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Best Hiking Poles Brands

Best Hiking Poles Brands Help With Weight Distribution and Pacing; Plus Balance and Stability For Your Safety & Comfort

Which are the best hiking poles brands for you?

Hiking poles are an optional item of hiking equipment for people wanting a little help when hiking over uneven surfaces which they consider dangerous.

Hiking poles also help when you need to cross shallow bodies of water as well as when encountering many obstacles on the trail.

Using hiking poles is a personal choice and you must weigh up the benefits and disadvantages, and then relate them to the terrain you will be traversing.

When choosing the best hiking poles brands for you, the most important factor to consider should be a comfortable grip.

You should also ensure that the poles have the combination of features you require.

There are hiking poles available from specialist manufacturers and from general outdoor equipment manufacturers.

If you don’t know much about hiking poles and want to find out more, then read our guide here or take a look at the following video:

Which Are The Best Hiking Poles Brands For You?

This 3 minutes 46 seconds video slideshow by Hiking Equipment Site summarises the benefits and features of hiking poles.

Lists Of Best Hiking Poles Brands

Specialist Manufacturers

Take a look at the following list of best hiking poles brands available on the market where the brand specializes in poles:

    Komperdell Logo

  • Komperdell – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Komperdell is an Austrian company who manufacture a range of outdoor activity equipment – poles, gloves, underwear and body protectors. In terms of walking they are most well known for their walking poles and trekking poles. Find out more …
  • Leki Logo

  • Leki – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Leki walking poles, trekking poles and hiking poles are considered the world market leaders. Leki have the widest range of poles on the market. They have several different series of poles, each designed with a particular kind of user, including a women’s line. Find out more …
  • Trekrite Logo

  • Trekrite – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Trekrite are a specialist manufacturer of walking poles. All of their poles are made with the customer in mind – high standards at reasonable prices. Trekrite hiking poles come in a selection of styles, suitable for the occasional walker right up to the experienced mountain trekker. Find out more …

General Outdoor Equipment Manufacturers

There are also some great hiking poles available from brands that make a wide range of outdoor equipment:

    Black Diamond Logo

  • Black Diamond – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Black Diamond provide tents, backpacks, poles and gloves for hiking and trekking in the mountains and other mountain and climbing related gear. Find out more …
  • Craghoppers Logo

  • Craghoppers – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Craghoppers outdoor clothing company have been making clothing specifically designed for the outdoors since 1965. They develop fabrics and clothes designed to protect their customers in a variety of climates from very hot to very cold. Craghoppers products include: T-shirts and tops; shirts; soft shells; fleece; trousers and jackets. They also make backpacks, poles and accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves. Find out more …
  • Exped Tents, Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Poles, & Other Gear Logo

  • Exped – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Exped design and build the highest quality, specialized gear for active, outdoor enthusiasts. Their equipment is designed to appeal to everyone from the casual hiker to regular experienced trail hikers to technical mountain climbers. Exped build their equipment to exceed user expectations. Their product ranges include: Tents; Sleeping Bags; Mats; Backpacks; Packsacks; Poles; Hammocks; Bivybags; and Ponchos. Find out more …
  • Hi Gear Tents, Boots, Backpacks, Jackets And Camping Gear Logo

  • Hi Gear – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US> – The Hi Gear brand appear to be exclusive to Go Outdoors. Hi Gear appears to have once been owned by a company called Steiners who supplied retailers. Steiners went out of business and the brand was bought by Gelert who supply Go Outdoors who have a range of product under this revived Hi gear brand name. The Hi Gear product range includes: Clothing (Coats & Jackets, Fleeces, Legwear / Trousers); Footwear (Footwear Accessories, Gaiters, Walking Boots, Walking Shoes); Tents (Backpacking, Canopies & Windbreaks, Carpets & Groundsheets, Family, Festival & Adventure, Pop Up, Tent Accessories); Sleeping (Air Pumps, Airbeds, Pillows & Liners, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats); Furniture (Accessories, Camping Storage, Chairs & Beds, Tables); Cookware (Pots & Pans, Stoves, Utensils); Lighting (Headtorches, Lanterns, Torches); Rucksacks / Backpacks (Backpacks, Daypacks, Rucksack Accessories, Travel Pack); and Travel Compasses & Navigation, Coolbags, First Aid Kits, Hydration, Survival Equipment, Travel Packs, Walking Poles). Find out more …
  • Highlander Outdoor Logo

  • Highlander Outdoor – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Highlander Outdoor manufacture outdoor and military products that “perform their task exceptionally well, as well as truly doing the job it was designed for without any loss of performance.” In terms of hiking, Highlander produce a range of equipment including: backpacks, daypacks and hydro packs; walking poles; hiking gear such as boots, baselayers, jackets, trousers, gaiters, hits, gloves, socks. They also produce tents, camping accessories; sleeping bags, mats, air beds and accessories; and travel luggage and accessories such as first aid kits, water filters, mosquito nets, etc. Find out more …
  • Mountain Warehouse Logo

  • Mountain Warehouse – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Mountain Warehouse are a UK based company that have been developing outdoor gear for all the family since 1997. Amongst the outdoor equipment they offer are hiking boots, hiking jackets, walking poles, fleece jackets, base layers, trousers and shorts, tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks (backpacks) and other camping gear. They also offer gear for travel and other outdoor activities such as running, cycling, fishing, equestrian sports and skiing. Find out more …
  • Silva Compass, Silva Head Torch And More Logo

  • Silva – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Silva compass and head torch company has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden and their main business areas are Sports, Outdoors and Professional. The Silva range of products includes compasses and head torches; pedometers and walking poles; binoculars and map cases; outdoor instruments (wind gauges, altimeters, map measureent, clinometer) and outdoor accessories (various carry dry bags and cases). Find out more …
  • Sprayway Clothing And Equipment Logo

  • Sprayway – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Sprayway clothing and equipment company was founded in 1974 by two outdoor enthusiasts in England and rapidly became one of Britain’s leading outdoor clothing companies. Sprayway clothing is available in a wide range for men, women and kids and is organised on the website as: Fleeces (jackets); Pants (trousers and shorts); Tops and Tees; Waterproofs (jackets and bottoms); Softshell (jackets); and Accessories (gaiters, hats, caps, gloves and socks). The range of Sprayway equipment available includes: Rucksacks; Sleeping Bags; Poles; and Towels. Find out more …
  • Trekmates Gaiters, Gloves, Socks, Hats Walking Poles And More Logo

  • Trekmates – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Trekmates was formed in England in 1997 and today is one of the leading providers of outdoor adventure accessories in the world. The Trekmates main products are a range of Gaiters; Gloves; Headwear / Hats; and Trekking / Walking Poles. They also have a range of Base layers; a small range of Waterproofs; the GoSystem stoves and cookware; plus the Flameless Cook System. Find out more …
  • Trespass Clothing, Footwear And Equipment Logo

  • Trespass – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Trespass Clothing, Footwear And Equipment brand was established in 1984 and the Trespass company is headquartered in Scotland in the UK. Trespass produce performance outdoor clothing for men, women and children, from entry level to more advanced, and their product range represents stylish designs as well as excellent value for money. With regards to hiking, the Trespass product range consists of: Clothing (Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Trousers, Soft Shell Jackets, Walking Trousers, Fleece, Gilets, Ponchos}; Base Layers (Thermal Underwear, Active Layers); Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Socks, Gaiters); Footwear (Walking Boots, Trail Shoes); Bags (Backpacks & Daypacks, Rucksacks, Hydration Packs, Dry Bags, Waist Bags); Equipment (Walking Poles, Compasses, Torches, Water Flasks, Eating & Cooking, Health & Hygiene, Safety Equipment, Umbrellas, Fleece Blankets). Find out more …
  • Vango Tents, Sleeping Bags, Backpacks And More Logo

  • Vango – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Vango is based in Scotland in the UK and has been developing camping equipment since 1966. Vango is known for great design and durability of products and the Vango product range includes: Tents; Vehicle Awnings; Sleeping Bags; Rucksacks / Backpacks & Luggage; Footwear (Boots and Shoes); Camping Furniture; Outdoor Essentials (Acrylics, Adaptors, Airbeds, Awning Spares, Compasses, Cookware, Cutlery, Drink Bottles, Flasks, Hydration Packs, Kettles, Lanterns, Lights, Mallets and Peg Extractors, Pegs, Poles, Pumps, Ropes, Rucksack Accessories, Sleeping Accessories, Sleeping Mats, Stoves, Tent Preparation and Servicing, Torches, Walking Poles, Water Carriers); Trangia Burners, Stoves and Accessories; Cooking fuel; and Wayfayrer ready to eat food. Find out more …

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