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Craghoppers Kiwi Trousers – Great Hiking Trousers

Craghoppers Kiwi Trousers Cargo Pocket And Contents.

Are you looking to get yourself a new pair a hiking trousers or hiking pants?

There are a wide range available in the marketplace. What you need will depend on your hiking environment and your own personal preference. Here I will talk specifically about the Craghoppers Kiwi trousers.

I have been using Craghoppers Kiwi trousers for many years and have been very happy with their performance and comfort.

I do virtually all my hiking in the UK which has a wide range of weather conditions. I therefore need something that can keep my legs reasonably warm in winter but also fairly cool in summer. I suppose if I had the budget, I could buy a different pair of hiking trousers for different circumstances buy I don’t have that kind of budget.

Not only do I use my Craghoppers Kiwi trousers for hiking, I also use them for everyday use. I even have a pair I use for smart casual occasions.

I love wearing my Craghopper Kiwi trousers. I use both of the following types for both hiking and for every day use:

  • Craghopper Kiwi Convertible trousers – a zip-off leg converts them to shorts; or
  • Classic Craghoppers Kiwi trousers – which are not convertible to shorts.

Apart from being constructed from quick-drying fabric with a sun-protective and water-repellent finish, here are the features that make them so great:

  • Double Seat And Knee – for extra protection and durability;
  • 9 Pockets – including 5 zipped security pockets and a OS map sized cargo pocket;
  • Mobile Phone Holder – located inside the cargo pocket;
  • Heel Tape – to prevent fraying;
  • Waist – part-elasticated with a belt.

In this first video, the various features of the Craghoppers Kiwi trousers are demonstrated in a 1 minute 47 seconds video. However, you can stop watching at 53 seconds as the demo is repeated twice:

Men’s Kiwi Convertible Trousers Demonstration

Men’s walking clothing that can perform more than one function is perfect for changeable weather. You can’t go wrong with Kiwi Convertible trousers, quick-drying and water-repellent; they can be speedily toggled from trousers to shorts for optimum comfort, whatever the weather. Comfortable, agile and durable men’s outdoor clothing that incorporates waterproof fabrics and innovative technologies.

In the following 42 seconds video, CotswoldOutdoor take a look at the Womens Craghopper Kiwi trousers:

Womens Craghopper Kiwi Trousers

Find out about the Womens Craghopper Kiwi Trousers from CotswoldOutdoor

For very cold conditions there is a winter version of the Craghopper Kiwi trousers for both men and women. In this next video, GoOutdoorsTV take a quick look at the Craghoppers Kiwi Winter Lined Trousers in this 1 minute 1 second video:

Craghoppers Kiwi Winter Lined Trousers – GO Outdoors

A real customer favourite at GO Outdoors the Craghoppers Kiwi Winter lined pant provides extra warmth is colder conditions. Quick drying with a water repellent finish. There is a reinforced seat and knees as well as tape inside the heel for reduced wear. Lovely and warm with 8 pockets, one of which is large enough for an OS map. Available in both male and female options the Craghoppers Kiwi winter lined pant is ideal for use when the temperature drops.

I usually carry a lot of personal items on me at all times and for that reason my most important criteria is to have lots of pockets for separate storage of these items. Here is how I use the Craghoppers Kiwi pockets:

  • Left Zipped Security Pocket – I have my iPhone here next to my body;
  • Left Open Pocket – I have my tissues her;
  • Right Zipped Security Pocket – I have my loose change money and car key;
  • Right Open Pocket – I store my large bunch of house keys;
  • Cargo Zipped Security Pocket – I put my bulky wallet here;
  • Cargo Pocket – I place my asthma inhaler;
  • Mobile Phone Holder – I store my hand cream and a pen here;
  • Left and Right Seat, Zipped Security Pockets – If I have anything extra to store then here.

The above video reviews should give you a great idea of whether or not Craghoppers Kiwi trousers are right for your situation. If you want to read more about hiking trousers in general then take a look at our guide on hiking trousers over at this post.

All things considered, I think these trousers are great for hiking and all sorts of activities. They are also a great value for money price. That’s why I have 5 pairs.

I wouldn’t be without a pair. In fact, as I write this article on my computer, I am wearing a pair.

So what do you think? Are Craghoppers Kiwi trousers for you? For a highly durable pair of hiking trousers, take a look at our article on Montane Terra Pants.

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