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Best Hiking Backpacks Brands

Best Hiking Backpacks Brands Help You Carry Your Gear In Comfort

Which are the best hiking backpacks brands for you?

If you are going to hike for any period of time more than a few hours you will need to carry something with you, even if it is only some fluids and food. Anything larger than can fit in your pockets will usually require you to use Hiking backpacks, also called rucksacks or daypacks.

I recommended that you do not purchase hiking backpacks that you have not tried on or had fitted properly as the risk of pain and discomfort that could result is not worth it.

When choosing the best hiking backpacks brands for you, the most important factor to consider should be a comfortable fit. You also need to consider the intended use which will establish what items you will need to carry, which will therefore determine the backpack capacity that best suits you for your trip.

Other things to consider will be the features you want on your backpack and the arrangement of storage compartments and pockets.

Finding the best hiking backpacks brands to suit your needs can be confusing and time consuming as there are an amazing variety of backpack styles and features to consider.

While functionality should be your most important concern, with the wide range available, you should be able to find one that you think best reflects your personality.

There are a wide range of hiking backpacks available from both specialist backpack manufacturers and general outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturers.

If you don’t know much about hiking backpacks and want to find out more, then read our guide here or take a look at the following video:

Which Are The Best Hiking Backpacks Brands For You?

This 7 minutes 54 seconds video slideshow by Hiking Equipment Site summarises the benefits and features of hiking backpacks.

List Of Best Hiking Backpacks Brands

Specialist Backpack Manufacturers

Take a look at the following list of best hiking backpacks brands available on the market where the brand specializes in backpacks:

    Camelbak Backpack Or Bottle Logo

  • Camelbak – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – CamelBak is an outdoors equipment company based in California in the USA and was founded in 1989. Camelbak is most well known known for its hydration products, that is, hydration packs and water bottles. The categories of products available from Camelbak website include: Packs (Hydration Plus Cargo, Hydration-Only, Admin / Travel, Jumpable Packs, Sports / Recreation); Water Bottles (Everyday / Outdoor, Sport / Bike, Filtering, Insulated, Stainless Steel, Glass, Kids); and Accessories (Reservoirs, Reservoir Accessories, Bottle Parts, Bottle Accessories, Replacement Filters, Cleaning Kits, Pack Accessories, Sports / Recreation). Find out more …
  • Deuter Logo

  • Deuter – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Deuter are a German company with main product ranges being backpacks and sleeping bags. Deuter Backpacks are designed for hiking, trekking, alpine, biking, snow sports, travel and business purposes. Deuter sleeping bags are made from either down or synthetic materials. Deuter also produce a range of accessories including: hydration systems; gaiters; sacks & packs; wash bags; and first aid. Find out more …
  • Eagle Creek Logo

  • Eagle Creek – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Eagle Creek provide quality luggage and travel gear to ensure travellers arrive at their destination feeling confident and well equipped for their travel experience. Eagle Creek’s mission is simple – Making travel easier. To achieve this they provide durable luggage; comfortable backpacks; and organized packing aids. The Eagle Creek products of most interest to hiking and walking are: Backpacks and Travel Packs; Waist Bags; Wheeled Backpacks; Packing Sacs and Compression Sacs. Find out more …
  • Granite Gear Logo

  • Granite Gear – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Granite Gear is a creative and innovative company that is located in the USA and produce durable backpacks, packing systems and other related equipment for the domestic outdoor market and the military tactical market. Within their backpacks range are hip packs; day packs; multi-day backpacks and speciality backpacks. They also offer waterproof, compression, drawcord and zippered packing systems. Find out more …
  • Gregory Packs Logo

  • Gregory – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Gregory’s motivating philosophy today is the same as when it started out in 1977, that backpacks have to retain their comfort and stability by effectively transferring the backpack weight onto the hips. Gregory Packs are committed to providing the finest comfort, fit and stability for the whole of their backpacks range. All bacckpacks at Gregory Packs are designed to fit different back lengths and torso shapes. Find out more …
  • JanSport Backpacks And Bags Logo

  • JanSport – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US> – The JanSport backpacks and bags company is based in the USA, was founded in 1967, and is the largest backpack manufacturer in the world. JanSport backpacks and bags are designed to be durable, functional, and versatile and all of their packs come with a lifetime warranty. Jansport produce many types of backpacks and bags, including hiking backpacks such as daypacks, multi-day packs and waist packs. Find out more …
  • Kelty Backpacks, Tents, Sleeping Bags And Camping Accessories Logo

  • Kelty – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Kelty are an American based company and have been producing affordable and reliable outdoor gear since 1952. They are most well known for the Kelty backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Kelty produce gear for men, women and kids and are also one of a few companies that still produce external-frame backpacks for outdoors use. Kelty gear enables everyone, from the first-time camper to the experienced mountaineer, to embrace any experience with confidence. Find out more …
  • Osprey Packs Or Backpacks Or Rucksacks Logo

  • Osprey – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Osprey Packs is a US headquartered company producing backpacks and travel gear and was founded in 1974. Osprey Packs have a mission to create innovative high performance gear that reflects their love of adventure and their devotion to the outdoors. Today, Osprey Packs have a wide range of backpacks for men, women and children categorized by activity: hydration; ski and snowboard; travel; hiking; everyday and commute; biking; child carriers and packs; climbing; and backpacking. Find out more …

General Outdoor Clothing and Equipment Manufacturers

There are also some great hiking backpacks available from brands that make a wide range of clothing and outdoor equipment:

    Arcteryx Logo

  • Arc’teryx – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Arc’teryx is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company. The name and logo refer to the “Archaeopteryx”, the earliest known bird. They produce a range of products including: hard and soft shell jackets; trousers and shorts; mid layers, shirts and tops; base layers and gloves; backpacks and climbing harnesses; and accessories. Find out more …
  • Berghaus Logo

  • Berghaus – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Berghaus produce a wide range of outdoor clothing and equipment for men, women and kids. They produce high quality clothing and equipment for various outdoor activities including: climbing, hiking and trekking, walking, biking, running, travel, skiing and snowboarding. Berghaus produce backpacks, boots, shoes, jackets, trousers, fleeces, baselayers, etc. Find out more …
  • Black Diamond Logo

  • Black Diamond – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Black Diamond provide tents, backpacks, poles and gloves for hiking and trekking in the mountains and other mountain and climbing related gear. Find out more …
  • Logo For Columbia

  • Columbia – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Columbia Sportswear company is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of outerwear and sportswear. They produce high-quality performance products for men, women and kids, that keep you comfortable and protected, no matter where your excursions take you. Their sportswear and clothing ranges have products designed for hiking, camping and skiing. Columbia products include jackets, fleece, shirts, pants (trousers), baselayers, shorts, footwear, hats and headwear, gloves and mittens, scarves and neck gaiters, bags and backpacks, sleeping bags, watches, sunglasses, tents and socks. Find out more …
  • Craghoppers Logo

  • Craghoppers – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Craghoppers outdoor clothing company have been making clothing specifically designed for the outdoors since 1965. They develop fabrics and clothes designed to protect their customers in a variety of climates from very hot to very cold. Craghoppers products include: T-shirts and tops; shirts; soft shells; fleece; trousers and jackets. They also make backpacks, poles and accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves. Find out more …
  • Exped Tents, Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Poles, & Other Gear Logo

  • Exped – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Exped design and build the highest quality, specialized gear for active, outdoor enthusiasts. Their equipment is designed to appeal to everyone from the casual hiker to regular experienced trail hikers to technical mountain climbers. Exped build their equipment to exceed user expectations. Their product ranges include: Tents; Sleeping Bags; Mats; Backpacks; Packsacks; Poles; Hammocks; Bivybags; and Ponchos. Find out more …
  • Gelert Logo - Gelert Tents, Sleeping Pods, Sleeping Bags, Clothing, Backpacks, Boots & More

  • Gelert – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Gelert is a quality, value for money camping and outdoor clothing company. They are well known for their tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks (backpacks), outdoor clothing (jackets, fleece, trousers) and walking boots. They also offer a wider range of walking camping and outdoor equipment. Find out more …
  • GoLite Logo

  • GoliteGoLite went out of business in October 2014 – GoLite offered high-end lightweight and ultra-lightweight, high performance outdoor equipment and clothing for the activities of hiking, backpacking, mountaineering plus others. Products included equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, water bottles and stuff sacks, plus clothing such as jackets, trousers, shorts, dresses, skirts, baselayers, hats, scarves and gloves. Find out more …
  • Haglofs Logo

  • Haglofs – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Haglofs is the largest supplier of outdoor equipment in the Nordic region with a wide range of products, and they operate on a worldwide basis including the whole of Scandinavia, Europe and Japan. They design products for trekking, mountaineering, skiing and intense outdoor sports and includes: clothing (Jackets, fleece, trousers, shorts, vests, gloves, hats, etc.); footwear (shoes and boots); backpacks/bags; sleeping bags and accessories. Find out more …
  • Hi Gear Tents, Boots, Backpacks, Jackets And Camping Gear Logo

  • Hi Gear – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US> – The Hi Gear brand appear to be exclusive to Go Outdoors. Hi Gear appears to have once been owned by a company called Steiners who supplied retailers. Steiners went out of business and the brand was bought by Gelert who supply Go Outdoors who have a range of product under this revived Hi gear brand name. The Hi Gear product range includes: Clothing (Coats & Jackets, Fleeces, Legwear / Trousers); Footwear (Footwear Accessories, Gaiters, Walking Boots, Walking Shoes); Tents (Backpacking, Canopies & Windbreaks, Carpets & Groundsheets, Family, Festival & Adventure, Pop Up, Tent Accessories); Sleeping (Air Pumps, Airbeds, Pillows & Liners, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats); Furniture (Accessories, Camping Storage, Chairs & Beds, Tables); Cookware (Pots & Pans, Stoves, Utensils); Lighting (Headtorches, Lanterns, Torches); Rucksacks / Backpacks (Backpacks, Daypacks, Rucksack Accessories, Travel Pack); and Travel Compasses & Navigation, Coolbags, First Aid Kits, Hydration, Survival Equipment, Travel Packs, Walking Poles). Find out more …
  • Highlander Outdoor Logo

  • Highlander Outdoor – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Highlander Outdoor manufacture outdoor and military products that “perform their task exceptionally well, as well as truly doing the job it was designed for without any loss of performance.” In terms of hiking, Highlander produce a range of equipment including: backpacks, daypacks and hydro packs; walking poles; hiking gear such as boots, baselayers, jackets, trousers, gaiters, hits, gloves, socks. They also produce tents, camping accessories; sleeping bags, mats, air beds and accessories; and travel luggage and accessories such as first aid kits, water filters, mosquito nets, etc. Find out more …
  • Jack Wolfskin Jacket, Backpack, Tents, Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Slippers And More Logo

  • Jack Wolfskin – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Established in 1981, the German based Jack Wolfskin company produce outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment for outdoor activities, leisure and travel for men, women and children. They produce: Apparel (Jackets; Pants/Skirts; Fleece; Shirts & jumpers; Functional shirts & underwear; Socks; Accessories (Headgear, Scarves, Gloves, Belts, Miscellaneous (Gaiters & Suspenders); and Care products); Footwear (Trekking & hiking shoes; Insulated shoes; Winter Boots; Active Trail shoes; Hut shoes / Slippers; Accessories & care products); and Equipment (Rucksacks; Bags & travel bags; Travel accessories; Tents & accessories; Sleeping Bags; and Mats). Find out more …
  • Karrimor Backpack, Jacket, Hiking Boots And More Logo

  • Karrimor – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Karrimor was originally a British brand of outdoor equipment established in 1946. The company diversified into backpacks in 1958 and made its reputation during the where during the 1960s and 1970s. As of 2004, the Karrimor brand was owned by Sports Direct who continue to sell Karrimor branded products. The Karrimor products are available for men, women and kids. The product range includes: Footwear (Boots, Sandals and Shoes) and Clothing (Base Layers, Fleeces and Softshells, Hats and Gloves, Jackets and Coats, Socks, Trousers and Shorts, T Shirts and Shirts, Clothing Accessories). There are also a variety of Rucksacks, or Backpacks; and Camping gear of interest to hikers includes Tents, Sleeping Bags and Mats, Cooking and Accessories. Find out more …
  • Lifeventure Thermal Mug, Flask, Packable Daysack And More Logo

  • Lifeventure – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Lifeventure is a UK based adventure travel company that design products to support adventure travel to almost anywhere and all kinds of destinations. Lifeventure continuously strive to come up with new products which are lighter in weight and perform better for longer. The Lifeventure range of products is organised as: Bags and Luggage; Storage; Accessories; Security; Washgear; Sleepgear; and Cookware. Some of the more popular Lifeventure products of interest to hiking include their fluid containers (Thermal Mug, Mega Trek Mug, Vacuum Flask, Wide Mouth Flask, Tritan Flask, Tritan Bottle and Stainless Steel Bottle) and daysacks (Ultralight Packable Daysack, Packable Daysack, Dakar 25 Daysack, Dakar 35 Daysack and the Altai 65 Backpack). Other Lifeventure products of interest to hiking and backpacking are their sleeping bags and Trek towels. Find out more …
  • Lightwave Tents, Rucksacks, Sleeping Bags And Accessories

  • Lightwave – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Lightwave, launched in 2002, produce a range of tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and accessories for hiking, trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. Their functional approach to product design means that their products are uncluttered by needless extras that add weight and complexity to the products. Find out more …
  • Lowe Alpine Logo

  • Lowe Alpine – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Lowe Alpine is an international outdoor equipment manufacturer and supplier that originated in the USA and enjoy a worldwide reputation for innovative design and quality. Lowe Alpine have a variety of backpacks, clothing (jackets, gilets, pants/trousers, fleece, and baselayers) and accessories (gloves, hats, gaiters, caps, pack accessories, belts, balaclavas, headband, and neck ware) for men and women. Find out more …
  • Mammut Jackets, Trousers, Backpacks, Shoes, Gloves And More

  • Mammut – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Mammut was founded in 1862; the Mammut Headquarters have been based in Seon, Switzerland since 1992; and the Mammut Sports Group AG is active worldwide. Mammut is a pioneering enterprise, developing, producing and distributing alpine, outdoor and snow sports products for men and women. The Mammut product range is categorized on their website as: Apparel (Jackets & Vests; Pants & Shorts; Shirts & Pulls; Baselayer; and Accessories (Headgear, Gloves, Gaiters, Belts & Braces); Footwear (boots and shoes); Backpacks; Ropes; Climbing Gear; Avalanche Safety; Sleeping Systems (sleeping bags, mats and pillows); and Headlamps. Find out more …
  • Marmot Jackets, Trousers, Sleeping Bags, Tents And More

  • Marmot – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Marmot headquarters are in Santa Rosa, California, USA and its products are distributed to many countries around the world. Since their humble beginnings in 1974, Marmot has grown quite a lot but one thing has never changed; their commitment to designing the highest quality outdoor performance products. Marmot produce a wide range of apparel and equipment, including: Jackets & Vests; Baselayers; Shirts & Pullovers; Pants / Trousers; Accessories (Gloves & Mitts, Hats Caps & Beanies, Helmet Liners); Packs (Backpacks); Sleeping Bags and Tents. Find out more …
  • Montane Logo

  • Montane – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Montane® is a UK based company and is best know for their lightweight and breathable clothing. Montane produce a range of clothing for men and women, including jackets, trousers, shorts and t-shirts. Montane also produce a range of backpacks, sleeping bags and accessories (i.e. gloves, gaiters and headgear). Find out more …
  • Mountain Hardwear Clothing And Equipment Logo

  • Mountain Hardwear – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Since they were founded in the USA in 1993 by a group of passionate outdoor people, Mountain Hardwear have been manufacturing high-end outdoor clothing and equipment and they were purchased by Columbia Sportswear in 2003. Mountain Hardwear build the world’s most innovative, carefully crafted products to enable outdoor people who seek out challenge as a way to progress their own potential in life. They have a range of high-end outdoor equipment and clothing for men and women, including: tents, sleeping bags, packs/backpacks, jackets, tops, bottoms and accessories (gloves, hats, balaclavas, gaiters, belts). Find out more …
  • Mountain Warehouse Logo

  • Mountain Warehouse – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Mountain Warehouse are a UK based company that have been developing outdoor gear for all the family since 1997. Amongst the outdoor equipment they offer are hiking boots, hiking jackets, walking poles, fleece jackets, base layers, trousers and shorts, tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks (backpacks) and other camping gear. They also offer gear for travel and other outdoor activities such as running, cycling, fishing, equestrian sports and skiing. Find out more …
  • Patagonia Clothing And Gear Logo

  • Patagonia – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Patagonia is a US-based clothing company founded in 1973 and focusing mainly on high-end outdoor clothing. The company’s origins lie with rock and alpine climbing clothing but today their clothing range is diverse for skiers, surfers, climbers, and others like hikers and backpackers. Patagonia clothing includes: Yoga (women only); Jackets; Vests; Fleece; Insulation; Shirts; T-Shirts & Sweatshirts; Dresses & Skirts (women only); Pullovers & Sweaters; Pants; Shorts & Board Shorts; Performance Baselayers & Underwear; Swimsuits (women only); Hats, Socks & More; Shoes, Wetsuits; and Waders. They also have a range of travel gear including backpacks. Find out more …
  • Rab Clothing And Equipment Logo

  • Rab – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Rab clothing, equipment and expedition gear manufacturer and supplier is a UK company and was founded in 1981. Rab are dedicated to producing gear of the highest quality for climbers and mountaineers who go to extremes in the harshest environments of the world. Rab clothing includes: jackets, vests, pull-ons, trousers (pants), shorts, base layers, tees, headwear (caps, beanies and balaclavas), gloves (and mitts) and gaiters. Rab equipment includes: sleeping bags, shelters (tents, bivis, tarps and bothies) and packs (backpacks). Rab also have a range of expedition gear. Find out more …
  • Regatta Clothing And Equipment Logo

  • Regatta – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Established in 1981 in the UK, the Regatta clothing and equipment company produce high quality and great value outdoor and sports gear for the whole family. Regatta products are considered good value and are often very durable and suitable for harsh conditions. Regatta clothing is some the most popular in the leisurewear and workwear markets, with products including: Jackets; Fleece and Hoodies; Softshells; Bodywarmers and Gilets; T-Shirts and Tops; Legwear (Gaitors, Overtrousers, Shorts, Trousers); and Accessories (Hats and Caps, Gloves and Mitts, Socks). Regatta also has a range of Footwear (Boots, Sandals, Shoes) and equipment in the form of Rucksacks (Backpacks). Find out more …
  • Rohan Clothing And Footwear Logo

  • Rohan – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Founded in 1972, the Rohan clothing, footwear and luggage company is a British designer and supplier of outdoor products. The Rohan design philosophy is based on creating gear to suit the needs for any journey. Rohan make performance clothing to shoes and luggage to keep you protected and comfortable in the world’s wildest places with a range of products that is all you need and nothing you don’t. Rohan design and manufacture a comprehensive range of lightweight, packable, easy to care for clothing which offers protection in all the world’s climates and includes: Jackets, Trousers, Waterproofs, Insulation, Fleece, Base Layers, Shirts, T-shirts and Tops, Shorts, Footwear, Socks and Accessories (Caps, Hats, Gloves, etc). They also offer shoes, sandals, boots and rucksacks (backpacks). Find out more …
  • Salomon Footwear, Clothing, Backpacks And More Logo

  • Salomon – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Salomon or Salomon Group is a sports equipment manufacturing company that started in France in 1947. In 1997 it became part of the Adidas group and then was sold to Amer Sports of Finland in 2005. Today, Salomon products are sold in more than 160 countries and the brand is a global icon. Salomon roots lie with skiing but today Salomon make products for a number of sports activities and are categorized on their website as Trail Running, Hiking, Active Wear, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Snowboard. With respect to hiking, Salomon categorize their products as: Footwear (boots, shoes & sandals), Clothing (jackets, midlayers, tees, bottoms and baselayers), Bags & packs (backpacks and belts), and Accessories such as Headwear (caps & hats), Footwear (quick lace kit), Bags (rain cover), and Socks. Find out more …
  • Sprayway Clothing And Equipment Logo

  • Sprayway – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Sprayway clothing and equipment company was founded in 1974 by two outdoor enthusiasts in England and rapidly became one of Britain’s leading outdoor clothing companies. Sprayway clothing is available in a wide range for men, women and kids and is organised on the website as: Fleeces (jackets); Pants (trousers and shorts); Tops and Tees; Waterproofs (jackets and bottoms); Softshell (jackets); and Accessories (gaiters, hats, caps, gloves and socks). The range of Sprayway equipment available includes: Rucksacks; Sleeping Bags; Poles; and Towels. Find out more …
  • Terra Nova Tents And Outdoor Equipment Logo

  • Terra Nova Equipment – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Terra Nova equipment company was formed in 1993 from the tent division and the extremities accessories business during the demerger of Wild Country Limited. Terra Nova tents are high quality expedition tents that have been used by explorers for expeditions worldwide with the best known tent being the Terra Nova Quasar which has an especially sturdy geodesic design. The range of products available at Terra Nova Equipment includes: Tents (Ultralight / Lightweight; Backpacking; Mountain / Expedition; Weekend / Touring; Family Camping) and Tent Accessories; Tarps, Bivis and Bothies; Backpacks (Packs / Rucksacks); Sleeping Bags (Lightweight and Ultralight); Clothing (Gloves / Mitts and Headwear; Socks; Gaiters); and Cooking (Lightweight Cooking Pots and Cooking Utensils). Find out more …
  • The North Face Logo

  • The North Face – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The North Face is a very popular American brand which was established in 1968. The North Face specializes in outdoor clothing , footwear and equipment for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, and endurance athletics and they also sponsor professional athletes. Their range of clothing and footwear includes: Jackets; Gilets; Midlayers; Fleeces; Tops; Trousers; Shorts & Skirts; Dresses; Baselayers; Footwear (Boots, Shoes and Sandals); and Accessories (Hats, Beanies, Headwear, Scarves, Neckgaiters; Gloves; Socks; Gaiters, Belts, Water Bottles). Their range of equipment includes: Urban Bags; Technical Backpacks (Rucksacks); Travel Bags; Sleeping Bags; and Tents. Find out more …
  • Trespass Clothing, Footwear And Equipment Logo

  • Trespass – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – The Trespass Clothing, Footwear And Equipment brand was established in 1984 and the Trespass company is headquartered in Scotland in the UK. Trespass produce performance outdoor clothing for men, women and children, from entry level to more advanced, and their product range represents stylish designs as well as excellent value for money. With regards to hiking, the Trespass product range consists of: Clothing (Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof Trousers, Soft Shell Jackets, Walking Trousers, Fleece, Gilets, Ponchos}; Base Layers (Thermal Underwear, Active Layers); Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Socks, Gaiters); Footwear (Walking Boots, Trail Shoes); Bags (Backpacks & Daypacks, Rucksacks, Hydration Packs, Dry Bags, Waist Bags); Equipment (Walking Poles, Compasses, Torches, Water Flasks, Eating & Cooking, Health & Hygiene, Safety Equipment, Umbrellas, Fleece Blankets). Find out more …
  • Vango Tents, Sleeping Bags, Backpacks And More Logo

  • Vango – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Vango is based in Scotland in the UK and has been developing camping equipment since 1966. Vango is known for great design and durability of products and the Vango product range includes: Tents; Vehicle Awnings; Sleeping Bags; Rucksacks / Backpacks & Luggage; Footwear (Boots and Shoes); Camping Furniture; Outdoor Essentials (Acrylics, Adaptors, Airbeds, Awning Spares, Compasses, Cookware, Cutlery, Drink Bottles, Flasks, Hydration Packs, Kettles, Lanterns, Lights, Mallets and Peg Extractors, Pegs, Poles, Pumps, Ropes, Rucksack Accessories, Sleeping Accessories, Sleeping Mats, Stoves, Tent Preparation and Servicing, Torches, Walking Poles, Water Carriers); Trangia Burners, Stoves and Accessories; Cooking fuel; and Wayfayrer ready to eat food. Find out more …
  • Vaude Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags And More Logo

  • Vaude – Shop at – Amazon-UKAmazon-US – Vaude is a German company founded in 1974 producing outdoor equipment in three business segments: Mountain Sports, Bike Sports and Packs ‘n Bags. Vaude stands for “quality gear that you can absolutely rely on.” The Vaude product range is extensive and includes: Clothing such as Jackets, Trousers/Pants, Headgear, Gloves, Socks and Gaiters; Boots and Shoes; Backpacks and Daypacks; Tents; Sleeping Bags and Pads; and Accessories like Bottles, First Aid Kits and Rain covers. Find out more …

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