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Benefits Of Hiking GPS, Walking GPS And Handheld GPS!

Benefits Of Hiking GPS, Walking GPS, Handheld GPS

Hiking GPS, Walking GPS or Handheld GPS units are small aids that you carry in your hand to assist you to with determining your real physical location around the world. They may be significantly advantageous if you are travelling across landscapes which do not contain sufficiently distinctive landmarks in order to assist direction finding. Depending on the GPS model, it may well present a series of coordinates on your display generally known as waypoints that you could follow. On top of that, some versions assist you to generate a record of your own hiking trail.

Video On Walking GPS Benefits

Handheld Walking GPS, Hiking GPS Benefits

This video describes the benefits of hiking and walking GPS.

Walking GPS Benefits

I will use the terms hiking GPS, walking GPS and even handheld GPS interchangeably throughout this post. Now hiking GPS have the fundamental benefits as defined underneath:

  1. Safety – Becoming lost may be infuriating, much more importantly it may possibly come to be hazardous. A good handheld GPS model will give an accurate location referred to as a grid reference to ensure you understand exactly where you are. More expensive walking GPS Units display your exact location on a digital map display screen.
  2. Pleasure – Before you head out upon your hiking excursion, you can actually take advantage of your own hiking GPS unit to help you in the route preparing stage through storing a series of waypoints inside the hiking GPS unit. When you reach your hiking site, instead of having to deeply concentrate on rigorous paper map reading, you can actually unwind much more through the use of your hiking GPS for aiding navigation and take delight in the excursion. A note of caution however! Be certain you have got an adequate amount of battery energy for the full route. On top of that, any digital unit can in fact break down, even a hiking GPS unit! Due to these concerns it is normally recommended to have a topographical paper based map with you, in addition to a conventional magnetic field compass. Also, it is important to keep your own navigation expertise in tip top order to really utilise them successfully.
  3. Emergencies – During emergency situations a walking GPS could ultimately help save your life by simply helping you to correctly pinpoint your location. It truly is invaluable to have your specific position available at hand just in case you are exposed to an unexpected emergency situation or even an accident. This could be for your individual scenario or even for men and women you run into along the length of your trail. It is really helpful should you be hiking in mountain ranges and significantly when the weather conditions become more dangerous.
  4. A Record – Handheld GPS units are terrific for storing waypoint details. This means you essentially have got a lasting log of your hiking journey which can be put to use again during a future occasion, should you wish to experience the adventure once more, and could be distributed to other walkers. Furthermore, various types allow you to type comments alongside your route and connect it with a waypoint. So, if you come across a view or landmark you specifically adore, you may make a remark related to it in addition to the position and go back to it some other time and also share it with colleagues. Additionally you can also produce a log of favourite sites such as dining establishments, bars, holiday accommodation, etc.

Some further benefits of a hiking GPS unit are that one can make use of it for other specialist activities, such as geocaching, that requires finding treasure concealed outside within containers known as geocaches. With some models of hiking GPS units you may also be able to utilise them as a SatNav inside of your motor vehicle. Some specialist like mountain bikers and canoeists also use them for route finding whilst venturing away from the well trodden path.

Please keep in mind that a handheld GPS device is not going to perform the actual navigation task for you. A handheld GPS simply links a series of coordinates in a line. If the lines between coordinates actually carry you by way of dangerous places, such as over a cliff edge, then that will be exactly where the handheld GPS will certainly take you. The fundamental important point here is that you should be attentive to the prospective danger and persistently examine your GPS routes for the chance of obstructions or hazards well before starting out on your hiking excursions.


To summarise, a handheld GPS model should provide you with an enhanced feeling of safety during your hiking adventures and they tend to be specifically beneficial for emergency circumstances. You should get greater enjoyment from your outdoor wanderings and be able to create a log with respect to your excursions.

Hiking GPS, Walking GPS or Handheld GPS units are available in several varieties. To understand just about all you need to know when it comes to the categories, functions, features, as well as tips on how to choose a GPS unit, look at my more detailed blog post on “Hiking GPS, Walking GPS, Handheld GPS Guide” here.

You can also learn more on handheld GPS for hiking and walking via our other resources.

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