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The Globe Is A Fashion Runway-The Wilderness Edition

The Globe Is A Fashion Runway-The Wilderness Edition - Hiking, Walking, Backpacking

Hunting For A Fashion Runway?

The world is a woman’s runway. So wherever life takes a woman, she will always want to look good, even during hunting season. Who says only stiletto heels, hair and make-up keep the woman looking good? We are going to teach you some fashion tips when going hunting.

The most important thing in choosing hunting apparel is comfort. Skimpy clothes doesn’t bring out the sexiness of a woman.

If it’s a shape a woman wants, there is a camouflage leggings that I only found in Bass Pro Shops. The comfort it has is best because it is made of 100% polyester. Also the material keeps the user warm and dry during the trip. This is my favorite hunting apparel of all time because it shows off the shapely legs and butt.

Camouflage capris are also available in almost all stores. An alternative that you can get from Prois Hunting Apparel are fitted pants in camouflage.

If you are looking for great hunting jackets you might want to try Foxy Huntress’ faux fur trimmed suede I knit vest. Not only that you can wear it during hunting but you can wear it everyday because it is comfortable and makes you look sexy.

Hunting jackets are not always bulky especially during bulky times such as the Cabela’s Insulated Jacket which you can effectively use during cold times. It keeps you warm and lady-like.

Choosing footwear can be hard though. I cannot find one that is ultra feminine and the closest I got is a pair of LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Burly in camouflage, which is comfortable and not really burly as the name suggests. Another feminine footwear is Bogs Women’s Classic High Ambrosia Boots which has purple flowers in the front of the shoes. While it looks feminine, wearing it doesn’t necessarily make one more feminine because it’s quite heavy.

As with the boots, there are not a lot of feminine hunting gloves but I can suggest a couple of fashionable pairs-Cabela’s standard Berber Fleece Gloves and the Gordini Heatrap Hunting Gloves in shocking orange.

Walmart also stocks pink camouflage with pink ribbon to signify cancer awareness. It may not be appropriate to wear during hunting because it would rather show your position than camouflage you.

It is best to check out Miss Huntress 2011 for further fashion tips about this. However you need to verify the comfort still.

The best fashion that a women can wear is herself only. Beauty is found mostly in the inside. Just remember to keep on smiling and always be happy to become beautiful at all times and to effectively get your target.

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