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Hiking Tips For Hiking Checklist And Backpacking Checklist!

Hiking Tips For Hiking Checklist And Backpacking Checklist

The first of all the hiking tips I could give you is to use a hiking checklist or backpacking checklist. Using a hiking checklist makes preparing for your hiking trip easier and quicker. It is also a really good way to keep your equipment to a minimum. Use our hiking checklist, which is also a backpacking checklist or create your own. Here are some hiking tips related to your hiking checklist and backpacking checklist:

Suitable Equipment

If you pack equipment that is suitable, and understand how it should be used, you should have an enjoyable hiking trip.

Sheltered Hiking

When hiking in forests and sheltered coastal areas you should be able to cope with less equipment and don’t necessarily have to have the higher quality required when mountain hiking.

Changeable Mountain Weather

In mountainous areas it is possible to have winter weather conditions during Spring or even Summer, so make sure you have additional warm clothing with you.

Reduce Weight

If you do not need it then do not take it. Unnecessary weight means wasted energy. Carry less weight and enjoy hiking more:

  • Hydration – Water is heavy so hydrate yourself as much as possible before you go hiking. However, do not leave out water from your list, even on short hikes or on cold or cloudy days. Ensure you remain hydrated.
  • Hiking Clothing – The weight of your hiking backpack can be affected substantially by the clothing type you select. There are purpose designed synthetic fabrics that are lighter in weight that also perform better than natural fibres, such as wicking sweat away from your body whilst still giving insulating warmth. Other fabrics can keep out rain whilst still allowing perspiration to escape.
  • Share Equipment – If possible, 2 or 3 hikers could consolidate their hiking equipment into a single hiking backpack and carry it in turns. However, it is a good idea to make sure you have your basic essential equipment close to you at all times in case the hiker with the backpack becomes separated from the group. Obviously, you will have to coordinate the sharing before the hike. Other opportunities for sharing include:
    • Purchase fewer larger food containers so less space is wasted when packing.
    • Take only one water filter, bug repellent, etc. and share them.

Check Equipment

Check all your equipment before you go hiking to ensure it is still fit for purpose:

  • Ensure your hiking footwear still fits you and is ok for hiking on the intended terrain. Check to see if your footwear laces are in good condition and replace them if they are frayed.
  • Test your hiking backpack belts and buckles are ok.
  • Make sure your first aid kit is updated.
  • Make sure your water container is clean.
  • Ensure any item requiring batteries has fresh ones.
  • If you carry a knife, ensure it is sharp enough for its purpose.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone could be a lifesaver so wrap it in something soft like paper towels and place it inside 1 or even 2 zip-loc bags for weather protection.

Extra Zip-Loc Bags

Take a few extra zip-loc bags as they can be used for many things, weigh virtually nothing and take up very little room.

Spare Dry Clothes

Make sure you keep a spare set of clothes with your transportation, usually a car, or at your base location, to change into in case you are wet when you return from your hiking. If you are backpacking then you will need to take the spare clothes with you.

Review Your Checklist

When you finish your hike, review your checklist to establish if there was anything on it that you did not use. See if there is some non essential equipment you can remove from your list on the next trip. That doesn’t mean to say you can omit your raincoat from your list next time because it didn’t rain the last time.

More Tips For Your Hiking Checklist

At 3 minutes 59 seconds, the following video provides a list of essential items to take with you on a day hiking trip:

Johnny Molloy, author of dozens of FalconGuides, including “Best Hikes Near Cincinnati,” shares his daypack essentials–what to pack for your next day hike.

Hiking Checklist – Essential Tips

In this video you will find a list of essential items for taking on a day hiking trip

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