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Jack Wolfskin Jacket, Backpack, Tents, Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Slippers And More

Jack Wolfskin Jacket, Backpack, Tents, Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Slippers And More Logo

Established in 1981, the German based Jack Wolfskin company produce outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment for outdoor activities, leisure and travel for men, women and children.

The company motto is “At Home Outdoors”.

It is the Jack Wolfskin belief that outdoor activities should be fun activities and that you should feel “At Home Outdoors” with the Jack Wolfskin products at all times.

The basic philosophy behind Jack Wolfskin products is a combination of best possible functionality and high levels of comfort.

Jack Wolfskin products and brand are popular among hikers and mountaineers and are also worn in everyday situations.

The Jack Wolfskin product range is summarized in the lists below and some videos are provided that describe:

  • Jack Wolfskin Jacket – TEXAPORE SOFTSHELL Winter;
  • Jack Wolfskin Shoes – WATER TRACK sole; and
  • The Jack Wolfskin Backpack / Rucksack Range.

Jacl Wolfskin Brand Video

A 2 minutes brand video for Jack Wolfskin – “This is…who we are!”

The Jack Wolfskin range of apparel includes:

  • Jackets – 3-in-1 double jackets, Insulated TEXAPORE jackets, Down jackets, Synthetic fill jackets, Coats & parkas, Non-insulated TEXAPORE jackets, Softshells, Gilets;
  • Pants & Skirts – TEXAPORE pants, Softshell pants, Insulated pants/skirts, Trekking & hiking pants;
  • Fleece – Fleece jackets, Fleece jumpers;
  • Shirts & jumpers;
  • Functional shirts & underwear;
  • Accessories – Headgear, Scarves, Gloves, Belts, Miscellaneous (Gaiters & Suspenders);
  • Socks; and
  • Care products.

Example Jack Wolfskin Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Jacket – TEXAPORE SOFTSHELL Winter

This 1 minute 48 seconds video in German with English subtitles describes the Jack Wolfskin TEXAPORE SOFTSHELL – a 2013 innovation that combines the durable weather protection of a hardshell with the wear comfort of a softshell – One fabric for everything.

The Jack Wolfskin range of footwear includes:

  • Trekking & hiking shoes – Mid cut, Low cut;
  • Insulated shoes;
  • Winter Boots;
  • Active Trail shoes;
  • Hut shoes / Slippers; and
  • Accessories & care products.

Example Jack Wolfskin Shoes

Jack Wolfskin Shoes – WATER TRACK sole

This 2 minute2 13 seconds video in German with English subtitles describes the Jack Wolfskin WATER TRACK shoes. The soles are equipped with AQUA FLOW technology, have extremely good grip and are very shock absorbent. This makes these shoes ideal for water sports, as well as being incredibly comfortable on land.

The Jack Wolfskin range of equipment includes:

  • Rucksacks / Backpacks – Winter sports rucksacks, Alpine rucksacks, Trekking rucksacks, Hiking rucksacks, Active trail & bike rucksacks, Daypacks;
  • Bags & travel bags – Bags, Laptop & camera bags, Travel bags;
  • Travel accessories – Wallets, E-protection, Neck pouches & hip bags, Belts, Raincovers, Pack sacks, Bottles, cups & hydration systems, Wash bags & towels;
  • Tents – Tunnel tents, Dome tents, Accessories;
  • Sleeping Bags – Synthetic fill sleeping bags, Inlays, pillows, Children’s sleeping bags, Down sleeping bags;
  • Mats; and
  • Children’s products – School & sports bags, Rucksacks, Bottles & cups, Sleeping bag, Accessories.

Example Jack Wolfskin Backpack / Rucksack

The Jack Wolfskin Backpack / Rucksack Range

This 2 minute2 38 seconds video in German with English subtitles describes the Jack Wolfskin backpack range. There is a wide-ranging backpack portfolio featuring various carry systems, fill volumes and tailored features, thus providing the right backpack for any application. It goes into more detail about the “Bike and Hike” rucksacks.

If you want to find out more information about hiking jackets or backpacks in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking jackets or backpacks, then read our guides on hiking jackets or backpacks.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then check out more great hiking brands by clicking here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Jack Wolfskin company website.
  2. The Jack Wolfskin company YouTube channel.
  3. About Jack Wolfskin on Wikipedia.

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