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Camper Trailer Tent – For Adventurous Tourists

Camper Trailer Tent

By LA2 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Mobile Home For Hiking!

There has been a considerable growth in the use of a camper trailer tent with a growing number of people realizing the opportunity these provide to get close to nature.

With Australians being well-known for their adventurous streak, and Australia, as a country attracting innumerable tourists every year, the demand for trailers is growing at a wonderful pace.

A camper trailer tent may be regarded as being best among all moving trailer options.

These are being manufactured for the camping market for the last 15 years. With ever more advancements in the attributes of these trailers, they are very much in high require. Originally, these were simple box trailers with a tent on top on them. Gradually, a number of accessories have been included to create the ultra-modern trailers of today.

Increase Charm To Vacations Using A Camper Trailer Tent

A Camper trailer tent is starting to be popular especially with individuals who are adventurous and want to explore more. They provide practical together with comfortable lodging and help in creating memorable trekking together with excursion experiences.

Also termed caravans, these trailers can be towed behind the vehicle to store belongings without overloading the automobile.

A Camper trailer Tent is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and appeal to the needs of people globally. With their high top quality finish, they are also available with features like a queen sized bed, kitchen sink, and water tank, and adequate storage space with regard to essential items.

With the consistent growth in the camper trailer tent industry, manufacturers are bringing in new facilities and gadgets for the joy and comfort of tourists.

With a camper trailer tent, people can have their own place to live during a journey without relying on hotels or resorts. Keeping this in your mind, these trailers are today being accessorized with various additional features to make one’s holiday comfortable together with flexibility. Some of a lot of these features are:

  1. Fully welded trailers for extra strength;
  2. Queen size bed;
  3. Extra robust framework;
  4. Kitchen facilities;
  5. Spacious insect-proof tent;
  6. Large storage room or space.

Types Of Camper Trailer:

  1. A Popup Camper Trailer which is known as a “tent trailer”. A notable range are the Coleman Camping Trailers.
  2. A Travel Trailer or “caravan” is towed behind a road vehicle to provide a place to sleep which is more comfortable and more protected than a tent (although there are fold-down trailer tents.
  3. A Teardrop Trailer, also known as a “teardrop camper trailer”, is a streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailer, which gets its name from its teardrop profile.

Video Showing A Lightweight Pop-Up Camper Trailer Tent

GO Lightweight Pop Up Camper Trailer Tent

This 1 minute 36 seconds video shows the most unique camping trailer and travel camper you are likely to find. The GO was designed from the frame out to be a one-of-a-kind mobile adventure trailer that is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. It is lightweight, small and easy to manage in the parking lot, garage or on the road. Ultra-light and weighing in at just 840 lbs, the GO can be pulled by even the smallest of cars. GO can carry a wide range of camping gear including up to a dozen bikes, kayaks, dirt bikes, motorcycles, atvs, rock climbing gear, or any combination thereof. GO is much more than a pop up camper, it is an American made, gear-hauling, hyper-engineered, fully tig-welded piece of Mobile Adventure Gear. The Go fits perfectly with the Subaru Outback but can also be towed by smaller cars such as the Toyota Prius, Mini Cooper, or other cars that typically cannot tow a trailer.

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Join us using our hiking equipment checklist so that you: 1} pack your gear efficiently; 2} never forget any gear; and 3) don't overpack!

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