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Memory-Map GPS, App, Software and Maps

Memory Map GPS, App, Software and Maps Logo

Established in 2000, Memory-Map produce navigation software and accessories and have UK and US offices.

Memory-Map partner with cartographers like Ordnance Survey in the UK, and Maptech in the US, to produce digital raster based mapping solutions.

Memory-Map mapping solutions display accurate, detailed real colour images of original paper-based maps that can be used on a PC, Pocket PC or Handheld PC.

Memory-Map Navigator software provides tools for navigation, printing and planning which when combined with the fully geo-referenced Memory-Map Cartography together with a GPS unit, offers a navigation solution that is fast, efficient and easy to use!

The mission of Memory-Map is:

“To bring easy to use, powerful and affordable navigation software and accessories to the outdoor recreation and marine markets.”

Memory-Map GPS

At the time of writing, Memory-Map have three touchscreen GPS devices, the Adventurer 2800 (2.8 inch), Adventurer 3500 (3.5 inch) and the Adventurer S7000 (7 inch). Learn a little about the Adventurer 2800 and Adventurer 3500 in the video review below:

Memory-Map GPS – Adventurer 3500 Review

In this 1 minute 48 seconds video from Loving Outdoors TV, Scott from Loving Outdoors TV meets Ray Badminton from Memory-Map at the Outdoor Trade Show in September 2010. Here they discuss the main differences between the Memory-Map Adventurer 2800 and the Memory-Map Adventurer 3500.

Memory-Map App, Software and Maps

Memory-Map have software for the PC, apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Smartphones. With the Memory-Map software you can plan routes, print maps, program a GPS device, plot position and review your performance. Memory-Map have 1000’s of maps available for the USA, Canada, Europe (UK, France, Belgium, etc), Australia, New Zealand and have plans to create more. Memory-Map maps can be purchased on CD or DVD in a store or using the Memory-Map Digital Map Shop service. Memory-Map has thousands of outdoor enthusiast users across the world. Learn more about Memory-Map in the video below:

Memory-Map® – Start Here, Go Anywhere

This 4 minutes 47 seconds video by MemoryMapEurope describes the Mempry-Map software as intuitive and easy to use.

If you want to find out more information about hiking GPS in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking GPS, then read our guide on hiking GPS. If this brand is not what you are looking for then read about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Memory-Map UK company website.
  2. The Memory-Map US company website.
  3. The MemoryMapEurope YouTube channel.

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