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A Couple Of Things To Take Into Account Prior to Purchasing Large Tents

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First, how many people do you plan on being in the tent? Large tents can hold many people. A rule of thumb I like to follow is to have about 30 square feet per person of floor space. As far as height goes the average person isn’t over 6 foot so standing in a large tent should not be a problem. I have a 5 person tent and the height is around 7 feet.

The next option to consider is if you want privacy. There is not much privacy in a tent but just having a couple screen dividers into different rooms really makes a difference. They have many different room options in large tents and most larger tents that are manufactured today come with built in rooms. You could have different rooms for your family. You could have a room just for the parents and another room for the kids. Having a room just for your camping gear can make your sleeping and hangout areas more roomy. The options are really endless.

The plus about large tents is when the weather doesn’t go your way you will have a camping mansion to lean back on. Since camping is a all weather event you will need to get one that suits your needs. Get a tent that has a good weather rating so it can take weather conditions you come across. The day you thought it was going to be nice outside could easily turn into a miserable day. With that said you need to know how your tent will be able to handle windy conditions, heavy rain, and other weather conditions depending where you are camping. Good ventilation should also be a factor to consider for the hot weather.

When browsing through large tents, knowing what factors to consider will increase your chance of a good time. Camping is a time for family and friends to bond while enjoying the outdoors.

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