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Marmot Jackets, Trousers, Sleeping Bags, Tents And More

Marmot Jackets, Trousers, Sleeping Bags, Tents And More

The Marmot headquarters are in Santa Rosa, California, USA and its products are distributed to many countries around the world.

Since their humble beginnings in 1974, Marmot has grown quite a lot but one thing has never changed; their commitment to designing the highest quality outdoor performance products.

Marmot is the oldest customer of Gore in the world outdoor market and designed the first Gore-Tex bivy sack.

Marmot also designed a Gore-Tex, single fabric layer, mountaineering tent: the Taku.

Marmot Apparel

Marmot produce a wide range of apparel and equipment for men, women and kids. The Marmot apparel for men and women are organised as:

  • Jackets & Vests – Fleece Jackets, Insulated Jackets, Shells, Softshells, Vests, Waterproof Jackets, Windproof Jackets;
  • Baselayers – Bottoms, Tops;
  • Shirts & Pullovers – Hoodies, Tee Shirts, Trail to Town Shirts;
  • Pants / Trousers – Fleece, Shells, Softshells, Trail to Town Pants, Waterproof & Insulated Pants; and
  • Accessories – Gloves & Mitts, Hats Caps & Beanies, Helmet Liners.

Marmot 30 Second Commercial – Fall 2012

Here is a quick 29 seconds Marmot commercial from the Fall of 2012.

Marmot Jackets

Marmot Jackets & Vests are categorized as follows:

  • Fleece Jackets;
  • Insulated Jackets;
  • Shells;
  • Softshells;
  • Vests;
  • Waterproof Jackets;
  • Windproof Jackets.

Take a look at the the three videos below. The first video presents the Boa® Dial Adjustment available on some Marmot Jacket hoods. The second video presents the Marmot Super Mica Shell Jacket which is great for hiking and won the Outside Magazine’s 2010 Gear of the Year Award. The third video presents the Marmot Women’s Trail Wind Jacket.

Marmot Jackets – Boa® Technology

This 41 seconds video shows off the Boa® Dial Adjustment as part of a unique and efficient hood cinching system which is available in some Marmot Jackets, for example, on the Marmot Access Jacket and the Marmot Cat Track Jacket.

Marmot Jackets – Super Mica Shell

In this 2 minutes 20 seconds video, Sam Moulton of Outside tells us why the Marmot Super Mica Shell Jacket won the Outside Magazine’s 2010 Gear of the Year Award and shows off many of its features.

Marmot Jackets – Women’s Trail Wind Jacket

In this 1 minute 30 seconds video, professional Mountain Guide Angela Hawse reviews the Marmot Women’s Trail Wind Jacket, a wind resistant, water repellent, highly breathable shell weighing a remarkable 4 oz.

Marmot Trousers

Marmot Pants (Trousers) are categorized as follows:

  • Fleece;
  • Shells;
  • Softshells;
  • Trail to Town Pants;
  • Waterproof & Insulated Pants.

Take a look at the following 2 videos about Marmot trousers. The first video presents the Marmot Women’s Minimalist Pant and the second video presents the Marmot Flexion Softshell Pant.

Marmot Trousers – Women’s Minimalist Pant

In this 49 seconds video, Liz Oakes Smart, Professional Mountain Guide, reviews the Marmot Women’s Minimalist Pant featuring GORE-TEX® technology.

Marmot Trousers – Flexion Softshell Pant

In this 40 seconds video, the features of the are described as wind-proof and waterproof with four-way stretch fabric that is extremely mega breathable. There are also articulated knees and Cordura® scuff guards that give the fabric great durability. They also have a snap closure waist with fly zip, ankles zippers and an assortment of utilitarian pockets.

Marmot Outdoor Equipment

The Marmot outdoor equipment is organized as:

  • Packs & Haulers (Backpacks) – Day Packs, Duffle Bags, Kids Packs, Lumbar Packs, Mountain Pro Packs, Rolling Haulers, Snow Packs, Travel Kits, Urban Packs;
  • Sleeping Bags – Down Sleeping Bags, Kids Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Bags by Temperature, Sleeping Bags by Weight, Synthetic Sleeping Bags;
  • Tents – 1 Person Tents & Bivy, 2 Person Tents, 3 Person Tents, 4 Person Tents, 6 Person Tents, 8 Person Tents.

Marmot Packs (Backpacks)

Marmot backpacks (packs) come under the category Packs & Haulers and are categorized as follows:

  • Day Packs;
  • Duffle Bags;
  • Kids Packs;
  • Lumbar Packs;
  • Mountain Pro Packs;
  • Rolling Haulers;
  • Snow Packs;
  • Travel Kits;
  • Urban Packs.

The following 3 videos show 3 Marmot backpacks suitable for hiking. The first video presents the Marmot Kompressor Pack; the second video presents the Centaur 30 Pack; whie the third video presents the larger Drakon 45 Pack.

Marmot Backpacks – Kompressor Pack

In this 1 minute 34 seconds video, Liz Oakes Smart, Professional Mountain Guide, reviews the Marmot Kompressor Pack. This genuinely versatile, all-around pack, is perfect for any activity where you want to move without being weighed down and features air-mesh shoulder straps and detachable waist belt for maximum comfort, plus the removable foam back sheet.

Marmot Backpacks – Centaur 30 Pack

In this 3 minutes 21 seconds video. Marmot Athlete, Jordan Campbell reviews the Marmot Centaur 30 pack in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan. This backpack is versatile enough for any environment. It is highly convertible, with a handy storm collar for unexpected squalls and a biner-ready waist belt that stows away for hiking. Numerous clip and carry options keep your gear close at hand, and multiple compression points keep your load tight and tidy.

Marmot Backpacks – Drakon 45 Pack

In this 3 mniutes 22 seconds video, Emma Lande, Professional Freeride Skier and Marmot Athlete, reviews the Drakon 45 Pack which features a removeable lid with zippered pocket and large front duffel-style zipper to provide convenient gear access. There is a harness-compatible, removable waistbelt with gear loop and biner sleeves for quick organization.

Marmot Sleeping Bags

The Marmot sleeping bags is organized as:

  • Down Sleeping Bags;
  • Kids Sleeping Bags;
  • Sleeping Bags by Temperature;
  • Sleeping Bags by Weight;
  • Synthetic Sleeping Bags.

Take a look at this great Marmot sleeping bag, the Plasma bag which uses the warmest down on earth:

Marmot Sleeping Bags – Plasma Bag

In this 2 minutes 43 seconds video, Marmot’s own Curly presents the Plasma Bag, a high-end 900-fill down sleeping bag – the lightest, warmest down on earth! Curly and bag designer Wade Woodfill take you through the bag’s many features and show you why it’s the best bag out there!

Marmot Tents

The Marmot tents is organized as:

  • 1 Person Tents & Bivy;
  • 2 Person Tents;
  • 3 Person Tents;
  • 4 Person Tents;
  • 6 Person Tents;
  • 8 Person Tents.

Take a look at the following 2 videos about the Marnot Pulsar 1 person and 2 person tents:

Marmot Tents – The Pulsar 1P Tent

In this 3 minutes 15 seconds video, Marmot’s own Curly shows off the Pulsar 1P Tent.

Marmot Tents – The Pulsar 2P Tent

In this 1 minutes 33 seconds video, Marmot’s Curly shows off all the great features of the Pulsar 2P Tent.

If you want to find out more information about hiking jackets, trousers or backpacks in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking jackets, trousers or backpacks then read our guides on hiking jackets, trousers or backpacks.

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If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Marmot company website.
  2. About Marmot on Wikipedia.
  3. The Marmot Mountain YouTube channel.
  4. The Marmot Mountain Europa YouTube channel.

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