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Hiking Equipment And Where To Find It.

Where To Find Hiking Equipment

Hiking Equipment - Hiking Boots And Hiking Shoes.

Do you need Hiking Equipment but don’t know Where To Find It?

Read on if you need hiking equipment after making the decision to try your first outdoor adventure but don’t know what to purchase.

To ensure your trip is an enjoyable experience it is best to obtain some top rate hiking equipment.

You can shop offline in your own locality or you can shop online.

Online you cannot easily try before you buy and offline you usually have a limited choice locally

Taking a look at some online reviews is an excellent way to ensure you understand which are the best brands in hiking equipment.

The following paragraphs provide some of the brands that experts have come to understand and have faith in.

Hiking Footwear?

If you plan to be on your feet all day you will certainly want to make sure that you have the most appropriate footwear for your trip, be it hiking boots, hiking shoes or hiking sandals.

Preserving the comfort of your feet is one of the best means by which to ensure you get as much pleasure as possible from your adventure.

Getting the best fit is essential to comfort so please don’t base your decisions on how they look or your usual footwear size but be guided by how they feel.

Purchase the finest you can afford.

However, that’s not to say that footwear which is cheaper doesn’t provide you with as much comfort and fit as you desire.

The main questions to consider regarding footwear are:

  1. Do you need them to be waterproof to prevent to ingress of water?
  2. Do you need them to be breathable to help avoid your feet from feeling hot and sweaty, and also to minimize moisture build up inside them, which can then increase the likelihood of rubbing and blisters?
  3. How much underfoot protection do they offer to avert bruising your feet when stepping on rocks and other sharp objects?
  4. Do they have any anti-microbial treatments to prevent the build up of nasty smells?

If you need footwear then here are some leading brands you can check out:

  • Helly Hansen,
  • Meindl,
  • Montrail,
  • New Balance,
  • Regatta,
  • Salomon,

A Variety Of Hiking Backpacks.


Choosing the most suitable backpack for you and your journey is one of the most essential things to do. The rest of your hiking equipment needs to be stored in your backpack, and you’ll want to make sure that it is a comfortable fit.

You can find backpacks with a number of different types of compartments; on the side, back or top; so that you can organize your hiking equipment so as not to get confused. There are plenty of backpacks to choose from, of various designs and sizes, and made from quality materials. If you get a lightweight backpack then it should be more comfortable to carry as you won’t feel like it is weighing you down during your trip.

Some backpacks also come with stands and durable straps so that you can carry it for long periods of time without strain. Some backpacks as designed for women, being more narrow in design and easier to carry on the back.

If you need a backpack then try some of the following leading brands:

  • Black Diamond,
  • Granite,
  • Kelty,
  • Osprey,
  • The North Face,
  • Vaude,

An Example Sleeping Bag For Hiking.

Sleeping Bags

After a good walk on the trail at the end of the day, even if you are sleeping in a hostel, you’ll want to ensure you rest prior to commencing the trail on the following day. That usually suggests snuggling into a warm, cosy sleeping bag. These days you are able to purchase sleeping bags that are lightweight, making them easy to carry, and the insulation they give is still excellent. On the other hand, if you want to stay cool but comfy, you could try an “Exped” sleeping bag which offers enough padding to keep you comfy with a thinner lining for a more relaxing level of temperature.

If you need a sleeping bag then why not take a look at the following leading brands:

  • Coleman,
  • Exped,
  • Gelert,
  • Marmot,
  • Mountain Hardware,
  • Rab,
  • Vango,

Finding Equipment Online

If you want more information then you can search the Internet using search terms like “hiking equipment”, “hiking gear”, “backpacking equipment” and “backpacking gear” to find websites offering outdoor equipment. If you add the term “cheap” or “discount” to your search term you may also find lower prices on hiking equipment. You can also find websites where you may be able to buy all of the items of hiking equipment you need, such as “Rei” in the USA at, or “Go Outdoors” in the UK at

Brands for Hiking Equipment

If you want to do some research on specific brands then here are some other brands for various items of hiking and backpacking equipment for you to take a look at:

  • AKU,
  • Arc,
  • Asolo,
  • Berghaus,
  • Bridgedale,
  • Columbia,
  • Craghoppers,
  • Eagle Creek,
  • Hanwag,
  • Hi-Tec,
  • Highlander,
  • Icebreaker,
  • Jack Wolfskin,
  • Leki,
  • Lifesystems,
  • Lowa,
  • Lowe Alpine,
  • Merrell,
  • Mammut,
  • Montane,
  • Mountain Equipment,
  • Paramo,
  • Patagonia,
  • Peter Storm,
  • Petzl,
  • Rohan,
  • Royal Robbins,
  • Scarpa,
  • Silva,
  • Sprayway,
  • Trespass,
  • Zamberlan,

If you want to discover more about hiking brands then visit our post on hiking brands here that provides a list of company brands, brief description of each brand and links to more detailed posts about each brand.

Used Hiking Equipment

This short 1 minute 31 seconds video from provides some great information on how to buy used hiking and camping equipment:

Hiking Equipment – How to Buy Used Gear

This video gives some great information on how to buy used hiking equipment and camping equipment – buying used camping and hiking gear can save you a bundle, but first you have to know where to look.

Summary On Finding WHiking alking Equipment

Acquiring the right hiking equipment can be a stressful process.

Wether it is via online or offline shopping, we hope this content helps guide you where to find hiking equipment.

We hope that you obtain the right equipment so that your adventures in the great outdoors are comfortable, safe and hence enjoyable.

Shopping online provides you with a great variety of choice and enables you to look at some online reviews.

Reviews are an excellent way to ensure you understand which are the best brands in hiking equipment for you.

By shopping offline you can try on hiking equipment before you decide to buy it – you could also combine both these methods by shopping offline to establish what fits you then searching online for the best price.

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