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Things To See In Central Western Australia

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150 kilometres West of Newman is the stunning Karijini National Park Karijini is most famous for the spectacular hiking available.

Skilled hikers will see a wide range of hiking grades, with two grade 6 (restricted) tracks, one grade 5 along with a variety of grades 4 and 3. You’ll come across incredible gorges covering many kilometers. You might abseil straight down a 40 metre waterfall, gaze at powerful wedgetailed eagles, osprey and red kangaroos.

With its narrow gorges, Karijini is a substantial chance of flash flooding. A few people have already been killed when the water levels rose swiftly and swept them onto the sides of the gorges. Not long ago a rescue worker was drowned attempting a rescue. Stay safe and don’t put your life or the lives of people rescuing you in harms way. Be certain to let the ranger know where and when you’re heading and hike in pairs or groups.

Karijini has an eco retreat if you want a step up from a basic tent. These have solar powered hot water as well as elevated platforms with the camping tents. Otherwise, you can have a personal tent or perhaps just take your campervan. If you do not mind the drive to Newman every day and plan to enjoy a touch more comfort, stay in the Mia Mia resort run by Auzcorp.

Not far to the north of Karijini will be the mining town of Port Hedland. It’s the largest town in the district and approximately 15,000 people stay there. Each and every month, more or less 20 million tonnes of iron ore go through the port, headed for China, Japan and USA. Some other major exports also include sea salt (you’ll want to see the salt mine just outside Port Hedland), manganese, sheep and cattle.

Absolutely everyone in Port Hedland is wearing fluro jackets. How come? Absolutely everyone in Port Hedland either is employed by the mines or for the miners. Sightseers are really easy to recognize, so if you plan to match the local people, get yourself a fluro shirt.

You’ll find lodgings somewhat difficult to come across in Port Hedland. Those which are on the market are normally very costly. The best place to stay in is the Auzcorp Beachside Village. It once was the Port Hedland Detention Centre, though it was changed to a resort some time ago. Assuming protection is essential to you personally, this is the perfect hotel. All the security measures which were installed to hold detainees inside have become put to use to keep hotel guests secure. Don’t fret, the motel doesn’t look like a detention centre. It seems similar to a secure resort.

Different interesting attractions in the area would be the incredible Whaleback Mountain mine run by BHP Billiton. It’s the actual biggest open cut mine on the earth. Marble Bar is likewise rich with mining history. If National Parks are more to your taste, be sure you head to Rudal River National Park and Cape Kerandren National Park. ID: auz48376

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