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Capel Curig Walk, Snowdonia Walks In Gwynedd, Wales, UK

Capel Curig Walk - Snowdonia Walks

This Capel Curig Walk was about 4 miles in distance. The terrain of this route is generally clear and surfaced paths which can be wet in places. There is woodland, wetland and high pastures. There are also 8 stiles to climb over with most of them being ladder-stiles.

Capel Curig consists of sparse cottages and inns spread out along 6 miles between Pont-Cyfyng, beneath Moel Siabod, to the Pen y Gwryd, beneath Glyder Fawr. To begin with, the inns were there to serve the quarrymen from the barracks of Siabod and the miners from the copper mines of Snowdon. These days they serve walkers and climbers.

This walk takes you around the valley with views of the wide sweep of mountains surrounding Capel Curig and the Llugwy Valley. You walk through matured oak woods and cross the boisterous Afon Llugwy at Pont-Cyfyng by the Crying Falls. After following the delightful banks of the river for a short while, you go over a crag, cross pasture and through more woods before visiting the shores of Llynnau Mymbyr with a view of Snowdon.

Starting from the car park behind Joe Brown’s shop, leg one headed south by access road; then east on paths over hills, woodland and wetland to a track. Leg two turned southwards along a hill track, woodland path and road to Pont-Cyfyng bridge.

Leg three turned north west along paths and tracks through woodland and riverside pastures to a lake, Llynnau Mymbyr. To complete the walk the fourth and final leg went north west along a path and road; then north east by track before turning south by track back to the car park.

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Capel Curig Walk Route

The Capel Curig Walk route was circular in a clockwise direction with four legs.

Leg 1

On this first leg, after leaving the car park behind Joe Brown’s shop going south on an access road, the route headed east on paths across hills, woodland and wetland to a track.

  1. We turned left out of the car park along an access road, crossing a bridge over the Afon Llugwy, to reach the main road junction of the A4086 and the A5 roads.
  2. Here we went diagonally left across the busy road junction to go over a ladder-stile next to a gate, war memorial and church entrance.
  3. We then followed a path uphill towards Y Pincin, a large, craggy outcrop cloaked in wood and bracken.
  4. The path curved left to follow a wall uphill on our left.
  5. Near the top of the hill the path curved left through a gap in a wall and between trees.
  6. The path then curved to the right to become a clear, partly flagged path, keeping left of the craggy outcrop.
  7. The path led us to pass through a gate in a wall next to a ladder-stile.
  8. From here the path took us east through woodland.
  9. When the path emerged from the woods, it continued along the bottom edge of the woodland.
  10. With a fence on our right the path led to pass a ladder-stile on our right and soon after to a corner of fences.
  11. Here we went through a gate to the right of a ladder-stile and maintained our direction across the hillside.
  12. The path became flagged with stone and led us to cross a footbridge over Nant y Geuallt.
  13. We continued ahead, following the improved path which became surfaced with gravel, with marker posts, across marshy ground.
  14. This path veered south east to cross another stream before arriving at a junction with a prominent track below a small rise.

Leg 2

Having walked about 0.9 of a mile to this point, the second leg headed southwards by hill track, woodland path and road to Pont-Cyfyng bridge.

  1. Here we turned right along the track and descended to go over a ladder-stile next to a gate into a field.
  2. Walking downhill about 30 metres to a marker post on the left with a tree on our right, we turned left on a crossing footpath.
  3. Following the path we descended to cross a ladder-stile and enter woods.
  4. Following the path through the woods we took a right hand fork along the main path.
  5. We eventually zigzagged down to cross a ladder-stile beside Capel Curig Community Centre onto the A5 main road.
  6. Turning left down the road we took the first lane on the right and crossed Pont-Cyfyng bridge by the Crying Falls.

Leg 3

Having walked about 1.8 miles to this point, the third leg headed north west on paths and tracks through woodland and riverside pastures to a lake, Llynnau Mymbyr.

  1. Immediately after the bridge we turned right to follow a track to pass through a gate next to a cattle grid.
  2. A little further on at a fork we went right down a footpath and curved right across a footbridge over the Afon Llugwy.
  3. Going straight ahead the path crossed a field towards the river on our right.
  4. The path followed the course of the Afon Llugwy, passing a ruin on the left and crossing a ladder-stile into woodland.
  5. Keeping straight ahead we climbed a little through a gap in rocks and continued to follow the path beside the river.
  6. On reaching a high rock formation before us the path veered diagonally left upwards a little way onto another path with a footbridge over the river to the right, opposite Cobdens Hotel.
  7. Here we turned left up steps and continued uphill through the woods of Coed Bryn-engan.
  8. The path soon veered a little to the right through a rocky gap in a small rise.
  9. Going straight ahead on the path we went down a few steps and the path soon became a wide track through woodland.
  10. We kept straight ahead and after going around a barrier another track joined from the right.
  11. Shortly after we went right at a fork in the track.
  12. The track eventually reached a building on the right where we passed through a gate next to a wider gate.
  13. The track then continued to curve left, right then left again and we crossed a stile next to a gate.
  14. We then went forward a little way to a path and bridge on our right just before a lake, Llynnau Mymbyr.

Leg 4

Having walked about 3.1 miles to this point, the fourth and final leg headed north west by path and road; then north east by track before turning south by track back to the car park.

  1. Turning right on the path we crossed the bridge and passed through a gate at the head of the lake.
  2. Walking ahead we ascended a stepped path to go through a gate onto the A4086 main road.
  3. Turning left and crossing the road, we walked a short way to reach a ladder-stile next to a gate.
  4. Here we went right, crossed the ladder-stile and followed a track straight ahead.
  5. We crossed another track as we soon swung to the right to hug the foot of the southern Glyder slopes on our left.
  6. Walking along this track we went through two gates.
  7. After we passed Gelli farm on the right and approached a small ruin ahead the fence on our right curved away to the right and we followed it onto a track.
  8. Here we turned right, climbing over a stile next to a gate and following a track with a wall on our left, then a wall on our right.
  9. After passing through a gate next to a cattle grid we turned left back into the car park.

When Done & With Whom

I did this hike with my partner Anne whilst on a Snowdonia hiking holiday during May 2016. We drove from our holiday accommodation in Caernarfon, Gwynedd to the car park behind Joe Brown’s shop in Capel Curig at grid reference SH720581, which was also the start location of the hike.

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