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Best Backpacking Food Ideas – Essential Foods To Bring

Backpacking Food

“Backpacking Food— Wesley Fryer (”

Your Backpack Food!

Best backpacking food ideas are surely on the top of the list of any backpacker. They are definitely after the latest techniques of packing light when it comes to food as they will be carrying a lot on their backs during each journey they take. In fact, only the essentials are what they ought to take with them.

Here you will be able to read which specific backpacking food to bring. You will be surprised with how heavy they could be nutrient wise although they may appear light and low in amount. More so, they are proven to keep any backpacker healthy even during long adventures.

When it comes to convenience, nothing beats the usual dried and frozen food items you can get from the store. Besides being convenient, they could also be very tasty. These traditional backpacking foods could be expensive especially if they are branded. But if you are looking for cheap and easy to prepare foods, ramen or noodles could be the best choice for you. In addition to that, they come in handy when you need a hot meal fast.

As a backpacker, you must understand though that your health must be your priority when packing your food. It would be very depressing if due to some health reasons, you would have to shorten your trip or cancel your search for jobs. Thus, you have to consider the nutrients of the food you will bring along.

As backpacking will require your whole body to be active, you will need foods that are rich in calories. Those with pure fats, proteins and low moisture carbohydrates tend to be high in calories. Nuts, granola bars, bread, fruits and veggies can be counted under this category. Notice that it is easy to slip them in your backpack as they are lightweight.

Let us now go to the specific foods that a backpacker must have in a backpack. Number one is olive oil. Olive oil by far is the healthiest of the oils which you can use as dip for your bread or any corn product. Dropping just a teaspoon of it on your soup or drink can make you feel warm and comfortable when traveling in cold weather. This is because olive oil contains natural fats that when digested generates warmth for the whole body.

Next are nuts and raisins. They are good sources of proteins, minerals and vitamins. More so, they can keep you from getting famished while hiking which is very convenient.

Should you need extra energy to walk the extra mile, be sure that you have dried beans in your knapsack. They surely are energy boosters to a weary traveler. Pair your beans with instant coffee mix and you will have all your senses awake and ready for any emergency.

Finally, along with your generous supply of clean drinking water, pack away instant energy drinks. They are best for restoring the lost electrolytes back to your system.

Taking in consideration the climate in the place you will be visiting is also part of the best backpacking food ideas. Perhaps, the country you have decided to explore has cool weather. Then, you would have to pack foods that will keep you not only full but also warm as you hike.

Video On Packing Backpacking Food

How To Pack Backpacking Food

This 5 minute 5 seconds video shows you a careful and methodic planning of each meal to include breakfast lunch dinner and snacks throughout the day is essential for a happy hike that last more than 1 day. This video shows what we have found to be the best way to pack your vittles to save room and weight but no starve to death.

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