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Buying Camping Tents – A Concluded Guide

Camping Tents - Tent At High Shelf Camp

By JJ Harrison ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Want Camping Tents?

Camping tents can be found for sale in every corner of the marketplace, you just spend time to identify and decide on what you really need.

By researching, you are helping yourself in deciding which one you will buy because you will know what the benefits will be to you. To get yourself started, here are a few notes to guide you in buying camping tents.

About Camping Tents?

First of all, ask yourself what type of tent you need. You should know which design and what size you would like to buy as this will surely be your first decision. However, you have to know when and where you will be most likely to use the tent you are going to buy.

Ask yourself another stirring question, how many people will stay in the tent? If you want a tent that can be only used by a single person, then you are looking for a 1.25 kg tent. However, you are already closing your doors to other better tent models which may weigh more.

Greater choices are available once you answer decide that the tent you are looking for will be shared by a more than two people.

Your first decisions will depend on the answers that will come about by asking about the capacity of the tent, size and weight (ultra weight or lightweight?). What kind of weather will there be at your site? Knowing the season when you will do the camp will be of great help in deciding which tent you should buy.

Will you need a lot of space in the tent? Or just enough space to cater for your camping needs such as porches, camping stove, and table for eating? Does the tent require the same height as the people living in it or it would be fine to be compact and lightweight.

Ask yourself if you really want this tent or you really need it? Sometimes there is a big difference with want and need, so be careful.

Ask if it will be still useful for the next few years and in the near feature. When talking about weight, you can be assured to have space enough for two campers if you opt for the lower weight tents and three to four campers for upper-end tent models.

Ultra lightweight tents are very important if you plan to go backpacking since every grams that will make it heavier should be accounted for.

When taking your equipment in cars and keeping the tent at a base camp, consider buying a 6 person tent so that it will cater for more people or have more room available.

Two Videos On Choosing Camping Tents

Camping Tents : How to Choose a Backpacking Tent

This 2 minute 10 seconds video talks about wen choosing a tent for backpacking, consider the possible weather conditions, the climate, how many people it sleeps and the weight of it. Find the lightest-weight tent suitable for your needs with helpful information from a backpacking and hiking guide in this free video on exploring the outdoors.

Camping Tents – A Demonstration Of What To Look For

This is a longer 6 minute, 28 seconds video in which you watch a demonstration of the REI Half Dome, and learn what things to look for when selecting a quality tent.

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