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First Timers Secrets For Outdoor Backpacking

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If you’re seeking to experience the open air the way it is meant to be experienced and to get some exercise, trekking may be for you. Many people use trekking as a way to visit a wide array of places without shelling out much money. You can plan your own journey out or you can leave it to one of the many travel agencies that specialize in this type of thing.

Unfortunately, most travel agencies don’t offer much information on the specific hiking element of backpacking. They concentrate more on the sights and less on the actual hike. In this article I will attempt to fill the gap between what a travel planner offers you and what you need to know. Within this article you’ll learn about things like tents, backpacking backpacks, trekking poles, and water purification. Once you’ve finished reading this page you’ll have a solid understanding of where to start out.

Getting the correct backpack should be the first thing you decide to do. Without looking into backpacking backpacks, you may end up getting something that does not suit your needs at all.

Although all backpacks vary, they can all be classified into two different types. These are the internal frame pack and the external frame pack. Although the external frames are heavier than the internal ones, they do tend to hold more. Internal frame models are very lightweight, but in addition to holding less, they usually offer less support.

Next you will want to decide on whether or not you will be hiking in the wilderness or among civilization. If you are going to do a wilderness hike, you may want to get a backpacking tent. Like backpacking backpacks, you will want to look for something that is lightweight and easy to use. The tent or shelter you buy must be something that can be setup and taken down in less than seven minutes.

Water purification and storage are other things you need to prepare for in advance. A water boiling tool could come in handy for killing parasites and bacteria. Either this or you could use iodine tablets to quickly purify water.

Trekking sticks may also be useful to the outdoor backpacker. Tough terrain becomes much easier when you have four points of contact with the ground, rather than just two. You’ll also find them quite useful at taking some of the stress off of your legs during long hikes.

Make proper use of trekking sticks, water purification tools, and backpacking backpacks and you will have a fun and safe trip.

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