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Hanwag Boots

Hanwag Boots Logo

The Hanwag boots company is based in Germany, in Vierkirchen near Munich and have been making boots since 1921. Hanwag boots are high quality boots, providing excellent stability and a long lasting great fit, are made for both men and women and are categorized for either: Mountaineering; Climbing; Hiking; Everyday Outdoor; or Hunting.

Hanwag – Fit First

The Hanwag boots categories are provided to give you an overview and to help you make a pre-selection. However, Hanwag emphasise that the choice of boots should primarily be determined by one crucial factor, that is “the fit”.

Once you have selected an appropriate shoe for your activity, you should try it on. It is a bad idea to buy a shoe that you have not tried on. Remember, the longer you can try the shoe on for, the better.

Hanwah say “only a shoe which fits well is a good shoe”. Boots technology, material and weight, etc. will not help you mch if a shoe pinches,. neither will its appearance.

Hanwag also believe that when buying footwear for mountain sports or trekking, fit and functionality must come first.

HANWAG boots are made with a specific application in mind, such as their alpine boots, or for a less specific area, like, their various trekking boots.

Hanwag Boots Special Categories

Hanwag categorize their boots according to these areas of activity:

  • Rock;
  • Trek;
  • Trek-Light;
  • Double Stitched;
  • Yak;
  • Winter; and
  • Hunting.

In the following three short videos, Hanwag ProTeam members talk about their experiences and their preferred Hanwag boots for specific activities.

Hanwag ProTeam member Thorsten Hoyer

In this 2 minute 37 seconds video in German with English subtitles, HANWAG ProTeam member Thorsten Hoyer talks about his experiences and his preferred Hanwag boots are the Tatra for daytrips and non-stop hiking.

Hanwag Boots – ProTeam member Peter Vogler

In this 2 minute 11 seconds video in German with English subtitles, HANWAG ProTeam member Peter Vogler talks about his 25 years working with Hanwag and also the comfortable and lightweight Banks GTX Hanwag boots.

Hanwag Boots – ProTeam member Max Bolland

In this 2 minute 2 seconds video in German with English subtitles, HANWAG ProTeam member Max Bolland talks about his contribution to Hanwag and describes his preferred boots for mixed routes and ice climbing is the Hanwag Eclipse GTX.

Hanwag boots like many manufacturers also categorize their footwear as standard categories of:

  • Category A – These are generally lightweight and very flexible, being designed for light activities like travelling, walking or everyday use.
  • Category B – These have a more solid construction and firmer foothold for longer hikes and easy treks.
  • Category C – These are mostly suitable for hybrid step-in, or semi-automatic crampons and designed for longer (multi-day) treks on rough terrain with a heavy rucksack.
  • Category D – These are fully compatible with step-in or automatic, clip-on or rigid crampons and have a robust construction designed for glaciers, mountaineering and ice climbing.

If you want to find out more information about hiking boots in general, such as the benefits and features of hiking boots, then read our guide on hiking boots.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then find out about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Hanwag company website.
  2. The Hanwag YouTube channel.

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