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Gregory Packs – Gregory Backpacks

Gregory Packs Logo

Since 1977 Gregory Packs have been committed to the design and manufacture of the most comfortable backpacks available on the market.

From the start, Gregory Packs have been renowned for their innovative design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and their passion for quality, comfort and durability.

Gregory were the first company to build backpacks in different frame, harness and waist belt sizes. They were also the first backpack company to develop a waistbelt system that can adjust to fit different hip angles which improves load transfer.

Gregory know that a correctly fitted backpack is better at carrying weight, is more comfortable and gives improved performance when out on the trail.

Gregory’s motivating philosophy today is the same as when it started out, that the backpack has to retain its comfort and stability by effectively transferring the backpack weight onto the hips.

Gregory Packs are committed to providing the finest comfort, fit and stability for the whole of their backpacks range. All backpacks at Gregory Packs are designed to fit different back lengths and torso shapes.

The following videos give you a great idea of the quality design and comfort you can expect from Gregory Packs:

Fitting a pack comfortably with Wayne Gregory

In this 4 minutes 45 seconds video, Gregory Mountain Products founder Wayne Gregory shows how to properly fit and size a backpack for optimum comfort on the trail.

The New Standard in Ventilated Packs

This 2 minutes 7 seconds video presents the innovative design updates to Gregory Packs’ JetStream LTS backpacks.

Gregory Packs – Trail Smart Packing System

This 1 minute 42 seconds video presents Gregory Packs Trail Smart™ Packing System – an innovative way to organize your gear inside the pack. Three distinct packing zones let you separate your trail gear from the camp items you need only at night, as well as position frequently grabbed essentials at your fingertips. Each section is designed to allow for easy access to the gear when you need it and distribute the weight properly for intuitive packing and a comfortable carry.

Gregory’s Bio-Sync suspension helps hydration packs ride more comfortably

In this 2 minutes 50 seconds video, Gregory Packs introduces its Active Trail line with Bio-Sync suspension, a new suspension system designed to help smaller day and hydration packs ride more comfortably – mimicking their wearer’s body movements – while running, cycling and day hiking.

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If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Gregory Packs company website.
  2. The Gregory Packs company YouTube channel.
  3. The Gregory Packs company Vimeo channel.
  4. The Gregory Packs company Twitter stream.

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