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Salomon Footwear, Clothing, Backpacks And More

Salomon Footwear, Clothing, Backpacks And More Logo

Salomon or Salomon Group is a sports equipment manufacturing company that started in France in 1947.

In 1997 it became part of the Adidas group and then was sold to Amer Sports of Finland in 2005.

Today, Salomon products are sold in more than 160 countries and the brand is a global icon.

Salomon roots lie with skiing but today Salomon make products for a number of sports activities and are categorized on their website as

  • Trail Running,
  • Hiking,
  • Active Wear,
  • Alpine Skiing,
  • Nordic Skiing,
  • Snowboard.

Take a look at the following Salomon Brand video which illustrates what Salomon is all about:

Salomon Brand Video – Designed For Freedom

This 4 minutes 19 seconds video from SalomonUK is a brand video for Salomon – “We must continuously forge ahead. What fascinates me is what we will do tomorrow” – George Salomon

Salomon Hiking Gear

With respect to hiking, Salomon categorize their products as:

  • Footwear (boots, shoes and sandals);
  • Clothing (jackets, midlayers, tees, bottoms and baselayers);
  • Bags & packs (backpacks and belts);
  • Accessories (Headwear – caps and hats, Footwear – quick lace kit, Bags – rain cover, and Socks)

Here is a video from SalomonUK entitled “Adventure Hiking” which expresses what Salomon is all about, Freedom:

Adventure Hiking

This is a 2 minutes 57 seconds video from SalomonUK – Freedom. Everything we make is designed to enable greater freedom of movement. The result is carefully crafted, head-to-toe gear for your most liberated moments.

Salomon Footwear for Hiking

With regard to hiking, Salomon group their footwear into the following:

  • Backpacking;
  • Adventure Hiking;
  • Trail Walking;
  • Sandals;
  • Accessories.

As an example of Salomon footwear, take a look at the following video which reviews the Salomon Quest 4D GTX boots from the backpacking range, available for both men and women. There’s also a little humour thrown in at the end with various bloopers:

Extra light backpacking boot gains stability and comfort from our most advanced Trail Running technologies.

Salomon Footwear – Quest 4D GTX

This 6 minutes 20 seconds video from Bigfoot Backpacking Gear Review provides a review of the Salomon Quest 4D GTX boots. These are capable backpacking boots with exceptional quality. Salomon has done a great job building a quality water-proof boot that requires virtually no break-in. This is also a very comfortable boot right out of the box.

Salomon Clothing for Hiking

Salomon have a good range of clothing for hiking, including jackets, midlayers, tees, bottoms and baselayers. There is also clothing in other categories suitable for use during hiking. As examples of Salomon clothing suitable for hiking the videos below present the S-Lab Light Jacket for men from the trail running S-lab category and the Wayfarer Pant/Trousers for men from the hiking clothing category (both are also available in a version for women):

Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket for Men

Simple, super light wind jacket packs into the palm of your hand. Ideal for any strenuous activity where weight is an absolute premium.

Salomon Clothing – S-Lab Light Jacket for men

This 2 minutes 24 seconds video from Backcountry Edge presents the Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket for men, also available for women. This jacket weighs less than 2.5 ounces, is breathable and wind-resistant.

Salomon Wayfarer Pant (Trousers) For Men

Hike almost anywhere for 3 seasons in the Wayfarer pant. Stretch woven fabric breathes, moves with you, and remains durable mile after mile.

Salomon Clothing – Mens Wayfarer Pant (Trousers)

This 2 minutes 5 seconds video from simplyhike presents the Salomon Mens Wayfarer Pant – a high quality, lightweight pair of trousers ideal for hiking, trekking or just general outdoor use. It has nice sized pockets and a Velcro waist adjust.

Salomon Backpacks for Hiking

Within the hiking category, Salomon have a few backpacks available in a variety of sizes. Take a look at the Trail 20 backpack in the video below as an example:

The Salomon Trail 20 rucksack from Salomon with 500mm water resistant fabric keeps gear dry and plenty of pockets provide storage options to keep your belongings in order.

Salomon Backpacks – Trail 20

This 2 minutes 57 seconds video from Simply Hike presents the Trail 20 backpack from Salomon™ – a comfortable and cool pack for trail running, hiking or even everyday journeys to and from work.

If you want to find out more information about hiking boots, jackets, trousers or backpacks in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking boots, jackets, trousers or backpacks, then read our hiking boots guide, jackets guide, trousers guide or backpacks guide.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then viisit here to find out about more hiking brands. If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Salomon company website.
  2. The SalomonUK YouTube channel.
  3. The offcialsalomon YouTube channel.
  4. The SalomonTrailRunning YouTube channel.
  5. The salomonfreeskiTV YouTube channel.
  6. About Salomon on Wikipedia.

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