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Compeed Blister Plasters

Compeed Blister Plasters Logo

The Compeed brand range of plasters/patches includes:

  • COMPEED® Cold Sore;
  • COMPEED® Blister;
  • COMPEED® Bunion;
  • COMPEED® Corn;
  • COMPEED® Cracked Heel;
  • COMPEED® Callus.

Most of the Compeed sales come from the fashion world and women who wear high heels.

However, they are also great for hikers.

The Compeed products of most interest to hikers are the foot care products and specifically the Compeed blister plasters.

According to Compeed:

“COMPEED® products soothe, protect and cushion your feet from what day-to-day life can throw at them!”

The video below is a TV Ad aimed at the fashion world and shows how using Compeed blister plasters can make you unstoppable.

This applies not only to the fashion world but also to the sports world and to hikers.

COMPEED® Blister TV Advert 2015

This 21 seconds video by Compeed UK is a TV Ad showing how using COMPEED® Blister Plasters can relieve the pain of blisters, letting you be unstoppable.

Compeed Blister Plasters

Compeed blister plasters use the COMPEED® hydrocolloid technology which is an active gel with moisture absorbing particles. In essence, the blister plaster functions as a second skin, supporting natural moisture balance, and:

  • Relieves blister pain straight away;
  • Protects and cushions the area against further rubbing;
  • Promotes fast healing of the wound.

The following video explains how to treat blisters and use Compeed blister plasters:

Compeed Blister Plasters – Footcare Advice On How To Treat Blisters

This is a 1 minute 3 seconds video by compeeduk which shows a qualified podiatrist giving advice on the treatment of blisters.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then find out about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Compeed company website
  2. The Compeed YouTube channel.

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