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SatMap UK – SatMap Active 10 Handheld GPS

SatMap UK Logo

The company SatMap Systems Limited or SatMap UK at, specialize in the production of the standalone handheld GPS called SatMap Active 10.

The SatMap GPS can be used for walking, Geocaching, cycling, in car use, mountain rescue, emergency services and the military. For example there is the SatMap Active 10 Bike version of the handheld GPS

SatMap Active 10 is a notable handheld GPS. Although it is constructed around a standard 240 x 320 resolution colour LCD screen, just like a lot of modern PDA phones, in every other respect it is anything but standard.

The body of the SatMap GPS is made from a tough, hardy-feeling plastic and the viewing screen has a thick, transparent, replaceable cover for protection. It is operated by large buttons that are big enough to be used whilst wearing gloves. It is also weather-proof as all slots, ports and compartments are sealed with rubber flaps.

Satmap Active 10 Plus Review by Trail Testers

In this 10 minute video Trail Testers review the SatMap Active 10 Plus GPS. They test the SatMap GPS in forests, hills and mountains and are very impressed with the unit. An excellent primary navigator for the outdoors.

Satmap UK Hiking GPS.

The SatMap GPS was built to be safe to use in pouring rain or stored in your soaking wet pocket so you won’t have to worry about whether it will work or not when you need it most.

To go along with the SatMap GPS there are also: SatMap SD Cards containing SatMap maps, that is, electronic OS maps; SatMap screen covers for protecting the screen; SatMap battery; SatMap carry case; and mounting brackets such as the SatMap Active 10 Bike Mount. You can also purchase special bundles which include the SatMap GPS with SatMap maps and other items, such as the “SatMap Active 10 Plus Bundle”.

If you want to learn more about handheld GPS for walking and hiking, read our guide on handheld GPS.

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If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. SatMap UK website.
  2. Wikipedia on SatMap UK.
  3. A Good SatMap Active 10 article review.

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