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OS Maps, Maps Navigation And Ordnance Survey

OS Maps For Navigation

Do You Need OS Maps?

Looking for OS Maps? If you are planning to go on a hike and will be doing your own maps navigation then you will need either paper based topographical maps, a hiking GPS unit or even both for extra safety. Ordnance Survey provide a number of products/services to help you find your way during your hiking adventures. You can either:

  • Buy a standard OS Map;
  • Use the OS GetAMap Service;
  • Use the Custom Made Maps Service;
  • Buy a hiking handheld GPS Unit;

Buy A Standard OS Map

How to fold a paper OS Map

I this 52 seconds video from Ordnance Survey, adventurer Bonita Norris shows you how to fold an OS paper map in three simple steps.

Most people are familiar with the standard OS Maps provided by Ordnance Survey which you can buy all over the place. There are two series of OS Maps:

  • Explorer (1:25,000 scale) – This series of maps has a scale of 4cm to 1km (2.5 inches to 1 mile). There are 403 OS Explorer Maps covering all parts of England, Scotland and Wales, including information on the National Trails, Recreational Paths, viewpoints, etc.
  • Landranger (1:50 000 scale) – This series of maps has a scale of 2cm to 1km (1.25 inches to 1 mile). There are 204 detailed maps covering Great Britain with each map providing information about the local area including places of interest, tourist information, picnic areas and camping sites, etc.

Each standard OS Map can be purchased individually, or you can buy a pre selected bundle of maps at a discount. Take a look OS Maps here!

OS GetAMap Service

Ordnance Survey Maps – OS Getamap

This 1.45 seconds video by Ordnance Survey presents the OS Getamp service.

The OS GetAMap service is a web based mapping application provided by Ordnance Survey. With this service you can make your own hiking routes, save them to your own folder, print them out and share them with friends. You can also import and export your hiking routes via a handheld GPS unit and more. After making your route you can obtain a range of information such as time estimates, a profile of the route height, waypoint data, add point of interest markers, and add text and photos to waypoints.

This service can be paid for either on an as you go basis or through an annual subscription. What is best for you will depend on how much you will use the “GetAMap” service. Take a look at the GetAMap Service here!

Custom Made Maps Service

Ordnance Survey Maps – Custom made maps.

This 46 seconds video by Ordnance Survey presents their custom made maps as centred on you! Based on the popular OS Explorer Map and OS Landranger Maps, custom made maps give you the chance to create a bespoke map centred on any chosen location. You can add your own title and photo to the cover too.

The custom made maps service enabled you to customise an OS Map, either Explorer (1:25,000 scale) or Landranger (1:50 000 scale). You choose the centre of your map, which can be any place within Great Britain and can add the title you want. Choose to have it either flat or folded, choose a cover image and have it printed especially for you to the same OS Map high quality as the OS Explorer/Landranger maps. This service is paid for on a fixed price per map basis. Take a look at Custom Made Maps Service here!

Sale Of GPS Products

Ordnance Survey sell a range of handheld GPS units including the following brand names: Garmin, Memory-Map, SatMap, Magellan and MapXY. See what handheld GPS units are on sale here!

Choosing An Ordnance Survey Map

Learn about styles and scales of Ordnance Survey maps in the following video:

Choose the right Ordnance Survey map.

In this 2 minutes 24 seconds video by Ordnance Survey, Simon King explains the differences between the different styles and scales of Ordnance Survey maps and which ones work best for different activities.

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