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Meindl Shoes And Boots

Meindl Shoes And Boots

The Meindl company is a German based footwear manufacturer and well known for its high quality products for hiking and hill walking.

Meindl have been a shoemaker for more than 300 years and have received numerous national and international awards that confirm their level of quality and innovation.

Meindl produce a range of footwear (shoes, boots and sandals) products: Mountaineering/Trekking shoes; Sport/Casual shoes; Kids; Comfort fit®; Loafers; Brogues; Hunting; Winterboots/Crosscountry; Socks; and Accessories.

The most relevant ranges for hiking are the Mountaineering/Trekking shoes which has the following categories:

  • MFS® – Memory Foam System;
  • MFS®-Vakuum;
  • Trekking boots;
  • Alpine;
  • Genuinely Double Stitched;
  • Softline®;
  • Air-Revolution®;
  • Light Hiker.

Below we explore the MFS® – Memory Foam System and MFS®-Vakuum Ranges in a little more detail.

Meindl Shoes – MFS® – Memory Foam System

MFS (Memory Foam System) – This is especially developed foam is used for the padding. From the foot temperature the foam softens and adjusts perfectly to the foot. For an even better fit: MFS foam is a perfect complement to our classic materials.

Thanks to the Meindl Memory Foam System range, boots fit 100%. With these boots, there is no more pinching or pressure, guaranteed. They have Air-Active®-Technology and an Air-Active®-footbed. Take a look at the Meindl Burma Pro MFS Hiking Boots in the video below:

Meindl Shoes – Burma PRO MFS Hiking Boots

In this 1 minute 25 seconds video, Gareth from Webtogs reviews the Meindl Burma PRO MFS Walking Boots. These classic three season hand made hiking boots are suitable for extensive walking and moderate trekking. This classic hill boot from Meindl has been specifically re-designed to get the very best out of mixed and varied terrain.

Meindl Shoes – MFS®-Vakuum Range

The MFS®-Vakuum range creates a new definition of a High Tech perfect fit, with superb adjustment to the foot, shock absorbency and grip. This range is soft; has comfortable leather uppers; vakuum technology; GORE-TEX® lining; and a MFS® vakuum footbed. Take a look at the Meindl Vakuum GTX Walking Boots in the video below:

Meindl Shoes – Vakuum GTX Walking Boots

In this 4 minutes 49 seconds video by GoOutdoorsTV, John Graham Reviews the Meindl Vakuum GTX walking boots for men and women. This definitive 3 season walking boot combines classic styling with the most modern technology to create a supremely comfortable leather walking boot, with a host of features that make this a Rolls-Royce of walking boots.

Meindl Shoes – Sports/Casual (Magic) Range

In the Sports/Casual shoes category there are also footwear suitable for hiking as well as every day use:

  • Speed Hiking;
  • Trail & XO®;
  • Magic;
  • Sandals;
  • Travel by Meindl.

However, as an example of a boot and shoe from the Sports/Casual shoes range for every day walking use, the Magic range stand out in all respects and are the height of technology. They are light and sturdy models are best suited to meet the demands of every-day life. They are waterproof; super soft; have high quality leather with soft cushioning and a profile grip.

Meindl Shoes – History

If you are interested n history then take a look at the following movie about Meindl:

Meindl Footwear Movie

This 8 minutes 56 video covers the the history and manufacture of Meindl Footwear.

If you want to find out more information about hiking boots in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking boots, then visit this post to read our guide on hiking boots.

If this brand is not what you are looking for, to find out about more hiking brands go here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Meindl company website.
  2. The Meindl UK company website.
  3. About Meindl on Wikipedia.

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