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Montane Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Backpacks And More

Montane Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Backpacks And More Logo

Montane® is a UK based company and is best know for their lightweight and breathable clothing.

Montane believe that for all outdoor situations, the indispensable prerequisite of comfortable clothing is to avoid the weather entering your clothing, and at the same time allow your sweat and surplus body heat to escape easily.

Also, by reducing weight and pack size of all Montane clothing as low as possible, your outdoor experience is further enhanced. With less energy wasted carrying your clothing you have more space available for other essential items like food or equipment.

Montane produce a range of clothing for men and women, including jackets, trousers, shorts and t-shirts. Montane also produce a range of backpacks, sleeping bags and accessories (i.e. gloves, gaiters and headgear). The way they categorize their clothing is a bit different to other companies as follows:

  • Shell;
  • Windproof;
  • Legwear;
  • Next to Skin;
  • Softshell & Fleece;
  • Down & Insulation;
  • MONTANE® Tees.

Montane Jackets

Montane jackets come in various types, including shells, soft shells, fleece, windproof and down insulation, for men and women. As an example of Montane Jackets, take a look at the Montane Extreme Smock for men in the video below which has become a modern outdoor classic. The Extreme Smock is the first truly technical softshell, single layer mountain garment.

Montane Jackets – Montane Extreme Smock for men.

In this 3 minutes 32 seconds video, Hike-Lite describe the Montane Extreme Smock for men.

Montane Trousers & Shorts

Montane Trousers are available for both men and women. As an example of Montane trousers, take a look at one of their most popular trousers in the video below, the Montane Terra Pants for men. These trousers are lightweight, hard-wearing, weather resistant and highly breathable pants, suitable for a wide range of outdoor sports. You can read more about these in our Montane Tera Pants post.

Montane Trousers – Montane Terra Pants for men.

In this 1 minute 5 seconds video, GoOutdoors describe the Montane Terra Pants for men.

Montane Backpacks

Montane backpacks come in a range of sizes to suit different outdoor activities from day hiking to longer trips. As an example of Montane Backpacks, take a look at the Montane Grand Tour 55 backpack in the video below which is designed for long distance trails. This backpack has a padded and ventilated back system, shoulder straps and hip belt; it is also hydration compatible with a pocket for a water bladder and guide loops for a drinking tube. There are compression straps for load stability and attachment points for hiking poles or ice axes. The backpack has a low friction fabric on the vented back pad and shoulder straps to minimise wear on you waterproof jacket and clothing. There is also a removable back pad to reduce weight.

Montane Backpacks – Montane Grand Tour 55

In this 4 minutes 59 seconds video, Agoora Outdoor Gear describe the Montane Grand Tour 55 backpack for backpacking.

If you want to find out more information about hiking jackets, trousers or backpacks in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking jackets, trousers or backpacks, then read our hiking jackets guide, trousers guide or backpacks guide.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then find out about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Montane company website.
  2. The Montane YouTube channel.

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