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Hiking Pitfalls

Hiking, Walking, Backpacking - Hiking Pitfalls

Planning A Hike?

If you are planning on taking hiking trips and you are really excited, then great!

Now, there are a few things you must be aware of to make sure this is not only a fun trip, but a safe trip.

Most hikers do not think about some very simple rules to follow to ensure that they have a safe trip. They do not think or worry if someone is late getting back. They only get worried if they are a long time over due.

There is an old saying called Murphy’s Law that states that anything that may go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.

Now we are not trying to “rain on your parade” and be negative minded. These are just a few rules that you need to follow in order to be prepared in case “The Peter Principle” does decide to apply to your hike.

Some Hiking Pitfalls

Firstly, always decide on a plan or a schedule of where you are going to hike.

There is actually such a thing called a “topographical map” or a trail map that you should have in your back pack with your intended hiking route marked upon it. You should also give a copy of this map to a relative or chum who is not going on your trip.

Just make certain that your planned route is marked upon the map you leave with your friend. You should do this in case something surprising occurs and you do not make it back. Then your mate can call the “Search And Rescue” groups and have them search for you.

You must also know that if you decide that you need to wander off the plan, you should not stray too far.

You may find that there is a washout on the trail or a bunch of rocks have fallen and you cannot get through. Then you have got to take an alternative trail. But do not go too far off your course, because it would make it tougher for your buddies or the “Search And Rescue” team to find you.

Be prepared for all sorts of weather on your hiking trip. Weather can change from sunshine to snow or rain without much notice. Bring the correct clothing to guard you from all kinds of weather.

Also do not forget to bring stuff like a whistle, if you are injured and need someone to find you. A whistle is a good way to get the attention of someone nearby.

Carry a 24 hour pack with you. This pack will have all that you need if you are out in the field for 24 hours, like a meal or high energy snack and a hikers blanket. This way you will be prepared for anything that comes up.

This should be a pre-packaged backpack to help you in case a sudden mishap occurs. This is a smaller pack if you are just going on a short hike, like just one or two hours, or it might be a second pack to carry with your scheduled pack to use only in the event of an emergency.

There are many other hiking rules you should be aware of. These are only a few of the most vital rules to keep you safe and prepared for anything that might occur on your trip.

Have a look online and read some of the other rules that may help you have a safe and pleasurable hiking trip. Its better to be prepared than to be forced to learn the difficult way.

A Video Demonstrating Some Hiking Rules

Trail Etiquette To Avoid Hiking Pitfalls

This 3 minute 13 seconds video a few common sense tips are described and demonstrated to help you enjoy your hikes.

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