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Páramo Clothing – Jackets, Trousers And More

Páramo Clothing - Jackets, Trousers And More Logo

Páramo Directional Clothing is a British outdoor clothing company setup in 1989 by founder Nick Brown, who also started the Nikwax waterproofing products company.

Páramo Clothing is based on the Nikwax Analogy® technology which mimics animal fur in providing both insulation and water-shedding which works in all conditions.

The Páramo clothing range is highly regarded by the outdoor industry as offering superior weather protection and comfort, and all their clothes come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Páramo clothing range is categorized on their website by garment style:

  • Accessories (Gaiters, Caps, Balaclavas, Towels),
  • Baselayers,
  • Gilets,
  • Hoodies,
  • Jackets,
  • Salopettes,
  • Shirts,
  • Shorts,
  • Sleeves,
  • Smocks,
  • T-shirts,
  • Trousers,
  • Underwear,
  • Waistcoats.

Learn more about Páramo Clothing from outdoor professional photographer Joe Cornish in the video.

Joe Cornish on photography, wilderness and Páramo clothing.

In this 3 minutes 58 seconds video by Páramo Directional Clothing, Landscape photographer Joe Cornish shares a few thoughts on his work, the British outdoors, Páramo Directional Clothing and the importance of good equipment.

Páramo Clothing – Jackets

As examples of Páramo Jackets, take a look at the Men’s Helki and the Ladies’ Tula:

Páramo Jackets – Men’s Helki

The Men’s Helki Jacket is a very versatile, hard-wearing jacket for all hill and valley activities. The Analogy® waterproof fabric gives fantastic protection and removes perspiration most effectively. There is excellent freedom of movement through clean lines and careful ergonomic design. The unrivalled hood design and intelligent pocketing provide comfort and practicality in all hill environments.

Páramo Jackets – Men’s Helki

This 1 minute 54 seconds video by Páramo Directional Clothing describes the Men’s Helki Jacket, a no-nonsense jacket for all hill and valley activities, offering all the advantages of Analogy performance with careful ergonomic design that allows excellent freedom of movement.

Páramo Jackets – Ladies’ Tula

The Ladies’ Tula Jacket is a versatile, hard-wearing, long-line jacket for hill activities. The Analogy® waterproof fabric provides great protection and removes perspiration most effectively. Clean lines allow freedom of movement with minimal clutter; the length gives great cover without being restrictive. The unrivalled hood and rucksack-friendly pockets offer comfort and practicality on the hill.

Páramo Jackets – Ladies’ Tula

This 1 minute 46 seconds video by Páramo Directional Clothing describes the features of the Ladies’ Tula Jacket, a long-line, rucksack-friendly design in hard-wearing Analogy fabric in action! Perfect for everyday and on the hill.

Páramo Clothing – Trousers

As a examples of Páramo Trousers, take a look at the Men’s Cascada Waterproof Trousers, Páramo’s best selling walking trousers (also available for Ladies), and the Torres Overlaying Trousers

Páramo Trousers – Cascada

The Men’s Cascada Trousers are Páramo’s solution to an age-old problem by removing the need for regular stops to pull on or pull off a waterproof shell. The trousers, with their unique leg ventilation and articulation provide complete comfort and full waterproof protection in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits.

Páramo Trousers – Cascada Waterproof Trousers

In this 7 minutes video by the TrailblazerTeam, Andy discusses the trousers after using them on a 3 day trip to the Cairngorms where the trousers proved an invaluable piece of kit. These trousers are an outdoor clothing classic. They are waterproof and they bring a new dimension to breathability, that of moving liquid water instead of water vapour. Hill cut with a 3/4 length venting zip, these really are a great option for most outdoor fans.

Páramo Trousers – Torres

Excellent extra leg insulation that you can put on without taking your feet off the ground. And you’re still mobile! A simple idea with a huge benefit. Insulated trousers for both comfort and survival. The Torres Trousers are designed to maintain good insulation and water repellency in extreme or prolonged cold and/ or wet. They can be used as an overlayer or worn comfortably on their own. The innovative Torres Trousers are very easily and safely zipped on and off in any situation and so represent a practical survival aid.

Páramo Trousers – How to put on Torres Overlaying Trousers

This 1 minute 7 seconds video by Páramo Directional Clothing shows you how to put on a pair of Torres Overlaying Trousers, lightweight insulated trousers for both comfort and survival.

Páramo Clothing – Nikwax Analogy® Technology

Nikwax Analogy® got its name because of the way it mimics animal fur in providing both insulation and water-shedding which works in all conditions.
In the same way that seals, otters and bears keep warm in very wet conditions, the Nikwax Analogy® Pump Liner pushes liquid outwards to keep you warm and dry inside.
Not only does this give superior waterproof protection from the elements – while both Soft Shell and conventional waterproof breathable fabrics can only cope with around 20% of the sweat you produce when working hard, Nikwax Directionality will pump away all of it.
The special characteristics of Nikwax Analogy result in significant advantages over conventional waterproofs and Soft Shell:

  • Warmth – providing warmth as well as waterproofing allows you to leave some of your insulation layers at home.
  • Works as effectively in all conditions – Both conventional waterproofs and Soft Shell fail in conditions of high humidity, while Nikwax Analogy® continues to pump water away whatever the weather.
  • Soft but very strong fabrics – because Nikwax Analogy® doesn’t need coatings or laminates to work, the fabrics are much softer and more flexible but just as strong and tough.
  • Silent – Nikwax Analogy® is rustle-free, a pleasure to walk in or with.
  • Not compromised by puncture – You could fill a Directional Waterproof garment with pins, take them out, wear the garment in the rain and still stay dry! Puncture of the outer or inner fabric will not lead to leakage.
  • Renewable – The performance of Directional Waterproofs can be indefinitely renewed by caring for them with Nikwax products, while conventional membranes can eventually crack and cannot then be repaired.

If you want to find out more information about hiking jackets or trousers in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking jackets or trousers, then read our guide on hiking jackets or our guide on hiking trousers.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then find out about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Páramo company website.
  2. The Páramo YouTube channel.
  3. About Páramo on Wikipedia.

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