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Hiking Information On Hiking Tips For Hiking Philosophy

Hike Early At Sunrise - Hiking Information On Hiking Tips For Hiking Philosophy

The following Hiking Information on Hiking Tips for Hiking Philosophy may not be suitable for all hikers but is considered especially appropriate for beginner hikers.

Whatever hiking philosophy you develop for yourself over time, the following three hiking tips are a good starting point:

Start Early

It is better to start out in the dark than to try and find your destination in the dark:

  • Finish earlier in the day and you can rest more.
  • Be aware that hiking at altitude can be prone to afternoon thunderstorms. It is better to reach a summit early and be well on the way back down during vulnerable hours of the afternoon.
  • The weather is also usually cooler in the morning, which means you’ll sweat less, do not need as much water and hence have a lighter load.

There may be other circumstances where this philosophy may only be partially appropriate, such as with desert hiking. With desert hiking, hikers will probably not hike during the heat of the day and may also wish to do some hiking at night.

Pack Light

Some hikers prefer to take equipment for all sorts of scenarios and that is fine. However, if you carry less you should be able to go further and/or hike more comfortably. Take minimal food, clothing, etc., considering the risks involved. When hiking on well-established routes there is less need for survival gear as you are less likely to get lost or injure yourself. Though each kilogramme you carry reduces the prospect of hiking success, the converse also holds true that each extra kilogramme you carry could save your life.

Hike Early In Moonlight

Pace Yourself

If on a long hike, try to minimize your time hiking by developing a consistent hiking pace with a minimum of rest breaks.

Beginner hikers often hike in bursts of speed with many rest stops and usually results in a slower journey.

If on a short hike then pacing yourself may not be important.

Hiking Philosophy Summary

I hope you found this Hiking Information on Hiking Tips for Hiking Philosophy beneficial.

As an experienced hiker, you may have developed your very own specific hiking philosophy to suit your own circumstances.

However, starting early, packing light and pacing yourself are hiking tips that should enable all hikers to hike further and higher in a single day.

More Hiking Information – A Pack Light Philosophy

Although the following video is quite long at 12 minutes 40 seconds, it provides a good discussion about the gear you may want to take on a hiking or backpacking trip, tending towards a pack light philosophy:

Hiking Information on Backpacking Gear

Preparing for any hiking or backpacking trip can sometimes be overwhelming. Attempting to go ultra light hiking can be even worse. We’ve learned thru several hikes on the AT, Appalachian Trail, and various hiking trails in Florida that less is better. There is a tendency for those new to hiking and backpacking to over pack. That’s why it’s not uncommon to come across gear abandoned on the trail by hikers that realized carrying the extra weight wasn’t worth it. In this video we show how our pack out has evolved thru our own experiences by showing and going through what’s in our packs.

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