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Exciting Adventures With An Outdoor GPS

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Have you ever found yourself wondering out loud where you are? You may have made a generalized guess but did not arrive at an answer that truly determines the question. Yet, with new technology this is a question that is fairly easy to answer. The release of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has made the ability to locate your position simple and easy.

Basically the notion of the GPS navigation started centuries ago when the first explorer asked the question “Where am I?” But the GPS technology first came into view around 1950s’. This was first developed and made available for military purposes. The collaboration of the US Department of Defense, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Ivan Getting made this technological advancement possible. It originally had eight satellites orbiting the earth and was officially termed as Navigation System with Timing and Ranging (NAVSTAR).

Nowadays, the GPS realm is comprised of 24 orbiting satellites the spin around the earth twice a day and transmit information regarding location and time. A Garmin GPSMap 78sc Handheld GPS Navigator or, really, all handheld GPS receivers can do what is needed to determine your precise location all over the earth whether you are hiking in the Adirondack or sailing across the Indian Ocean. A GPS receiver will work through figuring out the distance between the satellite and the user relying on signals that are picked up between a minimum of three satellites. However, if elevation info is required, the system will need to tap into at least four satellites.

For those who love the outdoors and go tramping for adventures, a handheld GPS receiver is a must have. The device would help trekkers, boaters, pilots and even divers establish their exact location on the charts with just a simple push of a button and just entering the location into the memory. The GPS will guide them to where they are going and help them get back. An excellent GPS unit such as the Garmin GPSMap 78sc Handheld GPS Navigator and other latest GPS models should be able to display data in latitude and longitude, Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and UTM (grid used by the Bureau of Land Management). The unit should have a tracking log that helps user retrace his step without difficulty. GPS receivers should also be highly sensitive to give an enhanced satellite reception even with heavy tree density or in deep canyons.

With outdoor GPS units, it is best to procure systems with a battery life that will last around 12 hours and this should encompass the combined use of compass and GPS. Such a unit must also be able to upload/download data to the hard drive and include a mapping system (A computerized one) while also displaying the information as visually clear as possible. The memory of the GPS should be able to store upwards of 500 waypoints.

Since a GPS unit will have to deal with all sorts of weather conditions and may even has to deal with rough handling, the casing much be made from rubber and remain highly durable. The backlights also need to be powerful enough so that you can read data in every type of light situation. Garmin GPSMap 78sc Handheld GPS Navigator and common modern GPS receivers come with a built-in compass that can let the user know where he is and what direction he is venturing. Those units with higher price tags will present even more features. Purchasing a GPS at any price is a must when you are heading into the great outdoors because it makes all ventures safe and more enjoyable.

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