7. Next we descended into a gully, crossed a stream and ascended the other side.
  8. Continuing on the path over a field we crossed a stile on the right edge of woodland.

Leg 5

Having travelled about 4.25 miles, the fifth and final leg continued north west along a forest edge; then along tracks and paths through woodland; then over a field and a lane back to the bridge over Flasby Beck.

  1. Continuing along the forest edge, where the trees fell away to the left, we curved a little to the right near huts, to join a track.
  2. Going left along the track we rose up to go right at a fork and ascended through felled woodland.
  3. After ascending we descended on the track and where the track bent sharply left, we went straight ahead on a path signposted “Flasby 1.25 miles”
  4. Joining another track from the left we continued into woodland to pass a bench and signpost on the right.
  5. Following the track/path we descended to pass through a gate.
  6. We then crossed a meadow, curving left then right, passing through another gate and continuing on the track.
  7. After joining an access drive we continued ahead past barns.
  8. We joined a lane after a gate opening and followed it to rejoin the outbound route, with the lane bending left in a farmyard.
  9. We went left on the lane, exited the farm and went over a bridge back to the start.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on an Ingleton hiking holiday during April 2012. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire to the starting location of Flasby, Yorkshire Dales, just north west of Skipton. We parked beside the road at grid reference SD947566, opposite a footpath post on the western side of Flasby Beck, which was also the start location of the hike.

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