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Planning A Backpacking Europe Adventure

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What about an overseas backpacking trip? There are a lot of things you need to know when traveling from country to country overseas. Traveling by backpack enables one the freedom to take their time, meet new people, and stop almost anywhere.

We have prepared a concise list of the most important points to consider when traveling in a foreign country. These are important to any type of travel but especially for the backpacking Europe adventure since you will more than likely be traveling off the beaten path.

Make a list of the countries, states, provinces or counties you plan on seeing. Go online and print out the laws and customs for these areas. My son got a pretty steep parking ticket when he parked in an area that had a sign saying “No Standing.” Now he is well aware that in that city that means “No Parking.”

Is your passport current? Make a couple of copies of it and stash them in different parts of your backpack or on you somewhere. It would be a good idea to leave one with a family member at home, in case yours is lost or stolen. A copy could be faxed to the local authorities or American embassy. Check online to see if any of the locations require a special visa or other paperwork besides your passport to enter.

Make sure your map is up to date. You should check to make sure the map you are taking is current. You do not want to plan a backpacking trip in an area that has recently been changed from wilderness to a shopping center.

Keep your family in the loop. Just as you would when backpacking at home, you need to fill your family in on all your plans. This is even more important when traveling out of the country. You never know what can happen and nobody there is going to realize you may be in trouble.

Make an alternate itinerary as your travel may change due to weather or other emergency. You may decide or need to stay in one place longer or not go to another place at all.

You should try to leave valuables at home. You should hire a local tour guide and always travel in a group or with at least one other person.

Stay on public roadways and do not wander into locations that may be restricted. The locals may be allowed to shoot first and ask questions later.

Travel smart and your backpacking trip will most likely be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.

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