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The Subject Of Whether To Take Bed Linen On A Motorhome Holiday

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When going on a camping holiday the majority of us will take a sleeping bag as our only form of bed linen. The reason for this is that we don’t have the space to pack the extra bedding items; nor do we need to extra weight to carry in the event that we have to hike to our camping spot. Whilst taking a holiday in a camper can is in the same spirit as camping; there are some obvious differences. This article discusses whether or not you should take bed linen when going away in a motorhome.

The benefits

The most obvious advantage of taking bed linen with you in your motorhome is that it will provide you with additional comfort. When camping in a tent you are more exposed to the elements, which means that staying warm is the primary concern. Those camping in a motorhome are more sheltered from the elements; meaning that bedding can be more centred on comfort.

The practicalities

Taking bed linen on a tent camping trip isn’t really practical. The first issue is that it can prove difficult to fasten an under sheet to your roll mattress – that is if you are carrying one. The second problem is that there isn’t really enough room in a tent to be messing about with sheets and duvets. It is much easier to fit bed linen in a motorhome as they are more spacious and usually have a double bed in the back.

Duration of trip

Whereas most tent camping trips tend to only last a few days; those on motorhome holidays will stay away for longer. You are more likely to sacrifice some comfort when only going away for a few nights. When away for a longer period it is important to ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep. In conclusion we can think of no good reason to not take your bed linen with you when embarking on a motorhome holiday.

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