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Bridgedale Socks

Bridgedale Socks Logo

The Bridgedale company are a global market leader in the design and manufacture of some of the most comfortable technical socks on the market for a number of outdoor activities: walking & hiking, mountaineering, running, skiing, as well as for everyday use.

Bridgedale use the latest machinery, the most progressive designs and the most advanced yarn technology. They use a unique “Fusion Technology” that merges natural fibres with technical fibres to make sure that Bridgedale socks are the most comfortable you will ever wear!

If you want expert socks that have been designed especially for walking and hiking then the Bridgedale socks ranges of professional walking socks are what you need to support you during your outdoor adventures.

Bridgedale socks are produced for men, women and kids in a range of sizes and Bridgedale have the following product ranges:

  • WoolFusion® – This technology combines Enduro Wool with technical fibres to a balance of insulation, moisture wicking and durability. These socks provide a high level of performance, with comfort, but are also hard wearing with outstanding thermal and moisture control properties. The MerinoFusion technology is the perfect choice for enthusiasts walking, climbing and travelling around the high places of the world.
  • Bridgedale Socks – WoolFusion

    A 1 minute 18 seconds video about Bridgedale WoolFusion socks.

  • MerinoFusion™ and MerinoFusion™ Winter Sport – This technology combines Merino wool with technical fibres to give a balance of insulation together with the highest levels of comfort. The Merino wool is considered the finest wool to use for socks, providing an excellent level of insulation plus a next to skin softness. The technical fibres used serve to rapidly take moisture away from the skin so that your feet are left feeling dry and comfortable. The MerinoFusion technology is an ideal option for travellers and hikers going into the wild places around the world. The MerinoFusion Winter Sport technology is the perfect option for skiers, snowboarders and snow enthusiasts.
  • Bridgedale Socks – MerinoFusion

    A 59 seconds video about Bridgedale MerinoFusion socks.

  • CoolFusion™ – This technology provides the maximum benefits from a natural and technical fibre knit in a way that gives a highly ventilated sock which is light and comfortable for the warmest climates of this world. It provides targeted padding to give additional cushioning and foot protection whilst also providing a incredible lightweight comfort for people hiking, biking or running along the great trails of this world.
  • Bridgedale Socks – CoolFusion

    A 58 seconds video about Bridgedale CoolFusion socks.

  • Viscose from Bamboo – Bridgedale socks also come in a range that combines Viscose from Bamboo with Coolmax®. The yarn of the Viscose from Bamboo has a silky soft feel next to the skin and also cools through evaporation naturally. Combining this with the wicking properties of Coolmax®, the socks prove to be very comfortable during low level walking and everyday use on Spring, Summer and Autumn days out.


  • Enduro-Wool – This wool is not as fine as merino wool. It is the first spin of wool, which guarantees softness and quality. Other wool yarns are spun from recycled wool and can be uncomfortable close to your skin. Enduro-Wool also provides excellent thermal and moisture control properties.
  • COOLMAX® – This is a performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. It moves perspiration away from your body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate rapidly, thus letting the wearer feel cooler and more comfortable.

If this brand is not what you are looking for then find out about more hiking brands here!

If you want to read more here are some useful resources:

  1. The Bridgedale company website.
  2. The Bridgedale YouTube channel.

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