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Terra Nova Tents And Outdoor Equipment

Terra Nova Tents And Outdoor Equipment Logo

The Terra Nova equipment company was formed in 1993 from the tent division and the extremities accessories business during the demerger of Wild Country Limited.

The term “Terra Nova” means “New Ground” which reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and quality across their cutting edge product range.

Terra Nova tents are high quality expedition tents that have been used by explorers for expeditions worldwide with the best known tent being the Terra Nova Quasar which has an especially sturdy geodesic design.

Terra Nova tents have a number of Guinness World Records, and are considered to be the brand of choice for many outdoor professionals across the world.

The range of products available at Terra Nova Equipment includes the following:

  • Tents – Ultralight / Lightweight; Backpacking; Mountain / Expedition; Weekend / Touring; Family Camping; Accessories – Groundsheet Protectors / Footprints, Porch Extensions, Guylines & Clamcleats, Poles & Pole Sleeves, Pegs, Tent Flysheets, Tent Inner, Others;
  • Tarps / Bivis / Bothies – 2, 4, 8 and 12+ Person Bothies; Bothy Bags; Bivi Bags; Hooped Bivis; Small, Medium and Large Tarps;
  • Backpacks (Packs / Rucksacks) – Bottle Holders / Bumbags; Run / Adventure Racing Packs; Backpacking Packs; Mountain / Expedition Packs; Pack Accessories;
  • Sleeping Bags – Lightweight and Ultralight;
  • Clothing – Gloves / Mitts and Headwear – Cycling, Running, Trekking, Mountain, Skiing, Urban & Other; Socks – Mountain / Winter, Trekking / Hiking, Running / Sports; Gaiters – Mountain; Trekking, Running;
  • Cooking – Lightweight Cooking Pots; Lightweight Cooking Utensils;

Terra Nova Tents

Terra Nova Equipment is best known for its Terra Nova Tents range. As examples of Terra Nova tents take a look at the Terra Nova Quasar and the Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 tents below:

Terra Nova Quasar Tent

The Terra Nova Quasar tent is the most well known tent from Terra Nova which is great for hiking and backpacking:

The definitive 2 person mountain tent is much copied, but never bettered. The exceptionally strong geodesic design has withstood some of the harshest conditions for over two decades.

Simple and quick to pitch with colour coded poles and continuous pole sleeves. Superb inner tension prevents sagging and creating the largest usable space possible. Two entrances and porches allow sheltered access and plenty of space to store your gear.

A combination of Watershed Endurance and Waterbloc fabrics provide excellent durability and UV resistance with superb waterproofing.

Terra Nova Tents – Quasar

This 2 minutes 49 seconds video from simplyhike presents the Terra Nova Quasar tent – fire retardant, waterproof up to 8,000mm and is made from a strong Nylon fabric – making it the perfect tent for regular hikers, trekkers or campers! It also features any easy pitch up design and luminous guy lines which prevent falls.

Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 Tent

The Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 tent is an extremely light weight tent:

The modern day classic single person tent, with multiple “Best In Test” awards in the industry.

Updated in 2011 with a smaller pack size, extra ventilation and 4 additional guy points for increased pitch stability. High quality DAC Featherlite poles are used in the Laser Competition 1 tent, which is also compatible with the Terra Nova FASTPACK system, allowing those who want to trim weight further when conditions permit, to use the flysheet and the fastpack groundsheet which is available separately.

Suitable for 1 person, or two people at a squeeze during mountain marathon events.

Terra Nova Tents – Laser Competition 1

This 2 minutes 34 seconds video by Cotswold Outdoor presents the Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 tent – weighing in at an almost unbelievable 930g (including fly, inner and pole), this tent sleeps one in comfort or two friendly adventure racers prepared to sacrifice some living space for the gold medal!

If this brand is not what you are looking for then go here to find out about more hiking brands.

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Terra Nova company website.
  2. The Terra Nova Equipment YouTube channel.
  3. The Wild Country Tents YouTube channel.
  4. About Terra Nova Equipment on Wikipedia.

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