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Things Can You Sell To Get Cash To Go Vagabonding In Cambodia ?

Vagabonding In Cambodia - Phnom Penh Sunset

Fancy Vagabonding?

At long last you have made the decision that you would be going on that extended trip overseas that you have been dreaming about for so long and you have already paid for the flights. Then you start to think about how specifically you are going to Fund this backpacking?

Travel costs a lot of cash, plus a significant amount of Travel is going to cost a very big amount of cash. So any added money you can make will actually make a difference to the length of your my excursion. Based on 2012 cost of living you could easily live in SE Asia for as little as $25 per day.

To get more cash for your adventure you could sell your old mobile telephone on ebay? Do you still use it? Is it just sitting in your home just collecting dust. How about those old motorbike boots that you have not used for like five years or so – can they go too?

Asked yourself the question, “Precisely how many out of date individual items do you have, and how many of them may well be of value to someone else?” Closely examine the guest bedroom, your bedroom and wardrobe; the garage (Is it full of stuff?); and anywhere else you have stuff.

Each square millimeter of devoted storage in your home may be packed full of stuff that you by no means use anymore. You bought these things once in order that they should add extra worth to your daily life. Now at this particular point in time, they can certainly add worth to the daily life of someone else too? To do this you could sell them!

Take some photos of the gear you want to sell, start up an Ebay account, then start uploading the photos of the gear you have available. You can then pay for some of the stuff you need to take traveling with you – like a travel backpack, all with the money you make from selling a few items that are sitting around your place. For example, clothing, old cell phones and sporting gear.

It can be awesome to think that you can buy your travel backpack with money you get from gear you would have just stored in containers for months or even years, had you not sold it. Also consider that everything sold right now will probably be worth less in 12 months time.

So that is how you can pay for your travel backpack to go travelling. You can sell things that are using valuable space in your residence, and now you have even fewer item to worry about packing and storing whilst away on your travels.

So the question is, “What have you been storing for many years?” The odds are what someone, somewhere, will want it, and help pay for your big overseas Adventure.

If you want more information, take a look at this resource on being a Vagabond. For Handy Tips and Advice on Travel Read the Backpacking In Southeast Asia Blog

Video On Vagabonding

How to Live in a Van – Vagabonding101

Take a tour of a van lived and traveled in for the 8 months. They show you exactly what they took with them and how they arranged it to make day-to-day life run smoothly.

Just a couple free spirits who’ve escaped corporate slavery to pursue full time being a vagabond & blogging.

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