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Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing

Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing Company Logo

The Craghoppers outdoor clothing company have been making clothing specifically designed for the outdoors since 1965. They develop fabrics and clothes designed to protect their customers in a variety of climates from very hot to very cold.

Craghoppers like to think they have designed an suitable set of outdoor gear for men, women and kids for all climates, whether you are hiking in Scotland, polar bear watching in the Arctic, or trampling through rain forests.

Craghoppers also work with Bear Grylls to produce a range of outdoor clothing based on designs of his own gear that he has used in extreme conditions.

Craghoppers range of products include:

  • Trousers;
  • Jackets;
  • Soft Shells;
  • Fleece;
  • Shirts;
  • T-Shirts & Tops;

Craghoppers also make backpacks, poles (Travel Compact, Shock Absorber and super Lite Shock Absorber) and accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves.

Craghoppers also have a great range of clothing called NosiLife which includes the World’s first and only permanent insect-repellent. It’s insect repellent treatment is permanently woven into the fabric and protects the wearer against biting insects and regulates body temperature. The active ingredients are permanent to last a lifetime; non-toxic and non-irritant; and won’t wash out or wear out. Watch the video:

This 1 minute 4 seconds video presents NosiLife clothing which reduces mosquito bites by up to 90%!

Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing – NosiLife

This 1 minute 4 seconds video presents NosiLife clothing which reduces mosquito bites by up to 90%!

If you have the time, watch this 30 minutes video which presents the Craghoppers Catwalk show from their Spring/Summer 2014 Range Launch:

Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing – Catwalk

This 30 minutes 13 seconds video presents the Catwalk show from the Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing Spring/Summer 2014 Range Launch.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then find out about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Craghoppers company website.
  2. The CraghoppersUK company YouTube channel.
  3. The Craghoppers09 company YouTube channel.
  4. About the Craghoppers company on Wikipedia.

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