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UK Cottages Holiday England, Port Isaac Walks North Cornwall, Self Catering Coastal Walking Holiday

UK Cottages Holiday England, Port Isaac Walks North Cornwall, Self Catering Coastal Walking Holiday

UK Cottages Holiday England, Port Isaac Walks North Cornwall, Self Catering Coastal Walking Holiday was roughly 6.5 miles long undertaken on day 2 of my North Cornwall walking holiday.

I did this walk with Anne, my partner, in May 2011.

We travelled in our car from our base in St Teath, which was a self catering holiday cottage, arriving at the walk start point of Port Isaac pay and display car park.

The car park was literally a “stone’s throw” from the coast and had a fabulous view of the local coastline.

If you are interested, you can read the walk route details in our Port Isaac Day Walk blog post here.

To find out more about cottage based holidays browse our guide on cottage holidays in this post or find out more about a variety of holiday cottages types by reading our guide on holiday cottages over here.

Cottages Holiday England, Port Isaac Walk Video

UK Cottages Holiday England, Port Isaac Walks North Cornwall

This video slideshow shows a summary of UK Cottages Holiday England, Port Isaac Walks North Cornwall, Self Catering Coastal Walking Holiday.

Port Isaac Local Information

Port Isaac From Top Of Lobber Point

Port Isaac

Port Isaac is a fairly small and charming fishing village on the North Cornwall coastline, north of Padstow and south of Tintagel. Its original name was “Porth Izzick”, or “Porthusek” in Cornish and essentially means “corn port”, indicating its past role in the trade of corn from the inland farmland of Cornwall. Its pier was built when Henry VIII was on the thrown and the centre of the village dates mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, maintaining its character.

In times gone by Port Isaac wealth was closely connected to coastal shipping and fishing. Cargo like wood and coal; ores and stone; salt and limestone, pottery and heavy goods were all transported along the narrow streets of the village.

From the 1980s onwards, Port Isaac has served as setting for a variety of TV productions and is most famous for being used as the setting for “Doc Martin”, the television series. Today, fishermen are still working from Port Isaac and landing fish, crab and lobsters on a daily basis.

Castle Rock Plus Port Gaverne Entrance

Port Gaverne

Port Gaverne is frequently thought to be a part of Port Isaac but is in fact a little hamlet on its own just east of Port Isaac. It has a 17th century inn and during the 19th century the port handled slate, coal and limestone. In addition, some ships were also built here. It has an attractive unspoilt cove with a sheltered, sandy beach with rock pools and caves. These days, most buildings are used as holiday homes with just a few remaining residents.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is the rock just off the end of the headland entrance to the cove of Port Gaverne.

Lobber Point

Lobber Point

Lobber Point is the headland next to, and on the western side of Port Isaac. There are great views to the west to Varley Head and eastwards around the Port Isaac Bay and beyond.

Pine Haven Cove

Pine Haven Cove

Pine Haven is a smallish isolated rocky cove next to Lobber Point, just west of Port Isaac It can be accessed from either the South West Coast Path or from a footpath down the valley across fields. It is an ideal location to bird watch or just relax in peace and quiet.

Varley Head

Varley Head

Varley Head as the name suggests is a headland. It lies west of Port Isaac roughly half way to Port Quin. If you stand out on the headland, being carful in high winds, you will get fantastic views to the west to Sevensouls Rock and The Mouls and eastwards to Port Isaac Bay and further north east.

Scarnor Point From Kellan Head

Scarnor Point

Scarnor Point is a smallish headland between Varley Head and Port Isaac to the east and Kellan Head and Port Quin to the west. It overlooks Downgate Cove, providing a spectacular view of the very steep steps leading down the Cliffside to Downgate Cove.

Downgate Cove And Kellan Head Beyond

Downgate Cove

Downgate Cove starts at Scarnor Point and stretches west to Kellan Head just before Port Quin. The South West Coast Path weaves through the bay along the top of the Reedy Cliff before rising steeply to Kellan Head.

Kellan Head From Scarnor Point

Kellan Head

Kellan Head in the background is next to Port Quin and lies just to the east. From here you get a great view eastwards back to Port Isaac. More impressive is the fabulous panorama view westward of the Port Quin Bay curve reaching out westward to The Mouls just off Pentire Point.

Sevensouls Rock and The Mouls

Sevensouls Rock and The Mouls

Sevensouls Rock and The Mouls are located at The Rumps, which has an Iron Age fort, on the northern end of Pentire Headland. They stick out into the Atlantic Ocean and are formed from hard basaltic rock. They lie to the west of Port Isaac at the far western side of Port Quin Bay just before Padstow. Sevensouls Rock is a rock, part of The Rumps on the mainland. The Mouls is a small island which lies just off the mainland and is well known for its cormorants.

Port Quin

Port Quin

Port Quin lies about 4 miles west of Port Isaac and roughly 2 miles north of Padstow. It is a quiet little fishing village with a harbour and invokes images from times gone by. A local legend tells of the time when the whole of Port Quin’s fleet of fishing boats and all of the men were lost at sea on a stormy night. Apparently, the women attempted to continue with life at Port Quin without the men but the unbearable hardship forced the women to desert the place. The cottages of the fishermen fell into disrepair and became ruined. These days there is not much here apart from four holiday cottages owned by the National Trust plus a few other buildings. The occasional sight seeing boat cruises in and out for a look around, as do walkers, but other than that the place is quiet

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